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  1. Same here in Telford, didn't notice it when looking out the window but now I'm outside waiting for the bus I'm slowly turning white.
  2. Raining ever so slightly in Telford. Certainly feels rather chilly out this morning.
  3. I've never seen scenes like it in Shrewsbury town centre. Rain is pouring through the ceilings of the multi story car park like a waterfall. Absolutely crazy.
  4. Nothing more depressing than sitting in an empty shop freezing my bits off whilst the weather really isn't that bad outside at all. As soon as Shrewsbury folk hear the word snow you know it's going to be waste of a day!
  5. M54 in Wellington is pretty grim, snowing heavy and the fast lane isn't a place to be at the moment. Fair play to everyone though, nobody's taking any risks and are driving to the conditions. Makes a pleasant change!
  6. Shrewsbury high street turned white inside 5 minutes, it's the heaviest snow I've seen in this winter spell. It's since turned back to sleet and the lying snow has quickly all but melted from the pavements. We're heading back towards Telford now and the A5 certainly has a fair amount of slush all over it.
  7. Snowing heavier than I've seen so far today (I did get up at 9am) in Telford TF3. I'm not looking forward to my treck to work in the morning, probably a 3 mile walk to the bus station to find the bus isn't running would be my guess.
  8. I left Shrewsbury two hours ago. My lift was stuck in non moving traffic for 45 minutes so I walked over to him and in that half hour I did not see any town bound traffic moving at all. On the way through Wellington the snow was coming down so hard that the M54 was noticeably getting whiter by the minute. Finally I'm back in Telford and it's stopped snowing and the sun is coming out. Looks like around 6 inches of lying snow, more than I've seen in 14 years of living here.
  9. Just been outside onto Shrewsbury high street and it's white. I don't think I've ever seen that even when it has snowed heavy. Busses have also been suspended. It's going to be a long day in work.
  10. Just got into Shrewsbury town centre. A slight dusting of snow which is a slight dusting more than usual and the sun is out.
  11. Had an inch or so in Telford TF3 and work in Shrewsbury. My lift decided the M54 would be too slow to take so went via Buildwas. Got to Buildwas and everyone is turning around as the road is too slippy. We tried, we slid, we gave up. Then we decided to go via Broseley, there's a slight hill so again no go, everyone's turning around. We're now heading back towards the M54 45 minutes after we should have done that in the first place. Roads that we passed half hour ago which looked reasonable are now white and lethal. The snow is coming down heavy.
  12. If there's anyone in the Telford area at the moment have a look in the sky. 2 odd lights moving about through the clouds, visible from a good ten miles away. Weather phenomenon or torches that are much stronger than I thought possible? Or aliens of course...
  13. One flash and distant rumble in Telford 5 mins ago. Sustained moderate rain just stopping. I think that constitutes a major storm in these parts...
  14. Sun in the middle of Shrewsbury. Not much of a breeze either. Not quite what I was expecting!
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