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  1. I was commenting on the 12z ECM. If something like that was to verify, then a a shot at 40c was possible. Nobody said it was going to happen, just discussing what was being shown at the time. Unlikely to happen and everybody knew it was an outlier from the onset, but doesn't prevent those talking about what could have been if the synoptics aligned as of the ECM last night. As it happens, its backed down again this morning which was entirely expected. Still...low possibly mid thirties quite widely for 2, possibly 3 days next week as was the overall consensus barring the extreme ECM last night. Nobody saw the ECM and said 'its going to be 40c next week' it was just a discussion on one run on one model, which showed the synoptics we would need to push that threshold.
  2. So for 72 hours most of the UK is covered by 20-23c uppers, slack southerly flow at the end of July (technically the prime time for high temperatures) There would be no doubt in my mind the all time high would be breached *if the ECM was correct* and a pretty decent chance of our 1st 40 degrees.
  3. Savage heat. Would be incredible. But it's only one of the options on the table this evening.
  4. Absolutely. I wouldn't bet against a 40c being breached by the Friday. Sunshine dependant. High 30s widely I would imagine
  5. You could add some serious numbers to that with a setup like that ECM. 20-24c uppers in situ in peak summer. It wont be 34c believe me. 38-39c would be likely
  6. 168 ECM that's your 100F breached and the all time record smashed!
  7. So GFS says yes. GFS control says no GEM says no UKMO says maybe ECM says???? I would say 50/50 knife edge for heatwave next week. Looks pretty good up until Tuesday then who knows??
  8. Well here in Poole its been a lovely spell of weather for the past 3 weeks. Lots of sunny, warm and very warm days. Temps have been between 21-26c most days. Sunshine most days as well. No rainfall since the summer solstice. Very pleasant summery weather. No need for much clothing apart from shorts and t shirt. Today has been sunny and warm (again) 25 degrees the high. We look to escape any showers for the foreseeable. Great for the tourists coming for the beach. Not even seen or want to look at any of the models such as GFS etc because im just enjoying the weather as it happens day by day. Havent been in the model thread since mid June so no idea if this weather will continue. However metoffice app shows dry and sunny weather right through the weekend and into next week with temps of 23-24 degrees. Wonderful.
  9. I think that Temps up to and slightly above average with spells of sunshine interspersed with a 'few showers' is a significant improvement from this week's relentless rain, storms, flooding and temps in the low teens!
  10. 12z operational huge outlier, which isn't surprising. Although most members do show significant improvement, perhaps not to the extent of the op, but still much better than this week!
  11. 12Z GFS shows high pressure building from the south from Sunday/Monday with temps rising low to mid twenties, rising each day next week. Let's hope the ECM follows this emerging trend
  12. It was sarcastic.... showing exactly as you say, how useless posting individual charts 2 weeks in advance are, the same as some individuals posting charts from a similar timeframe with low pressure.
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