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  1. Flooding bad in oxford, Botley road is closed. Happy to say easied off here. Seems to me to just the same as when the midlands took the brunt of some storms, then kent did, its just today its oxfordshire.
  2. Still torrential here, the water is rather too close to the front door for comfort and the cats are going metal!
  3. two storms this evening, this second one is really quite active. The front garden is a pond and the road a river of brown water
  4. Witney a bit earlier I thought we had had our lot, but getting really quite heavy again. massive bumble bee flakes.
  5. Thats just extraordinary. Looks like its rolling along that coast line. Forecasting where will get hit worst looks pretty impossible
  6. Hi May be of local interest, but the single wettest day ever in UK is hasn't made an appearance - 314mm in 24hrs 20th Nov 2010. Resulting torrent wrecked my town and took out the majority of bridges in NW cumbria
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