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  1. coldest since 10/11 snowiest since 12/13 coldest feb since 2010
  2. First day of the month today to reach the average maximum for August, looks like another year to avoid the list
  3. Jan 2014 the mean maximum was 0.5c above average. many of the mild months have been down to high minima more so than high maxima.
  4. the last time for each month the average daily maximum was 1c or more above average - for my part of the world January - 2008, then 2007 February - 2017 March - 2017, also 2012 and 2011 April - 2014, then 2011 May - 2017, then 2016 June - 2016, then 2014 July - 2014, then 2013 AUGUST - 2004, then 2003 September - 2016, then 2014 October - 2014, then 2011 November - 2015, then 2014 December - 2016, then 2015. Just shows how bad the run of Augusts has been, interesting about January though as well.
  5. Interesting observation today - Great Dun fell has a good covering of snow above 1500ft on the top like many other mountains in Cumbria, the temperature today reached 10.5c at 2800ft obviously with blazing sunshine and very little wind. The Dewpoint mid-afternoon was -16.3c giving a humidity reading of 13.5% Now down at this altitude, even a foot of snow would melt within about half an hour under blazing sunshine and 10c Is the low humidity and resultant dewpoint the main factor in preserving the snow in such high temperatures? What is the warmest it could get before you ended up with a rapid mega melt?
  6. Cumbria is a very large county... It easily has the snowiest lowland parts of England (along with snowiest part of the uplands) looking at the met office climate maps, (possibly on par with Northumberland/Durham) Up here the SE feed thing is useless, creates a rainshadow effect with no evaporative cooling or anything to suppress the temperatures. ends with light sleety nothing recent decent snowfalls here are 17th Jan 2016 - 9cm, 29th Jan 2015 - 6cm, 21st Jan 2013 - 11cm, all from totally different directions / setups i think.
  7. going by the met office forecast, there will be nothing for most of Cumbria at all mainly no precipitation forecast, and temperatures shown to be 2c/3c/4c wind direction forecast to be WSW
  8. your max's aren't bad but surely those minimums are going to keep the average temperature on the mild side of normal?
  9. 10 / 19 days have reached double figures, several of them 13-14c. a fair few of those days the minimum temp was not much short of the maximum. 7th for example max was 13.0c min was 11.0c December is currently 3.4c warmer than November
  10. nothing mild? For here the overnight lows forecast for the next few days are 5c 4c 5c 5c December average low here is 1c, so thats 3-4c above average still The overnight lows are almost the same as what should be the daily high (6c) very very mild to me. Mean here is 7.4c which is 3.5c above average.
  11. Just looked through all my data from this month and thought id compare it to December 2015 which had an anomaly of 3.9c above average here. Now last December was by far the mildest by a huge margin i think, back to god knows when. (warmest on record since 1910 UK and warmest since 1659 CET) scarily the anomaly this month is sitting at 3.5c and is not far off that 2015 figure at all. Anyone else got such a close match between this year and last?
  12. No ice days yet here but we are in the middle of a rather severe frosty spell A while since the countryside / roads etc have been this frozen, lasting all day in most places barely thawed by the sun. hoar frost in valley bottoms and frost pockets -4c / -5c in the lower lying valleys has been achieved a few times in the last week or so. stunning early winter weather
  13. i know, i was just trying to make it clear what the OP was trying to get at.
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