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  1. Well the ECM once more absolutely stunning!! The good news is the 00z GFS was a significant cool and wet outlier after day 10 with a substantial cluster including control run extending the heat well into July. Top stuff again!
  2. Already talking about the end when it hasnt even started
  3. How odd indeed! I did actually think the 850s looked a tad low on wetter. Very strange but that would certainly make more sense! As you say though doesn't really alter the output, who have is still glorious!!
  4. Fantastic ECM 12z mean once again. Solid heights across the entire UK for the entire run with 850s above 10-12c for 5 solid days across most of England and Wales during next week which would suggest several days of 30 degrees is looking likely. Rock solid support across the board for an incredible end to June. Mediterranean blue skies for most with light winds and soaring temperatures. UV levels very high also. One thing to note, I was looking at the heatwave of 1976 where 35.6c was recorded in Southampton on June 28th. 850s were not above 15c for most of the hot spell and with 15c and above looking a distinct possibility I wouldnt be surprised to see a 35degree or touch higher if some of the output which is showing materialises. Phenomenal stuff. Bring it on. BBQs, lovely warm evenings, sea swims after work and happy people!
  5. Oh 19 degrees. How terrible?!
  6. I dont beg for these conditions, I just appreciate the varied weather and dont moan relentlessly. I live in dorset, a beautiful part of the country. Why would I want to live anywhere else?
  7. Sweaty, stifling, sizzling, outrageous 6z. Fantastic?!!!??
  8. The summers here are frequently dull, miserable and depressing. It's not often we get proper summer heat and sunshine. We are an island in the Atlantic where the weather is extremely varied, sometimes very wet in the summer, sometimes very dry and occasionally very hot. If you don't like the varied UK climate (which unfortunately for you includes summer heatwaves) then I would recommend that you have contingency plans in the summer months to combat the odd occasional heatwave we are always likely to be susceptible to. Fortunately for you, unlike the majority of Europe, the UK is often affected by the jet stream which often dictates the summer with little sun and surpressed temperatures including a lot of rain. If the summer in this country makes life too miserable for you, then instead of moaning about it on a weather forum, I would suggest you invest your time and money perhaps relocating to the Highlands of Scotland, or investing in an air conditioning system to keep you cool during our (infrequent) hot weather. Plan holidays at work during summer months so you dont have to work when hot weather is most likely. Persistent moaning on a weather forum is not going to change things. The weather will do what the weather will do and unfortunately cannot be controlled. Perhaps instead of being cooped up indoors during hot weather moaning behind a laptop that you actually go out and enjoy the weather. Shorts, flip flops and a vest top normally suffices. ENJOY!
  9. Better take to a cooler climate for the foreseeable. Hot summer sunshine on the way
  10. Cracking mean at 216 from ECM. The op has significant support now for a significant warm/hot spell. If the op was anywhere near correct, we would have days of temps above 30 degrees and approaching if not close to the mid thirties by midweek. I would even go to say a touch higher if the ECM showed a 256 frame. Best ECM mean and op in many years. Fantastic stuff. Lovely to see the support across models as well. Fantastic spell of summer weather enroute. Long may it continue. Summer has only just begun!
  11. Absolutely stunning 12z ECM once again. Words alone cannot describe how good this run is again! Builds the high in very quickly after a slightly cooler Interlude on Thursday with temps well into twenties again by the Sunday. The latter stages of the run once again dominated by high pressure across the entire of the UK with 850s up at 15c over England from Monday. Temps likely to be above 30 for some if this run comes off. Fantastic stuff.
  12. Cracking morning run from ECM. Fine, warm and dry for most. The end of the run is particularly stunning with temps quite widely into the thirties by 216-240. All fi of course but nice to see anyway. Weekend looks warm and sunny for many. Temps low twenties. Maybe mid twenties by Sunday. Lovely
  13. Much much better ECM at 120. Fantastic
  14. Trailing fronts and a lot of cloud for many I would imagine with the jet rolling over the high. Brightest and warmest conditions indeed for the south and east. Perhaps low twenties for some which would be pleasantly warm even with the cloud.
  15. Not having looked through the charts for nearly 6 weeks now (been enjoying the weather for the most part) I thought I would have a look at the output for the first time as we approach the summer solstice. Next week seems to be looking rather reasonable in the south, with temps in the low twenties. Although it seems that high pressure will fail to succeed in the medium term at least with a succession of lows skirting the north of the country thanks to a relatively strong jet stream. The high pressure to the south weakens any southerly tracking fronts so it looks pretty cloudy for a lot of the time across the majority of the country for next week during the associated warm and cold fronts crossing west to east. It appears any brighter weather is likely for the eastern and southern eastern side with a lot of low cloud across the west and north. Muggy, sticky nights for some during next week with a TM airmass on a west to south west wind. Unless the high makes more progress in shunting the jet further north, the abundance of nuisance cloud will no doubt be relatively prevalent I would imagine in this setup....however very little rain in the south at all during the next 10 days or 2 weeks it would seem. Into July, its anybody's guess....something akin to the 12z gfs control one would do very nicely...and its not without support on the ensembles either!