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  1. My local CO-OP was selling creme eggs on new years day, sure sign that easter is near but easter is mid April this year so if what feels like autumn now in January could mean winter will be extended to April
  2. And that squall line looks set to hit just as i walk out of work to go home
  3. And i stupidly put a light jacket on this morning where it was so mild out. just been outside and wish i had a thicker jacket on. thats weather for you!
  4. Observations- London City Airport Observed at 06:00, Thursday 2 January 8° C WIND SPEED 5MILES PER HOUR, SSE 5 MILES PER HOUR SOUTH SOUTH EASTERLY Humidity: 87% Visibility: --Thick cloud Pressure: 1023mb, Falling Observation Station: London City Airport (Lat: 51.5 | Long: 0.05)
  5. yes, and i think the phrase "each to their own" is apt. There's nothing wrong with anyone, we all feel temperature differently. so i agree Hillbilly, "we are all different"
  6. Meanwhile in India Delhi reels from coldest day in a century WWW.BBC.CO.UK The maximum day temperature plummeted to 9.4C on Monday setting a new record for the chilliest day.
  7. Morning all. Chilly but frost free start to the day in SE London although it was quite foggy when i came down to sort the pooch out at 02:30 this morning seems he just wanted some company. looking out across the thames towards parliament and london eye from my office its still quite grey and murky out there. mind you, come midnight it will no doubt be full of smoke from the fireworks. 12,000 fireworks set to go off, 2000 of them from the london eye itself currently Observations- St. James's Park Observed at 10:00, Tuesday 31 December 8° C Humidity: 89% Observation Station: St. James's Park (Lat: 51.5 | Long: -0.1333)
  8. morning all, i'm in work today and tomorrow. nice to be able to get loads done without interruptions. was a froggy* morning crossing Blackheath on my bus journey in. * well how else to describe frost/fog theres a lot of doom and gloom over the way winter 19/20 has shaped up so far but its really difficult to understand how people can blame the "weather" for being, well, the weather Observations - London City Airport Observed at 10:00, Monday 30 December 6° C WIND SPEED 8 MILES PER HOUR, WSW 8 MILES PER HOUR WEST SOUTH WESTERLY Humidity: 93% Visibility: Moderate Pressure: 1030mb, Rising Observation Station: London City Airport (Lat: 51.5 | Long: 0.05)
  9. I think the only white-out will be if i drop a can of emulsion whilst decorating merry xmas everyone.
  10. yes, what a difference a day makes TROY, just looking over the thames at a sunny cool day. fortunately i'm not near London bridge....
  11. Would like some decent foggy mornings too is it just me, or is this the second year i have not seen a single crane fly about. Sign of a winter like 18/19 maybe
  12. Tom, a couple of hints for a cooler room. keep curtains closed to stop sun coming in. open the attic/loft door as heat will rise up to the ceiling void the most efficient way a fan works is to extract the warm air. Basically it will cool a room down if its blowing the hot air out of the room. otherwise all its doing is blowing warm air around. :)
  13. Oh well. having been here since 2004, I let most things go over my head. I usually don't care on whats posted, if its not of interest to me.
  14. Correct me if i am mistaken though surrey. Isn't everyone entitled to an opinion on here?
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