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  1. Can some one please explain what "GOWJAS" means? is it a new weather term? Bright and sunny here in St James. might even be daylight (Just) when i get home around 6 this evening
  2. Is it spring yet? Can't wait for the clocks to change

  3. i have had cheese roll with crisps today... hungry now. but cant be asked to cook or get take away............ hungry 'ning Jan. hope you are ok
  4. perhaps get a few specialist magazines for the equipment and see if others are selling similar stuff, to get a rough price guide. or try e-bay. might help with a valuation. sad business though, and perhaps as MK suggests, make a little momento box up. am sure you should sell though, least your making his hard work to have bought them worthy. you could raise some money to do something in his memory then.
  5. no wind here... could have something to do with not eaten today :lol: although i am now scoffing some lemon sorbet which i have to say is yum yum. hi MK and all way past my bedtime, so having said hello, now saying bye bye.... night all
  6. not that i've heard :winky: byeeeeeee
  7. but at least you managed to not use any text speak i'm going. just like to say its great to see a few friends about. and AJ.... did you get your own banning stick or did you knick Louby's? :lol: night all!
  8. well its about that time folks.... as much as i would love to banter a while longer, ny bed is calling (well sofa actually) but least the doggy doesnt have to share it with me; he sleeps on the two seater instead going to say night night all. have a good evening and great to see a few old flames about. night all
  9. Mr Loo had curry too? 'ning cakie
  10. well what else is there to eat?? funnily enough its the first time in ages since i had curry. not working shift anymore means i have lost the knowledge of how a microwave works tonights meal was leftovers from the other night where someone didnt appreciate me going and getting a meal for the night so all we need is coast and a cakie and a few more and the banter band is back! Snow Raven... where are you??? LOL nope, no more night shifts for me... although i could do with been at work overnight. 'ning SH. hope you are well
  11. ? My eyesight is excellent, although I may be going slightly deaf.pardon? i've lost an inch or two too.... curry has just made up for that though good evening Lou and everyone. Banter with Louby, MKsnow, Soaring Hawk and MAF.... now theres a blast from the past
  12. and thats as high as i could get with Louby. she's so tall :lol:
  13. We may achieve climate, but weather is thrust upon us

  14. :o thats just kinky :lol: :lol: 'ning Cakie
  15. your thinking of Mrs White. not Professor Plum