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  1. That's true, and 2010 proved that as did last year. I'm sure if these signals come off, February will provide.
  2. I do think signals are showing for one more return to the snow in February. I wouldn't rule anything out.
  3. I'm a firm believer in seasons being seasons. Winter 2009/10 was extreme enough for me (I am too young to remember the mid 80s cold fests (I was born 2 weeks before December 1984) and 1991 I have vague memories of), but we had the snow. That's all that matters...snow whether it's -5 or 1c!
  4. As much as I love the cold and snow, I don't think I'd want what the US has! That is extreme and it's time like this, we need to be thankful for our bland climate.
  5. I'm playing "Total Eclipse of The Heart" by Bonnie Tyler every day to help the February be as cold as 1983...hey it worked in July as we nearly equalled 1983 for the hottest ever July!
  6. I don't understand or believe my Points West forecast (I wish Ian Ferguson would do it indoors...unless BBC Bristol is broke!)..3c on Tuesday and Weds and back up to 8c. I refuse to believe it.
  7. In an area that doesn't see that much (last March the exception in recent times), I just want any snow - a dusting would do!
  8. You know I misread the date on the model as January 2009! I've a feeling we could see a carbon copy of ten years ago.
  9. This is why I disbelieve weather forecasts. The BBC downplay things and are neither here nor there. I still don't get why Ian Ferguson is always on the roof on Points West. Is my regional channel hard-up?
  10. Thanks. It just seems they over-egg with temperatures.
  11. Erm....what model does ITV use as they seem to overcook temperatures?
  12. It looks as if we might be back in the game reading all this, but a question - which models do the BBC and ITV use? I know the latter overcook temps a lot.