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  1. Would like some decent foggy mornings too is it just me, or is this the second year i have not seen a single crane fly about. Sign of a winter like 18/19 maybe
  2. Tom, a couple of hints for a cooler room. keep curtains closed to stop sun coming in. open the attic/loft door as heat will rise up to the ceiling void the most efficient way a fan works is to extract the warm air. Basically it will cool a room down if its blowing the hot air out of the room. otherwise all its doing is blowing warm air around. :)
  3. Oh well. having been here since 2004, I let most things go over my head. I usually don't care on whats posted, if its not of interest to me.
  4. Correct me if i am mistaken though surrey. Isn't everyone entitled to an opinion on here?
  5. well come back to work today. like me noticeably cooler today. temps pegged back by the chilly breeze. looking forward to some frog and fost in the coming days
  6. Well Xmas is definitely over! Creme eggs on sale in my local COOP yesterday Morning all. A chilly start to the day and noisy one too... someone decided that letting fireworks off at 04:45 was a good idea this morning
  7. just popped out for a lunchtime sandwich. Westminster/St James's is quiet, sun broken through and a tad milder than this morning. Can be happy with this all the time its dry. Nothing worse than mild and wet in winter time.
  8. I worked Xmas for seven years on the trot, nothing but admiration for anyone working over Xmas. it somehow made Xmas a little better though. getting home after a 12 hour shift to the kids who were now tired out, dinner on the table and the relaxing evening where i could unwind with a nice tipple, all before getting up at 4 a.m and doing it all again the next day
  9. Morning all. A bit chilly walk into work through St James's park this morning. But at least my bus ride only took an hour with no one on the roads... yet short day today me thinks
  10. I think its going to be a short day today ... in work that is. Drizzle and mild in St James's this morning. having an early day in work to get some Xmas shopping done this afternoon.
  11. Morning All. Seems like I am the only person in work today :o St James's is currently part cloudy and 7° C but not much breeze so feeling pleasant this morning.
  12. Misty cold start to the day in Central London. The Eye was shrouded in a mist and the red lights made for a dramatic glow around it. Big Ben not only covered by scaffold, but the top f the tower was concealed by the mist.
  13. Lovely walk through St James' Park this morning. Plenty of frost which developed early last night when I was out walking the doggy. currently 4 degrees here in St James's
  14. Yes, rain is needed in SE London too. If only so I can get the dog washed while we walk in a shower of rain :) Pretty mild here in St James' this morning. yesterday I drove to reading in the dark and rain yesterday. hate driving in those conditions.
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