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  1. July average daily high here is 19.6c The high so far this month is 19.2c The mean maximum for July 2020 is just 16.3c - 3.3c below average Sadly this pretty phenomenal stat will be be broken on Friday Has anywhere else had such a bad time this month as here?
  2. coldest since 10/11 snowiest since 12/13 coldest feb since 2010
  3. First day of the month today to reach the average maximum for August, looks like another year to avoid the list
  4. Jan 2014 the mean maximum was 0.5c above average. many of the mild months have been down to high minima more so than high maxima.
  5. the last time for each month the average daily maximum was 1c or more above average - for my part of the world January - 2008, then 2007 February - 2017 March - 2017, also 2012 and 2011 April - 2014, then 2011 May - 2017, then 2016 June - 2016, then 2014 July - 2014, then 2013 AUGUST - 2004, then 2003 September - 2016, then 2014 October - 2014, then 2011 November - 2015, then 2014 December - 2016, then 2015. Just shows how bad the run of Augusts has been, interesting about January though as well.
  6. Cumbria is a very large county... It easily has the snowiest lowland parts of England (along with snowiest part of the uplands) looking at the met office climate maps, (possibly on par with Northumberland/Durham) Up here the SE feed thing is useless, creates a rainshadow effect with no evaporative cooling or anything to suppress the temperatures. ends with light sleety nothing recent decent snowfalls here are 17th Jan 2016 - 9cm, 29th Jan 2015 - 6cm, 21st Jan 2013 - 11cm, all from totally different directions / setups i think.
  7. going by the met office forecast, there will be nothing for most of Cumbria at all mainly no precipitation forecast, and temperatures shown to be 2c/3c/4c wind direction forecast to be WSW
  8. Absolutely! can't wait for it to be light at 3am then only dark by 10.30pm. oh and that perpetual twilight. . . . .
  9. Going by bbc sunrises it starts getting lighter in the evenings on the 19th here Cant wait, end of the diminishing light is all but over roll on spring. Snowdrops out soon, then the Daffs winter will be over before we know it, at this rate spring starts in January
  10. Thundersnow, hail and ice pellets here a covering is starting to form from frequent showers!
  11. Northern end of Bassenthwaite Lake Yes i find south lakes does much better from anything coming in from the west / south west, and the north lakes benefits most from anything Northerly through to Easterly.
  12. 3 separate snow showers here today the most prolonged left a good cover on all surfaces that lasted for about 30 mins before the sun melted it feeling very cold -5c wind chill
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