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  1. A Tornado crossed the Menai straights earlier. Not my video. Edit: just seen its already been posted F020CD28-6690-4EB9-97BF-B1F259B032DC.MOV
  2. Winds and rain have completely dropped just ahead of this Squall line incoming
  3. Arctic mostly and high altitude. But I have a couple of USA hurricanes under my belt. Also camp 2 Everest. My favourite place to be is, by far, within the Arctic circle.
  4. 89mph on my roof mounted station in Dinorwic North West Wales. I’m a camera man for the BBC and ive seen my fair share of extreme environments, without exaggeration its like a hurricane out there. Rain is very heavy and very persistent. My house is 977ft ASL Not the worst i’ve seen here mind....yet
  5. I live in snowdonia, in a village nearly 1000ft above sea level, with an open view over to the irish sea. Yes we are accustomed to very high winds, snow, heavy rain, and yes our buildings are built with this in mind vs low lying towns and cities inland. Our roofs are built to “high wind area” codes. We do often get 70-80mph gusts in winter without loosing any roof slates. However, if lowland areas are forecast 70mph+ then I reckon we at elevated positions are in for a loud night indeed. BBC doesnt have my vilage bellow 70mph+ into 85mph for 24 hours. 24 hours is a very long time to be above 70mph. I suspect we will have 90mph+ gusts during peak. I will keep you posted.
  6. Yep I drove up there this morning to works, and through Capel Curig, was insane.
  7. Good luck to ya. I'm driving through Capel Curig which does very well for high wind gusts, 100mph not unheard of there due to the elevation.
  8. My drive to work up the Llanberis pass should be interesting tomorrow morning with storm Doris
  9. Ian F's post this morning which was deleted really was a great post. I saw it at 7:am, it already had 20 likes. Came back online midday and it was gone. I wont reproduce it here out of respect for the deletion reason but I'll say this. It sounded great for low level snow showers after the cold front moves through.
  10. In terms of Snowfall, January 2013 for IMBY. 18 hour blizzard with huge drifts. Snow stayed on the ground for a while too. https://forum.netweather.tv/gallery/image/19003-drifts/ https://forum.netweather.tv/gallery/image/19004-drifts/ https://forum.netweather.tv/gallery/image/19009-igloo/ But in terms of cold, length, snow and all round amazing, 2010. First frost was on bonfire night then 26th NOVEMBER! we had the first lot of heavy snow and it carried on right up until just before new years. It was like living in a Scandinavian country with snow on the ground every day, bellow zero daily temps and often a night time of -12 IMBY. Would choose 2010 every time.
  11. Cawodydd eira trwm fama, disgyn yn tew hefyd. Llawr yn digon oer i fo aros, bob man yn wyn. Neis iawn, ysfa fynd am dro. Heavy snow showers with massive flakes here, on and off but it is settling and everywhere is white. Very nice, urge to go on a walk in the next heavy shower. First decent covering of the year, been too far west.
  12. Ella wir, wedi cael eira bach trw dydd ond yn toddi yn sydun. Gawni weld. Maybe, had snow showers all day but quickly melts, we'll see.
  13. My track guess is NW England, maybe Cheshire gap then travelling SE across England, based on what im seeing on sat/radar that is. If the winds were more northerly rather than N Westerly then I think we would have better chances. Of course it can/will change. I for one am hoping for a direct Wales hit. *Edit* Any snow Wales will have tonight will be snow that was already in the forecast, not from the polar low, in my opinion based on the projected path of the low, I might be talking utter cow pat though
  14. Might miss Wales all together this "polar low", doesnt seem to be coming straight down but more south easterly track, might scrape the north east of Wales, take note that I said MIGHT.
  15. Anyone in the north west hoping this low has our name on it?
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