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  1. Snow has been falling heavily for a while now in Poole. Is settling everywhere. Car, drive, grass are all covered and road is even defeating the grit! Looking good!
  2. Moderate snow in Poole but not settling anywhere. Too wet
  3. Turning to snow in Poole!! More snow than rain now !!!
  4. Does anybody in the Poole area fancy meeting up tomorrow to build a rainman? 😂😂 Pi##ing down here now! 4 degrees
  5. I wasn't expecting much being so close to the coast. It's so hard to get snow here but in the summer there's no better place. Swings and roundabouts lol
  6. Just wish that temp would drop! Dew point hovering at 0c. Perhaps the onset of the precipitation will drop the temperature sufficiently?
  7. I personally cant see there being much, if any snow along the Dorset coastline. Just been for a walk up on hengistbury head. The car thermometer the entire drive back towards Poole a steady 4.5c. Wind is cold but air temp not sufficient just yet. With the PPN band closing in now, I would have liked the temp to be dropping, but its not. Good luck to those inland regions. At least I am touching distance from the golden sands of Bournemouth and Poole in the summer so can't have it all! If it does snow, I will report it bit until then im logging out. Cheerio!
  8. The 00z was the coolest and wettest ensemble member of the suite. A lot of the 00z members showed the same as the 6z operational so we are back on track 😁
  9. Will be nice to have some rain before the heat returns in a weeks time
  10. The 6z run, once again shows high pressure and high temperatures beginning the middle of next week. After a brief cooler and more unsettled spell, as has been the case for many days now, the strong signal for high pressure remains. These are the charts for Thursday to Saturday at the moment. Temps widely in the low thirties. It's very annoying when people persistently troll this forum with rubbish. Have a look for yourselves....where is the downgrade? I don't see one I just see lots more sunshine and hot weather It's nice that it's within 162 hours now not 240 Uploaded Saturday to Thursday by mistake