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  1. Sun come out a bit now, but has been a poor weekend on what I was expecting.
  2. Cloudy here and forecast for later next week has been downgraded.
  3. Usual rubbish here, sunny until around 10am then the cloud piles in.
  4. The same as yesterday here, showery morning and then clear blue skies and a sunny afternoon.
  5. Heavy snow here but not sticking, even at nearly 1000 ft.
  6. Raining again here, the last 9 months have had more wet days than I can ever remember, seems so difficult to get even 2 dry days together.
  7. First time I've read this thread this winter, so we are having another SSW, isn't that 3 years on the trot now?
  8. Hate winter just as much as I've always done, hate cold, hate snow, hate frosts, hate dark, hate scraping car windscreen, probably missed a few more things i hate about winter.
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