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  1. 10.2 and 66mm. Sneaky feeling the warm Octobers are over now.
  2. October 11.2c (the run of warm ones is dead), November 6.1c (rain and plenty of it) and finally December (putting my head on the line and I can see something akin to December 2017) 4.1c. I've got a hunch we may get a decent winter this year.
  3. Ok, I may be in with a slender chance to win the CET competition. Aside from a few spikes with temperature rises, I think this month will be around average / slightly below.
  4. This is it. Yes I did react OTT about it, but the weather forecast can't even get tomorrow right, yet alone three months away! Plus perhaps this is reverse psychology - mild winter = cold winter? Didn't the models predict 2009/10 to be mild, only to be stung with it being the coldest for 30 years?
  5. Please dont tell me we are heading for another mild one? Is there a man made way to make it colder other than fire weapons? Get Kim Jong-Un testing - ironic when he was, we had a cold winter!
  6. I'm in agreement with you. From memory (I am too young to remember the memorable mid 80s ones as I was born late 1984), 2009-10 is the best winter I have experienced. Even down here in Weston we got a dumping in 2018! Most snow I have seen in the seven years I've been down here.
  7. Yes, I think it's possible. In terms of winter and CET's, something like 1963 is not achievable. The climate has changed since then, and that type of winter is a once a century thing. I could be wrong and it happens in the next 20-30 years! I think we are overdue something cold though, and I'd say something akin to the memorable 1980s winters or 2009/2010 might happen.
  8. A decent summer. June was rather cool and wet but had a warm up at the end of the month. July was a very good month. Mostly warm and dry. August was fairly mixed with a lot of rain but when it got hot, it was hot! Glad to have seen two thunderstorms this year, and glad it hasn't been a carbon copy of 2018 which was just too much. Personal preference - cool and wet! I do long for a 2007 / 2012 summer!
  9. It's a broad definition of what constitutes as a "washout" to be fair. To me, a washout summer for me is 2012 or 2007 as they were summers that rarely got into second gear and were dominated by wet weather. 2019....hmm.....a toughie. In my location aside from a majority soggy June (with a smattering of nice days), a majority warm and dry July and August is see June albeit a bit cooler, I would not classify this summer as a washout on a marginal basis. Why, it isn't a washout - we had a warm and majority dry July and it's not on levels of 2012 and 2007.
  10. 14.2c and 110mm please - I can see a warmish first half, and a cool and wet second half.
  11. Unrelated, but what's top of that summer index? I am guessing it's a toss-up between 1976, 2018, 1983, 2006, 2003, 1995?
  12. I've got to say, if it comes off with a warm up at the end of August...I will for one be absolutely glad! I'm away staying and visiting family in Birmingham the last few days of the month into September and happy I won't be needing any brollies! Get to go places when it's nice.
  13. Had some unexpected thunder and lightning last night. Rain was pretty intense mind. I dont want to alleged warm up to happen next week. Just get us into autumn...but give us some dry weather to end August.
  14. I think that's probably the year! Thank you for correcting me. I remember 2017 it rained throughout as I was decorating my living room (ironically I have decorated again in August and it's been wet!) and staying at my Mum's for Bank Holiday it was kinda grim bar the Monday.
  15. I remember September being fairly warm down here in 2017, but that is probably just me (hard to believe that's two years ago!!). When was the last time we had a proper October is the question? 2012 maybe? I'm getting tired of August weather in October...but then again, if we get a copy of that then I hope for a cold and snowy winter.
  16. Is it mandatory now to have every weatherman/woman on the roof at Points West? BBC Bristol must be taking lessons from TV Tiraspol and Banja Luka! 

  17. To be honest where I am, it was hovering around 15-19c for most of June, but it was a complete washout. August, yes it's the weakest of the summer months...but some years you never know.
  18. I know August isn't even established yet, but this has been more of a "patchwork" summer. A very bad start that infamously had this year at the bottom of that ranking at one point for a while!, The warm-up at the end of the month albeit briefly. Steady and dry weather throughout July (don't mention the record high!) and August starting modest, but rapidly cooling and a possible warm up at the end of the month. "Rollercoaster" is an understatement. Prefer this to last year's consistent heat, heat and heat!!
  19. No more warm autumns again please! I was hoping we'd settle for something average instead of above.
  20. No more Indian summers please. I want September and October to be like September and October this year.
  21. Am I the only one who is content with this summer weather? Not too hot, not too cool - just decent. I think August will be wet and miserable.
  22. 34.3c - Heathrow Airport, London. Friday, June 28th.
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