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  1. Funny how we're constantly surrounded and reminded by reams of pc claptrap..and yet someone can get away with this? It may not be the biggest crime of the century but I bet if there was an anti religion or race element to it - it would create a bigger stink.
  2. I bet management didn't do a spot of breakdancing...at interview stage? Really thought I'd seen and heard some stuff..next time I pop into a store I'll expect a bit of disco or maybe some samba! Me fussy nah Meanwhile back in the real world.
  3. Sleep downstairs? Sorry couldn't resist
  4. You'll find a surge in UAVs taking more roles, some capable of Mach 1 and above..rest classified
  5. And why do I keep singing that Abba song going around in my head.. As for staying friends? A toughie really..some support clean break, cut your losses move on? Others, step by step, eventually it tends to frazzle out anyway approach? No size fits all - if only it was that easy.
  6. Yes indeed, considering the juncture we're at - the roads always been a rocky one, now there's pretty much nobody out there to steady the good ship..
  7. Indeed, showing up well on radar - pretty localised affairs that will deliver or should you be beneath them. Then hardly a drop just a few miles either side.
  8. It's also a bit odd how even a certain song or track can trigger raw emotions directly after a break up? Same tune you probably heard over and over during better days to the point you sometimes begin to turn them off! Or change radio stations lol. Good luck though Perfectstorm, for fear of sounding like a parrot but shall say it again - happens to the best of us.
  9. Very isolated heavy shower poss storm over C Wales too, W of Welshpool. Edit, looking quite an active one at that, Newtown area.
  10. Wise choice of malts..you did hear about the Japanese guy who once flew his wife to be, all the way to Islay, didn't you? Thankfully she said yes, once the square foot of land was revealed..on the same island! Oh well - happens to the best of us. Breaking up that is. Wonder if they're still together..
  11. Never ever easy when you get emotionally attached to somebody - and then suddenly you become unattached. Feelings of jealousy and anger, are negative ones. You'll just end up getting bitter and twisted. Thankfully no messy divorce? One other positive. Time's the biggest and probably best healer, let the emotions flow, contact old buddies, stay busy and occupied - I know it may sound a bit harsh but you begin to enjoy singledom again..or until maybe somebody else enters the equation? In life, sometimes you can't have the ups without the downs.. I think many of us have been there. We all cop
  12. Nope October...when things really start to ramp up.
  13. Every time I turn the calendar page, start of every month, always seem to get a peek of the month of October?
  14. Mention of showers, some heavy with chances of thunder on Sunday..nothing too widespread mind. Nite peeps.
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