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  1. Misty cold start to the day in Central London. The Eye was shrouded in a mist and the red lights made for a dramatic glow around it. Big Ben not only covered by scaffold, but the top f the tower was concealed by the mist.
  2. Lovely walk through St James' Park this morning. Plenty of frost which developed early last night when I was out walking the doggy. currently 4 degrees here in St James's
  3. Yes, rain is needed in SE London too. If only so I can get the dog washed while we walk in a shower of rain :) Pretty mild here in St James' this morning. yesterday I drove to reading in the dark and rain yesterday. hate driving in those conditions.
  4. Morning All. A fine start here in St James' wish it was wet and windy on the 5th to cut down the fireworks. Doggy hates them :(
  5. Morning All, well its the first cloudy morning for quite a while. still mild though. Weekend is looking nice for walking the dog :)
  6. hot out in the direct sun here in London. Bet the Trump protestors are getting burnt got to fight my way through the crowds across Westminster bridge on my way home
  7. Sunny and warm with temp around 24 and light NE breeze
  8. Well the sun is breaking through the clouds here in St James. Cooling breeze should make for a nice afternoon. Hoping the sky might light up with some lightning tomorrow.
  9. trickbirdy Lesnes Abbey Woods are nice to walk through, but Bostal Woods might be better once its snowed.
  10. Morning All. Got the distinct feeling that a Thames Streamer might be in the offing judging by the charts. but hey, I am no expert. would love to see it happen though.
  11. 'noon All. Looking a bit brighter here this afternoon. still a chill in the air though. Fortunately I am working Sunday so have to be up early. I say "fortunately" because if I wasnt working, I would still be up early - woken by the mutitude of helicopters circling above my home zooming in for the marathon
  12. Morning All. Am I sensing this thread is going the same way as the Model one? As ever, you can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. So whether its rain you want or not, then maybe agree to disagree as to the pros/cons of some precipitation Personally I dont care about the weather, I like the variations we have in the UK. A walk in the rain with the dog is just as pleasureable as a walk in the sun. But for anyone who goes outside every day it cannot be helped noticing the distinct lack of rain we have had in the SE London/North Kent/Kent area. And to me, it is a concern, considering how much agriculture in Kent may be affected by this dry spell. So although i am not about to do a rain dance, I am waiting in anticipation for some wet weather. If only enough to wet people's gardens.
  13. 'Noon All. Not to add to any sort of argument, but the fact of the matter is, is that there has been very little rain for quite some time in the SE London/Kent area. And although it may not loook like a desert out there, i can confirm it is very dry underfoot. I cannot remember such a long dry period for ages now (and i am and old git!) I put a few Met O links up the other day, and in those links it specifically states that the London/SE are very dry So, I personally think this dry spell will have some kind of knock on effect come summer/autumn when crops are getting harvested, fruit picked, etc. in the drier areas. As for other counties, i cannot speak as i dont live there.
  14. Mmm. wonder what the weather will be like on June 8th? Hoping it will be a lovely sunny day and will bring all the voters out