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  1. Morning All. well that breeze is a bit chilly! glad i put a decent jacket on this morning. walked across westminster Bridge and looked at the floral tributes left along it. stark reminder of the tradegy and yet in complete juxtaposition there were tourists standing having their photos taken with the backdrop of Big Ben and HoP as happens everday. so glad to see life goes on and is not deterred by fear.
  2. A sombre walk into work this morning, my usual trip over Westminster bridge was, for obvious reasons, diverted. Its a bit grey and breezy out there this morning, but to be honest, who cares about the weather right now.
  3. Morning All. What a lovely bright, crisp start to the day! Hardly a cloud n the sky and out of the chilly breeze its quite nice. Observations Observed at 07:00, Tuesday 21 March 4°C 39°F Wind Speed 23 km/h 14 mph West South Westerly Humidity: 77% Visibility: Very Good Pressure: 1009mb, Rising Observation station: London (Lat: 51.517 | Lon: -0.1)
  4. Observations Observed at 09:00, Monday 20 March 12°C 54°F Wind Speed 24 km/h 15 mph South South Westerly Humidity: 90% Visibility: Very Good Pressure: 1004mb, Falling Observation station: London (Lat: 51.517 | Lon: -0.1)
  5. Morning All, i have had a lousy weekend suffering from severe episode of gout in my wrist. just glad the doggy decided to have a lazy weekend and not want much walking. grey, drizzley morning here. the week ahead looks changeable with no same weather day - day. its a double whammy on the weekend. clocks go forward and mothers day. but the 5 day forecast is showing sunny and cool, so hopefully mummy's will be treated to some sunshine
  6. Carol was in St James's Park this morning. i should have made a detour into work
  7. Morning All, well the foggy start to the day was unexpected. Quite thick when i left home, but clearing up as i crossed Westminster Bridge. Now sunny and bright but there is a distinct chill in the breeze. Observations Observed at 07:00, Wednesday 15 March 8°C 46°F Wind Speed 2 km/h 1 mph West North Westerly Humidity: 99% Visibility: Poor Pressure: 1034mb, Rising Observation station: London (Lat: 51.517 | Lon: -0.1)
  8. Morning Folks, Grey start to the day and a slight chill in the air. Couldn't see the top of the Shard on my way in, meaning the cloud is quite low. Hoping it warms up a bit at least even if its not sunny.
  9. 'noon All. Lovely start to the day this morning and looking good for the afternoon walk to the bus stop through St James' Park later today Observations Observed at 12:00, Monday 13 March Sunny 13°C 55°F Wind Speed 13 km/h 8 mph West North Westerly Humidity: 52% Visibility: Very Good Pressure: 1030mb, Rising Observation station: London (Lat: 51.517 | Lon: -0.1)
  10. Well it is certainly nice out there today. Just back from Horse Guards and the walk through the park was lovely. Observations Observed at 11:00, Thursday 9 March Sunny Intervals 15°C 59°F Wind Speed 23 km/h 14 mph West North Westerly Humidity: 64% Visibility: Very Good Pressure: 1020mb, Rising Observation station: London (Lat: 51.517 | Lon: -0.1)
  11. Morning All. well last night was the first time in many months i didnt need a thick jacket to walk the dog. This morning has started dry, bright and mild. Perfect weather for todays ceremony down the road from me in work. at long last i can start feeling winter is over. and in my opinion its been a pretty good one this season. stroll on spring/summer
  12. Well that was nice a walk between offices in the sun, along the embankment, and all feels good with the world. 11°C 52°F Wind Speed 8 km/h 5 mph Westerly Humidity: 59% Visibility: Very Good Pressure: 1018mb, Rising Observation station: London (Lat: 51.517 | Lon: -0.1)
  13. Well despite the forecast for "milder" weather this week, it is still a touch cool outside this afternoon and the feel like temps for the rest of the week may temper the mild actual temps forecast. Bright and sunny in St James' this lunchtime. Slight breeze but at least its dry.
  14. Morning All. Well it tried really hard to get a frost last night. Chilly start to the day but dry and bright. Am feeling the warmth in the sun during the daytime now and, finally, the evenings are getting lighter. lots of flowers blooming and blossom on some trees already. Is it really early for signs of spring or has my age altered my memory so much that its normal for this time of year to have lots of colour about? Observations Observed at 07:00, Monday 6 March 4°C 39°F Sunny Intervals Wind Speed 5 km/h 3 mph Westerly Humidity: 94% Visibility: Good Pressure: 1000mb, Falling Observation station: London (Lat: 51.517 | Lon: -0.1)
  15. Morning All. Slight chill to the air in the breeze and a bit of drizzle. Winds due to pick up today and chilly overnight and some heavy rain due, as BW suggests, above. Observations Observed at 07:00, Monday 27 February 8°C 46°F Cloudy Wind Speed 14 km/h 9 mph Southerly Humidity: 92% Visibility: Very Good Pressure: 994mb, Falling Observation station: London (Lat: 51.517 | Lon: -0.1)