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  1. As someone who is a total amateur when it comes to weather knowledge, I think a winter like 78/79 or one of the mid 80s ones (I know 09/10 was very close) is more achievable if a cold winter was to occur.
  2. Here in North Somerset, it's been grey all day! Warm, but not that warm in my view. Thank goodness it's going back to proper weather.
  3. Looks a bit disjointed, but I refuse to believe it. Perhaps it’s best to predict the worst and get the best? I am sure (quote me if I’m wrong), one of the winters in the earlier part of the decade was predicted mild and turned out to be very cold?
  4. It seems like a permanent pattern every year. Who knows it could change, but something will give in the end.
  5. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    I’ve got a bit of faith New Zealand could actually beat Peru. It’ll be an interesting game. As for the USA, that is a shocker. Will Trump want to invade Trinidad and Tobago next?
  6. I have gone from a full block, to just one neighbour (the guy in the bedsit below) in a space of a few weeks! 

    1. Frost HoIIow

      Frost HoIIow

      Is the block haunted or something? :D

    2. nn2013


      It’s one of those areas where people come and go. Some of the blocks on my road have had a bigger turnover. 

    3. lassie23


      poltergeists usually clear places

  7. Please don't tell me we're in for ANOTHER mild one - Kim Jong Un, can we borrow a missile to fire at the Azores High?
  8. I am aware of that, but I think on the subject of achievable targets, 1978/9 is more "winnable" than 1962/3...but then again that could be as it's been 55 years and a once in a lifetime thing.
  9. My ideal winter, and although it was five and a bit years before I was born - 1978/9. I think if we get a severe cold winter, that is perhaps the most "achievable" of the very cold winters than 1962/3.
  10. I’m keeping an open mind, but a part of me thinks we could strike gold this year. Even if we have a mixed winter with a national snow event for a couple of weeks, it’s an improvement. I can see something like 2008/09.
  11. Likes: The leaf colours - our local park is BEAUTIFUL during autumn. Chance of cold weather: frosts, fog even a bit of snow (November 1993 and 2010 say hello ) A good storm My Birthday (in November) Dislikes: The very dark mornings In the case of September (and in recent years October) not knowing how to dress. You can wear warm clothes and sweat, or wear light clothes and freeze. October associated with something tragic in my life - but it's getting easier now.
  12. Autumn thoughts

    Sorry but I refuse to believe those models about winter. Its doing that because the last four have been mild and its a default setting. Don't forget, its too far in the future and it can change. Failing that....perhaps ask Kim-Jong Un to nuke the Azores High
  13. I personally refuse to believe it. I reckon they've gone for the mild option because we have had four in a row from 2013-2017. These things can't be reliable and it takes a couple of things to throw it.
  14. Weird - I did a Youtube playlist of favourite UK #1s year by year from 1976 to 2017. Why does "Bright Eyes" by Art Garfunkel remind me of the winter that happened the year it was #1 (78/9)? Whilst it's a very sad song, I just visualise lots of snow for some reason when listening to it.