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  1. Hate winter just as much as I've always done, hate cold, hate snow, hate frosts, hate dark, hate scraping car windscreen, probably missed a few more things i hate about winter.
  2. About 2 hours of lightening every few seconds, most i've ever seen.
  3. Don't mind the rain for a week or so but want summer back soon.
  4. Completely cloudy here, so much for the warm sunny day.
  5. I hate winter, hate cold but actually for the 1st time ever hope that northerly comes off, keep the idiots inside for a few weeks.
  6. Temperatures were above average which is good, too much rain though.
  7. Moderately heavy snow here, road white over, about 800 ft.
  8. Squall line passing through here, absolutely belting down.
  9. Worst high pressure spell ever, non stop fog and puddles everywhere.
  10. Nice morning earlier not too cold, now foggy and temperature has dropped, yuk.
  11. Mike Meehan, wonder if he's imploded yet over brexit.
  12. Odd rumble of thunder and heavy rain for about 10 mins, sick of this now.
  13. Been lashing down for the last 2 hours here and no sign of it stopping soon, probably another 50 mm including yesterdays rain to go with all we had at the weekend.
  14. Rain for about 14 hours so far and looks like staying all day, it's just like the weekend we had earlier in the year when it rained for 48 hours solid though it was heavier then than now.
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