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  1. All the drier areas are in the north at the moment, at some point soon you would expect a n/s split with the north being wet and the south dry as is usual thus not coming close to drought anywhere.
  2. Lol that post was moved from the model thread, it is obviously a cold ramp and obviously very boring now.
  3. Model thread is extremely tedious now, Gavin posts ensembles showing milder then Purga quotes his every post with a counter argument, repeat after repeat, Purga's 260 odd posts must have all come this week he seems to have 3 or 4 posts on every page.
  4. The model output is garbage, it's far too cold and it will be 20c in 3 weeks because the GFS is showing high pressure near us 384 hours out and is underestimating the temperatures. Model output, moan and ramp all in a sentence.
  5. We had a meeting in our village hall about this 6 months ago with a bloke from the council, since then they have filled in one pothole while the rest of the road wouldn't look out of place in Baghdad.
  6. Pretty grim reading that, can't see any nice warm weather for a few weeks at least.
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