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  1. Don't think many places in the Mids will see 1mm of rainfall let alone 100mm of potential rainfall as per the local (Shefali!) or national forecast predicted over the course of this weekend, a complete miss hit.
  2. If some people like complaining about the past "heat", then see if they open up and comment when the atlantic conveyor belt switch is flicked on.
  3. Gotta feeling the severity of this breakdown may well be downgraded a wee bit for when it's set to begin - looking at a few of the local forecasts. Also the max temps set for today are creeping up.
  4. Has the BBC website caught a virus, as it has 8 days on the bounce with temps on or above 24C from Monday, here around my place of residence. I'm sure that will soon change with time i'm sure.
  5. Highly unlikely to see anything resembling a storm here i'm afraid, that bubble needs to be deflated a little i think
  6. Rain on Sunday looks to be drifting further east now, and approaching precip from the south may not reach either, seems to be a small bubble over the West Mids where very little is "predicted" to fall over the next seven days.
  7. Looks like the sun's elevation is moving faster then the approaching rain (if it reaches here), as it has just it has just shone it's face.
  8. Best to ignore the "warnings" and just look out the window and keep an eye on the radar.
  9. Looks like Sunday morning, may be lively here. https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2633691/day3
  10. The national forecast seemed more like a forecast for the south and east quadrant of the British Isles - again.
  11. Just a dribble of rain overnight, would barely moisen a tissue.
  12. Just go out in your motor and put some weight on the right pedal, you'll see a few flashes then.
  13. Met and BBC still insitant on the threat from storms until Saturday, only flashes to be seen here will be from speed cameras.
  14. Still haven't worked out why the Met Office and BBC still have a 4 successive day storm threat from Wednesday through till Saturday over my location.
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