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  1. After two (good!) days of tiny flakes the diameter of the flakes is up to 2cm and it's settled as much in one morning as the two previous days. Even though totals are still small here (2-3cm max) i've really enjoyed the constant falls. Hoping there's more still to come.
  2. Looks like there could be an interesting next hour for London. Showers moving from the NE and signs of convergence as more move up from Kent. Flakes here in SE London getting bigger after a morning of tiny crystals. As a minimum, hoping that keeps the cloud cover topped up and the temps down until later.
  3. Looks amazing! Family in Colchester so hoping all of coastal NE Essex does well. Haven't seen snow potential like this since 2012 I think when the snow stalled off the Essex coast and there was 12 hours straight of snow.
  4. Looking very wintry in Clacton via Twitter 45 mins of light snow in SE London but too warm to settle. Still enjoying watching it blowing around in the breeze though.
  5. Snowing in SE London! Switching between sleet and snow but first fall of the winter so I’ll take it. As I type already over.
  6. Just had about 1 min of a strange icy wet hail type mix in SE London. Now moderately heavy rain. Felt so close to the good stuff for a second.
  7. Finally had a storm here in South London between 8:30 and 9:15. Followed it up to London Bridge. Incredible rain, some fork lightning right above the Shard, ankle deep water. Makes the wait worth it. Phone camera fogged up and kept missing the lightning but you can see how much surface water at London Bridge below.
  8. Asperitas (cloud) - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG This makes sense. Could see mammatus trying to form on the western edge.
  9. Usually lurk but had to post to ask what this cloud formation is all about over Peckham, SE London. Photo taken just after the peak of the heat as the cloud was starting to bubble up and moved overhead from the west. It was almost like a fold in the sky.
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