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  1. Still snowing in Poole. A lot of flakes and very windy. Not setting however. Still nice to see though for once
  2. Moderate snow in Poole at sea level. Thick white flakes no rain
  3. So another couple of cold days followed by a milder weekend and then a mild week followed by perhaps a stormy beginning to next weekend. Not much cold showing up now anymore.
  4. Not been around on here since the summer and not even looked at the charts since august! However, it is pretty chilly at the moment which is why I thought I would have a look at the charts to see what is happening. Looks like we are in a chilly northerly at the moment but nothing unusual it seems. High then seems to be close by from the weekend onwards with milder weather in time for the new working week. Looks like GFS wants to try for another northerly of some sorts but long long way in FI. ECM showing much milder conditions next week with GEM on similar page. Ukmo showing benign yet boring and rather milder weather from the weekend also. At least for now, its a little more seasonal. Shame theres no major signs of anything apart from normal in the foreseeable. Please let me know if im wrong but thats what the models are showing this evening from a new pair of eyes perspective. Not had time to read through the last few pages, but clearly there has been some excitement given the amount of pages in less than 2 days. Clearly what perhaps was showing is no longer there or am I missing something?
  5. I must admit, I have gone old school the past 10 days. I haven't looked at the charts once or logged on here to see what's been going on, just enjoying each day on the beach, in the garden, having bbqs, long swims in the sea, spot of kayaking. Not a care in the world what the weather will be doing in 3 or 4 days time just enjoying each day and the unknown. Its been lovely. No idea what its showing for next week,haven't looked and dont give a toss. Last one from me this summer. Goodnight.
  6. Looks like a lot of outdoor events are going to be truly rained off next week. Cant see a way out either... Reminds me of 2012! Things may change in a few weeks but until then... Time to dust off those umbrellas. Oh and the ECM 850hpa charts on meteociel are so unbelievably mis leading too. Yes, the upper air temps of 0-10 degrees are yellow and orange (what you would associate with warmth) are not representative. Look at the ECM rain forecast, tie that in with the 850s you certainly wont be saying mid twenties... So mis leading. Mid to high teens at best.
  7. 12z shows atrocious weather from the end of the weekend right throughout next week. Low pressure centred bang over the UK with lots of rain, wind and cool temperatures for the time of year. A southerly tracking jet responsible for these abysmal conditions. Slow improvement into the following weekend but nothing particularly summer like at all for the foreseeable. Please frosty, can you stop saying how good things are going to get blah blah blah nice and warm in the south East blah blah. The fact is that all major charts are not showing this and your posts really are entirely mis leading for those that rely heavily on people here with knowledge on how the weather is likely to unfold. 'rain mostly in North and West is utter rubbish. Next week looks appalling for all of the UK with below average temps, above average rain and high winds at time. Please stop trying to put a positive spin on dreary charts because those that dont know about the weather in detail will interpret your posts in a way that is not correct. I will no doubt get slated for being so pessimistic but this is the model thread and this is what the models are show across the board. Even the 7-10 day ECP show no sign of summer and is just as bas as gfs from next week. We may get a pattern change again mid July but in my opinion this spell of weather will be the best we will get all summer which is a shame.
  8. Yes...well tomorrow could well be the best day of the entire summer. Even if we do get temps again upwards of the 30s, it's not going to be for a considerable time and considering tomorrow is the longest day, afterwards the nights will slowly start closing in. So enjoy tomorrow, before the dross sets in from the weekend and lasting as far as one can see. This will no doubt be the best spell of the summer in context of heat and also day length. Enjoy
  9. Considering this is the model output and not the 'now' conditions, I have to say the change in pattern from this weekend is extremely disappointing with wind, rain and much cooler weather to dominate for the next 2 weeks. Cant believe how things could turn so quickly given the sensational weather of late. Extremely disappointing for the next 2 weeks of summer with some disturbed weather at time and an extremely southerly tracking jet stream. Havent looked at the charts for several days whilst ive enjoyed the weather but annoyed I did now because it has effectively ruined tomorrow's heat knowing what's to come around the corner shortly..
  10. Because the south coast yesterday reached 23c in hazy sunshine, a southerly breeze and 8c isotherm. 22-23 degrees with 15c isotherm a week inside the longest day of the year with a hot preceeding weekend would not, absolutely no way generate 22-23c. Would be looking at the very least 25c pushing 30 in places. Today for example, 21 degrees progged in a fresh Westerly airflow in 7 degree upper air temps. Now tell me that if you double that upper air temp, a very warm humid southerly or south Easterly air flow with a preceeding weekend of 30 degree temps would only generate 22 or 23 degrees. Nonsense. I'm sorry but utter laughable.
  11. The 00z continues to reinforce the hot weather this weekend and next week. Temps this weekend progged between 26 and 29 celcius in the south Saturday and then likely to breach 30 Sunday, perhaps a 31 or 32 degrees on Monday. The high then meanders across and to the east of us generating a south East flow across the country. 850s between 10 and 15c the whole week. Temps on the gfs for next week very conservative I would imagine given the heat from the weekend and strong sunshine. Gfs suggests nationwide between 21 and 25 but if this run come off as it suggests then between 25 and 30 nationwide with a likelihood of 30c being breached somewhere in the UK on consecutive days from Sunday through to next Friday. All subject to change but looking absolutely fantastic if you like heat and not so fantastic if you don't!
  12. Well it was looking better early on but has kept its retrogression after all. Shame
  13. 12z currently showing a slightly more amplified jet by Friday evening, very slight adjustments but would result in a more ecm bias if it continues this output. Looks better than 6z even at this early stage. The 12z jet aligned more sw to ne rather than west to east which is better for the overall evolution
  14. The GFS 6z shows a fantastic weekend for most of the country, particularly Midlands southwards with extensive sunshine and temps between 24 and 27 degrees on Saturday with values between 27 and 30 degrees Sunday. Monday, still warm in the south with 25 or 26 degrees and has a much less cool scenario than previous gfs runs with temps in the low 20s in south at the very least. Looking good.