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  1. Oh No!!! We should block the Azores High.
  2. I think we've an epic February on our hands. 2009 teases - a cold December, mild January and that famous snow event in the February. Perhaps even a Feb 1986 with the cold. I think even in Weston-super-Mare we may see a good bit of snow!
  3. Looking good. Can I ask a question why has ITV got mild temps for the weekend? Are they using another model or just being conservative with the outcome?
  4. If that comes off in two weeks.....wow! 1979 the repeat. Where is my guitar - I'll give us a rendition of Bright Eyes
  5. nn2013

    Forgettable years, weatherwise.

    That snow chart; I do question it. Especially the 1980s. Wouldn't 81-82 or 84-85 be in the very snowy section?
  6. Thank you for this. I was just curious to know what sort of effect nuclear and missle testing had with the world's climate.
  7. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but with this volcano in Bali set to erupt anytime soon, and now another missle test from North Korea; can this influence our winter? I don't know how true this is, but I read constant nuclear testing in the early 1960s led to that famous winter. Perhaps all this (despite it being bad) is a blessing for us for a good winter?
  8. nn2013

    Model Output Discussion 01/09/17

    This is good enough for me, happy we may see a few flakes on Thursday if it comes off in Weston!
  9. nn2013

    Model Output Discussion 01/09/17

    I reckon we will have an epic winter. I reckon we will have a potential 1979 on the cards.
  10. Perhaps it’s a rogue run with the models? I just hope our foe the Azores High doesn’t muck it up for us otherwise we need to ask for it to be flattened man made style. Then again, it’s early in the game. November 2009 was mild and we all know the winter that followed that.
  11. What is the obsession with Christmas and snow? White Christmases are rarer than hens teeth. I guess wet and mild or cool and grey doesn’t sell Christmas. 

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    2. Dami


      good for you, being right and all, but I'd like a bit of snow cos it makes it more cosy. We must of had snow at some point if cards have snowmen on. 

      bad girls was cool.

    3. jvenge


      Well, the chance of a white Christmas is quite low, although I experienced it the past two years on orthodox Christmas.

      But I personally like Christmas because I work in an industry where people tend to hibernate over Christmas, don't make changes and the work load really drops as a result, allowing a very unique time for me to relax more than I am otherwise able to do at other times of year.

    4. lassie23


      a westerly isn't just for christmas it's for the entire winter:friends: What industry are you in jvenge

  12. nn2013

    Model Output Discussion 01/09/17

    It's promising to say the least. I'd rather get the cold in,and build on snow for DJF.