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  1. The “five day forecast” changes every day, making it a one day forecast.
  2. Hardly a troll. Yes I'm a weather enthusiast but I'm also someone who has to use public transport and pay heating bills. I can't speak for everyone but certainly is my daily life, given the things I've mentioned most people are very pleased to have a mild winter.Doesn't mean we don't like cold weather but you can't argue that there are many benefits to a mild winter.
  3. Absolutely loving this mild Winter, as are most people I know. Minimum of transport disruption, not needing to use much heating - much, much needed in these financially straightened times - and not needing to use Winter coats. Easier to be outside, easier to travel, safer and cheaper. next up... Roll on Spring :-)
  4. Edited my post for clarity - I simply mean the sound/feeling if the gusts at their peak.
  5. Almost no rolling news coverage either, given the fact most outlets are now on festive outage. All the reports finished late last night, while the worst seems to be happening right now. As a result I think most people are severely under estimating what's going on. Have never heard gusts like this. Although I was very young at that time, they sound and feel like 87. Obviously, probably not sustained like that. I do have a feeling we are in the middle of a big one.
  6. I told you. Worse than expected. Like I said. Something about this is unnerving.
  7. As a 30 year old man I am not ashamed to admit I'm a bit scared this evening, 4 storeys up here in North London. Anec dotally, comfortably the worst storm of the year here and probably even for a few years. Horrendous.
  8. Very odd today, getting on the tube at 6.45 in hot sunshine, walking out from the station at the other end at 7.30 with my sunglasses already on, exactly as I have for the last 4 months... but finding it almost dark already! Really struck me today, Summer has gone for another year. Personally feel ready for some cooler, fresher weather.
  9. British people tend to be sedentary and insular by nature. They genuinely do not like being out there with strange people and away from TV, internet, fire and fridge. Daylight isn't "freedom", it ruins their preferred lifestyle.
  10. Have you EVER made a post that doesn't tell us how much you hate Summer?
  11. I think you need to get a grip of yourself. This is a weather discussion forum. We're just expressing our opinions on the weather. It's not life an death!
  12. Shhh, Tony! It's really bad form to pull up old charts and, you know, actually CHECK how accurate they were! I know that seems like it should be the only goal of forecasting... ...but actually it's much more fun to stay locked in the future, always over the hill and far, far away from any pesky verification stats to put a dampener on our day...
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