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  1. Really bad idea but if members consistently post in wrong thread then this is the result.
  2. Models have been so volatile it'll be nice just to see the pub run follow suite ?
  3. Hi All, quite new to this and trying to learn but there's something I don't understand. The models are predicting a SSW for just after Xmas. So why the sudden if it's being predicted 2weeks ahead.
  4. Somebody posted earlier that there was apparently an data observation issue,don't worry there isn't............hmm now where have I heard that before ?
  5. Hi Yarmy,we're currently going into solar minimum.Does that also have any effect on the figures given on the diagram above?
  6. I'm wondering could this be caused because UKMO show temps in towns and cities and therefore have an urban heat effect whereas the other models don't. Or am I completely wrong on that.
  7. It certainly is. Worth framing and hanging on wall ?
  8. This may seem a daft question (I'm still but a novice at this) but why aren't all members just run at high Resolution.
  9. Hi everybody. This is my first time posting so please don't be to critical of me. As a newbie i am reading this forum and trying to learn and improve my knowledge but the constant bickering and winding up by those who sit on opposite sides of the mild -cold spectrum is not only annoying and frustrating but also confusing for those like me who become members on here to learn. There's nothing wrong with a bit of banter but some take it way to far. I'm sorry that my first post has had a somewhat negative perspective on what is a brilliant forum f
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