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  1. Can some one please explain what "GOWJAS" means? is it a new weather term? Bright and sunny here in St James. might even be daylight (Just) when i get home around 6 this evening
  2. Is it spring yet? Can't wait for the clocks to change

  3. We may achieve climate, but weather is thrust upon us

  4. not if you've got a 7 stone rotweiller with you :winky: (not exactly on your own, but you get my gist)
  5. perhaps theres a ghost in the machine? not got any music tonight, but if i did, then it'd probably be a bit of clapton.
  6. Quantum physics seems such a big leap to me

  7. shouldnt have done that. now got the mood for the classics. Otis Marvin Ben E K Temps etc. etc. so finally going off to bed with this night all
  8. am relegated to settee tonight so grandaughter can sleep on my side of bed. so even though listened to some of my favourites im going to get my head down now, but just got to play this before sleep night all. happy '14
  9. too tired now, so a classic to fall asleep on the settee with i grew up with an elder brother who went to sleep with this after a night on the town (after santana that is)
  10. now onto tubular bells. i know. its a distance from previous, but still quite chillaxing
  11. this is good always reminds me of the Burt Reynolds film Sharky's Machine
  12. still mellowing out
  13. then a bit of Eagles now this Songbird is the best track ever. and perhaps the best song ever
  14. and this