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  1. Proper heavy snow here it just keeps on coming non stop for the last hour or so 👌
  2. Proper heavy snow here it just keeps on coming non stop for the last hour or so 👌
  3. Nothing much to note here on the moors we’ve had graupel showers on and off most of the day. Hopefully things will change later.. tomorrow looks interesting ❄️
  4. After having sleet on and off most of the evening it’s finally turned to snow. Bit of a covering now ❄️
  5. Current conditions up in the north York moors (Blakey Ridge) heavy drifting
  6. You’d think it was the end of winter looking at some posts on here. It will be what it will be. There’s plenty of months for a cold spell to occur as others have said these can crop up out of nowhere. Here’s hoping for a white Christmas 😂
  7. Storm developing to the south of me constant thunder in the distance.
  8. Some really big clumps of snow out in the North Sea https://www.wetteronline.de/wetterradar?wrx=55.51,0.65&wrh=false&wrm=5&wrextent=europe&wro=false&wrp=periodCurrent&wry=51,10.5&wra=true&wrf=false
  9. Really atrocious conditions here, hard t tell how much snow we've had because of the strong winds blowing the snow around.
  10. Strange the Met haven't updated amber warning t cover rest of Yorkshire e.g north, looks like the whole county will get a pasting overnight
  11. Aye even in valley bottom (Farndale) it's a total whiteout with drifting. Expect it'll be extremely bad on Blakey Ridge.
  12. Expecting a good dumping here tomorrow morning, thereafter I expect further showers giving accumulations. We normally do pretty well up here in these sort of setups. Good luck to everyone ?? Hope everyone gets abit of snow at some point over the next week ?
  13. Aye I'm pretty excited, I reckon we'll have bout a foot. Expecting some massive drifts over Blakey ridge.
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