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  1. This is either going to be a tactical guess or go horribly wrong..... 3.7c and 44mm
  2. Again so close...fourth overall for this season is pretty good going mind :)
  3. I'm with you. I think this is the year the "shift" comes in. I can see this winter being an introduction like 08-09 to a spell of a colder ones. As for the potential change from 1987, there's probably some truth in that. The one thing that does stick out for me is the very cold year of 1986. Was it a final farewell of colder times or were other factors a part of it? I know the very cold February was before Chernobyl, but could that have had an impact on the climate of Europe?
  4. November, the month where the song "November Rain" comes true.
  5. Are the US and the British Isles allowed to be in the freezer at the same time, or does one have to lose out? To be fair, in our case we win if that comes off!!
  6. It seems odd doesn't it? I understand 1947, 1963, 1979, 2010 (both start and end) but surely those two deserve their limelight? I would love to experience a February like 1986 in my lifetime so I can say I have experienced it. I'd love the winter like 84-85 as it seemed perfect from people's memories!
  7. From memory (BEST): 1990-1991 - Snow before Christmas, and of course *that* February 1995-1996 - The cold never gave in, and we had a fair bit of snow in February that year. 1996-1997 - The snow after Christmas 2000-2001 - It snowed after Christmas that year, and I am sure it was on and off as I remember my brother being born in the middle of January. 2008-2009 - The intro of what was to come 2009-2010 - Best winter I've ever experienced! Perfect in every way. 2012-2013 - Unpopular opinion, but it felt like a proper winter WORST: I think mos
  8. I know it's a 1000-1 long shot, but what's the chance of a February like 1986 happening? I was one when it happened, and have no memory of that winter at all. Just once weather fronts, let me experience it once in my life!!
  9. Too early to tell re: long range predictions for winter. Wasn't 2009-2010 predicted to be mild? Coldest winter since 1979 happened. I think the "mild run" will break, but even if we get another 17/18 repeat or 08/09, it's better than most recent ones.
  10. It's been mentioned, but "November Rain" by Guns N Roses is apt for November. Even in duff years, November is always wet. I just think of 2016 where it rained almost every day, and the floods around my 32nd birthday. I would apply the song from Mid-October to be fair. Unwanted memories of October 2014. One for winter, especially January / February - "Bright Eyes" by Art Garfunkel. I know it was released in Spring (ironic it was #1 during Easter 1979 ), but it has a winter feel to it. Plus, the song is very sad. Also keeping with a "dark theme" as winter is a dark season with the long ni
  11. Although it's probably unlikely, what's the chance of a February like 1986?
  12. 14.8 and 111mm - the non-summer of 2020 carries on...
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