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  1. G'day all and how nice to be back for the winter sesh. I say! This reminds me a little of November 1985. We had a glorious Indian summer and then, wham, a Beast from the East hit the UK during November, presaging a bitterly cold second half of winter: February 1986 remains the coldest month I can ever recall: the CET was -1.1C. Anyway, we are a long way from such things but this could be a distinctly bitter spell.
  2. Flipping heck. If Ali is wild, Sunday looks huge
  3. G'day folks. I don't normally post much before winter but the storms are interesting to me. I've been surprised that the GFS has not only continued to keep the Helene low pressure centre well west, but hasn't shown precipitation on any of its eastern flank. I don't really comprehend that, especially when a cold front is progressing west to east as the low pressure slides northwards through the UK. How can rainfall 'only' remain on the westward flank of the low? I'm somewhat baffled to be honest. Anyway, greetings everyone. It's good to be back Must behave myself as I have a number of Met Office friends these days.
  4. Stunningly heavy snow in Exeter. Just beautiful.
  5. Yes I agree. That's one of my areas of concern where a change is needed. Unfortunately, for many people, amber means 'take the risk' hence 'amber gambler.' For the majority of people the equivalent of an amber warning ought to mean: Don't drive. It doesn't. We must remember that many people don't understand the weather and they're not used to these conditions. Cars, in particular, are not geared up for old-style winters. Most people don't drive on winter tyres or snow chains, don't carry a shovel etc. Many are not 4WD. And most people have little idea how to drive on snow or ice. My other major gripe is that warnings must be properly and repeatedly issued well in advance of the event. To whoever claimed otherwise, this is what the United Kingdom Meteorological Office is there for. Issuing a red warning at 08.05 on the morning of the event, when it was obvious what was coming from all the charts (including their own Fax charts), is poor. Sorry. No other word for it. For the reasons I've given, warnings need to be issued much sooner and hammered home. Yes, sure, sometimes they will overstate it, but that's better than erring the other way. Finally, there should be far less reticence to issue Red. It's a rather tiresome throwback to the old-school marking scheme. If you have marks out of 100 you should be prepared to mark to 100. If you have Red you should issue it.
  6. A light covering here in Exeter overnight, which will mean some decent accumulation up on the hills. However, the main band of ppn is now heading our way so we could see something significant in the next few hours. What unexpected fun!
  7. Good to be in the south west this time around. I was up on Dartmoor at lunchtime, driving through a blizzard and it all looked stunning. I'm now back in Exeter and looking forward, I hope (?), to some serious snowfall later.
  8. No one doubts the effort etc of the Met O. I think something along the lines of Serious, Severe, Life-threatening rather than the (meaningless) colour codes would help. In general, the Met Office should take the rap for over-doing warnings. In other words, better to err on over-warning than under-warning. I agree about the scaremongering amongst the media. The Daily Express is the worst culprit for this. The timings of the warnings were awful, however. It was blatantly obvious what was coming. Issuing a red warning the morning of the event: at 08.05 is negligent on the part of the Met Office who should have issued red 3 days before and then hammered it home at every single juncture. This is the only way to get people, who don't understand such conditions and who live in blissful ignorance, to pay heed. The problem arises when too many degree-educated people are huddled in the same building without contact with every day folk who are, frequently, pretty ignorant.
  9. It isn't quite that simple. They also aren't experienced with cold conditions in this country, so it came as a shock.
  10. Still snowing heavily in Hook Heath, Woking.
  11. Still fabulous heavy snow here: Hook Heath near Woking. So so beautiful.
  12. My views on this are by now well known