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  1. Thank you feb1991blizzard....it definitely did. Perhaps a repeat maybe for this winter?
  2. Did that cold wave effect the UK (I was only weeks old then)? I'd like something here, especially with snow.
  3. nn2013

    Best and worst winters

    Best: 1990-91 - My memories are the famous February being off school for two weeks and walking down a hill with my Mum and sister in the thick snow to buy some jigsaw book from the local shop. 1995-96 - The snowy February 1996-97 - Mainly for the unexpected snow in November, and the dumping we had after Christmas. 2000-01 - A White Christmas almost and it was bitter most of the time. 2008-09 - The dusting after the New Year, and the snowfalls in early Feb. 2009-10 - Say no more. Easily the best winter I've ever experienced. 2010-11 - December was magic...but the rest was meh. 2012-13 - The first winter in North Somerset. Snow in January and some in March. Very bitter. 2017-18 - OK it wasn't marvellous, but there were bitter periods and the Beast from The East. Worst: 2002-03 - Forgettable, bar snow in early Feb. 2006-07 - Mild, bar a bit of snow in February 2013-14 - Rain, Wind, Rain, Wind, Rain, Wind 2014-15 - Forgettable 2015-16 - Rubbish with stupid temperatures. 2016-17 - A mix of the three that proceeded it with only some real cold in January, and the last week of November / early December.
  4. nn2013

    Winter 2018/19

    To be honest, I'd rather have the cold late. A mild November and first half of December isn't the end of the world. Some of the 1980s winters were like that and they're memorable. It'd be a boon if we had a month like February 1986 repeated again just for the fun of it for us coldies.
  5. nn2013

    Autumn 2018

    Although I like the cold, it's not nice when you have renovation work done by a useless bunch of builders. I'm glad it's milder for a bit. I think we're seeing a 2009 November on the cards....good omen for winter.
  6. nn2013

    Model Output Discussion - Autumn 2018

    Not another warm Halloween please!
  7. As someone who isn't a fan of really hot weather, I have to say this has been a good summer and a blistering one especially with the June and July heat has been worthwhile. August did crap out, but we needed the rain and there was some pleasent days in the mix. Thankfully this hot summer has laid the foundation for what's been a standard September and a good autumn and winter!
  8. nn2013

    Least favourite weather events

    The ridiculously warm December of 2015 - it felt more like Easter Day than Christmas Day with the high temperatures. June 2012 and it's rainfest. October 2014 with the ridiculous heat in the half-term week.
  9. nn2013

    Model Output Discussion - Autumn 2018

    Out of interest when was the last close to or below average October? Surely 2012?
  10. This seems to be a new trend with summers lately. Have a cool August and then a warm September (into October). A Mess.
  11. I think we're in for our best summer since 2006....in fact 2003!
  12. nn2013

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Oh No!!! We should block the Azores High.