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  1. Observations- St. James's Park Observed at 10:00, Sunday 18 October 11°11° C WIND SPEED NOT AVAILABLE, WIND DIRECTION: NOT AVAILABLE--WIND DIRECTION: NOT AVAILABLE Humidity: 84% Visibility: --Visibility: Not available Pressure: --Pressure: Not available Observation Station: St. James's Park (Lat: 51.5 | Long: -0.1333)
  2. i always remember going back to school after summer hols and they were around for a few weeks, it sort of was an indicator for autumn to settle in. odd they are not around so much now.
  3. since my dog went to sleep last month i don't get out as much as i used to. but there is still a feel that the autumn has started about on time this year. by that i mean not too early. so maybe we will be aligned with the next two seasons better this year.
  4. not sure if the Acorn Index has a bearing on things, but i have noticed this has been another year where there were no crane fly's toward the end july start of september. this might be the third year running i have not seen any crane fly's at all here in london/se
  5. that makes it cat 5 and catastrophic which could mean tomorrows headlines will be about loss of life and major disaster
  6. 944 is bang on the figure for Cat 4 extreme Central pressure 920 to 944 mb or 27.17 to 27.88 in Winds 131 to 155 mph or 114 to 135 kts Surge 13 to 18 feet
  7. well if this news is anything to go by we may well see a decent summer. although its a double edged sword with decent weather. no one to pick fruit and veg, and crops will be less in a hot summer, i think we may see an autumn of very low produce and sky high prices. the price of covid19 may well be more than we anticipate ?
  8. 'ning all. Just finished dog walk in a cool air but at least the wind has dropped. now i am feeling 100% better, i want to volunteer for work, but i dont know how if i need to be tested. even though i have suffered symptoms (very very bad) i dont know if two weeks after normal temperatures i will be clear or not. i want to help more than the eldery neighbours and family that i am already doing. anyway, did anyone see the meteroite shower late night/early hours. i was awke at 2 but just cant get away from light pollution around here to get a decent view of the sky ?
  9. never mind the virus i have just been through, hayfever is thr worst ? still, only a few months to go yet
  10. hello all. nice to get out today, bit milder than yesterday, my dog is soo confused. every day is a bank holiday to him ?
  11. Well, after the worst two weeks of my life. having suffered the flu and pnuemonia previously, i can honestly say i feel for anyone with virus symptoms. 12 days over 100 temperature, unable to even lift my arms to have a glass of water, soaking in fever every night, headaches like no migraine ever before, and still got to consider after affects, (need my kidneys checking) i sincerely hope everyone is well out there. the levels of both selfishness and generosity are beyond comprehension. from people out and about in threes and fours (who are not from the same household) to me trying to supp
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