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  1. Just had a few drops of rain, still really hot though.
  2. Gone absolutely mental here, lightening everywhere, rain lashing down and very windy.
  3. UK high with clear blue skies all day, only in summer though, in winter mild south westerlies that keep the temps in double figures.
  4. 1.Cold and wet as I hate snow 2.Cold and dry as I hate frosts.
  5. Hi Tom, I worked for an independent one man operation, he had about 20 or so pitches mainly around the midlands, weirdly seeing as there are only about 500 on course bookie firms, 2 of them both lived in my little village, both have sold up now and retired.
  6. Hi, yes I've been betting on horses for 30 years, I also worked for an on course bookie for 4 years, I enter a few of these types of comp on a sports forum I am a member of.
  7. I'll have a go at this. El Astronaute Persian Moon Kew Gardens Roaring Lion nap Bedrock Don Armado
  8. The only months i don't have heating on at all are July and August, can't sit in a room below 18c.
  9. Well I voted leave and am anti Tory although I am anti Labour now as well even though I voted for them three times..
  10. The Euro was just an example that people who voted remain also want different things, just like the people who voted leave.
  11. Just because you all voted remain doesn't mean you all want the same thing, many people who voted remain want an end to free movement of people but put their job security as a higher priority. Some of you would want to join the Euro most wouldn't.
  12. That's surprising as I'm at about 800 ft and nothing on the ground at all.
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