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  1. This will give some idea, all the money is for no and following the money is usually a good system.
  2. I do earlies every other week and it's so much easier to get up at this time of year, although I can sleep easy enough in any temperatures, can easily fall asleep on the settee at 3pm when it's 30c outside.
  3. UK Outlook for Monday 16 Jun 2014 to Monday 30 Jun 2014: Changeable weather looks more likely than not to persist through the middle part of June, leaving conditions mixed with showers or longer spells of rain interspersed by some drier, brighter or sunnier periods. Later in the month there then remain signs of a change towards more settled conditions slowly developing. Temperatures are likely to be near or just below average during unsettled weather and near average or warm during brighter, more settled spells. Updated: 1234 on Sun 1 Jun 2014
  4. Glad I went to Chester today, clear blue skies from 1pm and felt quite warm with hardly any breeze.
  5. Clouded over here too but don't care as am on 2-10 shift today and it gets pretty warm in our place.
  6. The best two summers i have known were obviously 76 and 95, 19 years apart so this year will be brilliant on that basis.
  7. Lots of lovely orange and red everywhere and a big lump of snot over us, amazing how often the charts show this.
  8. So it is OK to increase the size of the labour force to force down wages which is exactly what happened when the floodgates opened yet it is not OK to do the opposite? get real it is exactly what is needed then we could get rid of these zero hours contract garbage and places that used to pay decent wages but now just pay minimum wage will get back to where they were.
  9. Totally correct, without mass immigration there will be less competition at the lower end of jobs and wages would get back to where they were for people like me, places round here are paying the same or less for some jobs than they were in 2005 because Poles etc will do it for less.
  10. It's a rolling average which SS posts, not the figure for the whole month.
  11. And it has failed to happen every time, they were all certain that Easter was going to be cold.
  12. Lovely and sunny here, off for a walk along the canal and a couple of pints and lunch in the pub, perfect.
  13. High pressure, would prefer 21-24c but warmer than that would be preferable to cooler.
  14. Yes good 6z run for the next 7 days, nothing cold and mainly dry.
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