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  1. Yes fordy here in nuneaton was the same. Only rained enough to dampen the ground for 10 mins yesterday. Ground stiĺl baked hard and yellow grass.
  2. Yeah rain on radar must be evaporating mostly before it reaches ground as it's to light. Some heavier stuff coming into west midlands which should give us a few mm.
  3. Yeah this isn't going to amount to anything now. Fronts being dried out. The wait continues .
  4. -5 here now which is exceptional for this time of day. If it stays clear I wonder how low it can go with this breeze.
  5. Going north of us for now. Need more of a north easterly for nuneaton and bedworth
  6. Don' think much is going to get into Coventry nuneaton way this morning. Its breaking up as it comes inland. Might be heavier showers this afternoon that will make it across.
  7. You thinking of a change in that range from what is shown now steve?
  8. Ok thanks for advice. Just got to tell the partner when she comes in from work of my plans and see what happens lol.
  9. I think most of west midlands will get snow showers at night next week with coverings but not settling much in day time
  10. Ok thanks will. I might try my luck as I've been up there before and it seemed to be a shower magnet. Just need to find a hotel now
  11. Does anyone who lives in peak district or not have an idea what it will be like in Buxton next week as im thinking of heading up that way for a few days if there is a chance of laying snow that accumulates. Thanks
  12. Gefs have some interesting members among them from what I can see. Even another easterly attempt on some at 192 hours onwards but a north westerly favourite atm.
  13. Quite heavy snow here settling on cars and grass. A nice gift for christmas.
  14. Absolutely beautiful in dove dale today , as you can see. Also got a good glimpse of snow at the cat and fiddle in Buxton too...marvelous!
  15. (My input for today from Nuneaton) apart from the wind from the baked beans we had for lunch, the wind speed on my weather station reads 5.1 , mild rain showers , temp 4.1 c and It looks as though we may have to wait until march AGAIN for the snow we have all been anxiously waiting for
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