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  1. Looks like the atlantic escalator is kicking off, nice temps, though they will not materialise either.
  2. Worth watching yes, but not worth getting too animated by this until it's practically knocking on our door - if it gets that close. Also if it does appear i just hope it's not on March 11th, as i have a rather important 5 day hospital admission!
  3. Latest GFS run is a good one late on, but we know it won't turn out that way for all the wishing.
  4. Pennines are killing those showers making their way this far, they're just running out of energy and drying out.
  5. Seems like the north sea has woken up for a little while, though most won't reach Wolves.
  6. It will be different again in 6 hours time, i never post the charts as they never turn out that way, that would feel warm though in any sun.
  7. Latest GFS does not make pleasant viewing.
  8. A more nne drift in the winter will and due to the extended land mass and hills then showers just will not survive, in summer yes, then storms have been produced by that scenario. If the wind was a ene direction then the flow would be from the wash area. An example of this happened last March 1st, 2nd last year, not ideal i know, but it produced a severe fall of snow.
  9. If anything falls today now, it will probably of the wet nature now as temps are up to 2.7C, and the sun is shining here, so another incorrect forecast by both the major UK forecasters.
  10. Roll on the summer and bring on the storms.
  11. Sun broken through now, forget anything now, latest GFS look pretty grim as well.
  12. Looks like you're a hundred metres higher than me, may have something to do with it, or the batteries are starting to cook.
  13. Sun trying to show it's face here now, temp slowly on the up, 1.2C.
  14. It really is a pointless exercise now, as from Monday those milder south-west and westerlies will be back, and they will take some shifting again.
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