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  1. I would take the BBC's warnings with a pinch of salt, as they had my area set out for 11 hours of potential thundery activity, and all that happened was that the time frame was constantly reduced, so the result was zero, other than 8 hours of rain.
  2. The old Cheshire Gap event could make itself present this morning, IF the wind speed and direction maintains its current angle, not that we need any more rain after yesterday's downpours.
  3. In the middle of what i can only call a torrential downpour here, but still no thundery activity.
  4. Wouldn't get too animated by the BBC's forecasts, had warning's out since 11 o'clock this morning but they just kept pushing them back and reducing the time frame, so had nothing but rain here, but then again you may get lucky.
  5. There will be some localised flooding with what is coming down at the moment, don't need storms for that.
  6. Well we've just had nothing but rain here, not expecting anything else, be a huge surprise if it did happen.
  7. Temp down to 16.7C, mod to heavy rain, no thunder, not expecting any now, other than heavy bursts of rain.
  8. Given up on expecting anything thundery here, just plain old rain, so i'll just keep on watching with what's going on with the activity further north.
  9. Turned a bit heavier now, looks a short burst, still zero rumbles. Temp down to 17.6C now.
  10. Looks like good old fashioned showery rain, nothing too heavy, overcast also, so no brightness or sun.
  11. The warning was out up until midnight, now it is from 2pm until 4pm so that is quite a dramatic reduction in the timescale.
  12. Thought this might happen, storm threat almost taken away here now by both BBC and the MetOffice, so another chicken-up by that pair, so it is best to just to look out the window and keep tabs on radars, etc.
  13. Northern England/North Wales look to be in the prime spot for whatever occurs. Not optimistic for my location, cooling off now - 18.2c, no sun just total cloud cover, bands of showers look the more likely today.
  14. Looks like good old fashioned showers, no strikes anywhere near, regular or recent.
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