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  1. Snowing in Poole. Not overly heavy and only dusting the pavement. Road is wet.
  2. By the time it reaches here, probably another cm or 2 I would imagine.
  3. But instead it shows high pressure and temps average across the UK which would be pleasant in the stong spring sunshine
  4. I was only posting what the ECM is showing for Sunday. -4 or -5 in the last third or march isn't exceptional and therefore its unlikely to be snow for all under those uppers. Irrespective of whether the -10 air crosses the country, the ECM progs it to flash through pretty quickly. Not long enough in my opinion for the cold to be entrenched at ground level unlike the last cold spell a few weeks ago. Therefore, during Sunday, if the ecm was correct (*if*) as it doesnt have much support at the moment then I would imagine temps in the south would be more likely between 3-6 degrees and dew points between 0-2 degrees which would be pretty marginal for low level snow and/if there were any snow it would unlikely settle particularly well. However, thankfully for most, this isnt likely to happen based on the blend of 12zs this evening. Likely to be all snow if the low crosses east to west in a favourable manner. However, I wouldn't discount the ecm at 72 hours showing the increase in marginality if the thrust of cold air is too far north. The latest BBC forecast at 6.28 showed temps indeed of 4c for London and Birmingham and 6 degrees in Plymouth whereas before they were only showing 2-3 c nationwide. Also the metoffice video published online does show rain mixed with snow with a 30% chance of this happening. The other 70% was for the Easterly to maintain snow showers across the east in particular. I'm not trolling. I would like more snow like the rest of us but only posting to discuss the charts as they emerge.
  5. Im discussing the models in a model discussion thread. Hardly trolling!
  6. But that was after a week of entrenched cold with lows of -15 in places and several days of minus 10-15 uppers. Also, given the sun is stronger and its been so mild lately, that would no doubt be of sleet or cold rain rather than snow.
  7. 72 hours on ECM showing -3 to -6 uppers across the south on Sunday. Sleet rather than snow across the south if this was to happen!
  8. If it was progged to be more than a 24-36 hour window for some temporary snow followed by a rapid thaw in an ever strengthening sun, then I would be game for it to go north again. However, the sun is now almost as strong as the last third of september and therefore even if there was some last season snow (for some) its gonna be gone in a blink according to most charts from Tuesday onwards. -5c uppers end of march roughly equates to 7 or 8 degrees. If this was mid to end of February, I would be all for it. However its going to be brief by the looks of it and the trend has been south by all major models and therefore any substantial snow which lasts more than a few hours for most people just isnt likely to happen. Just like when the summer is often wet and cool then mid to end of September we have a late surge of heat. Yes it's nice for some, but it doesnt last and the evenings drawing in quickly soon take away the enjoyment of the daytime dwindling sunshine. Why these charts have to show up when its almost too late. I understand that many significant snow events have happened during march and indeed April but require absolutely exceptional circumstances. Yes -15c flirting with the east in mid to late march is special, its just not going to bring the same temps or dew points as it would if it were to occur in jan or Feb for instance, when the days are shorter and the sun weaker. The beast from two weeks ago was fantastic for most people who enjoy that kind of weather including myself. However, now the daffs are out and the sun is ever higher in the sky I just want some warmer/milder weather now going into proper spring soon. A few hours of snow and more central heating followed by a rapid thaw is not what im looking for from this time onwards. Those who do then that's absolutely fine too.
  9. Icon 18z shows Easterly winds arriving this weekend but there has been a noticeable shift south with the bulk of the coldest uppers and instability south of the UK through the channel and northern France. There is still an area of snow moving east to west across southern England on this run but much further south and less widespread than the 12z. I for one am hoping this southerly trend continues. Would be nice to have some nice sunny days next week for once with temps back towards the 5-8c mark for many after Tuesday. Long way to go to call this though but the trend is definitely south compared to this morning and last night. 18z Vs 12z for 16:00 Sunday 18th
  10. I'm pleased that the 12zs have shifted the high south cutting off the cold air sooner. Dry and sunny will beat briefly cold and snowy, particularly this time of year. Some warmer sunnier days would be appreciated now please. Its been a very long winter!
  11. So its 0c and dew point -3 yet it's freezing rain?!?! Why is this?
  12. Snow is over. Shame as still so much precip!!