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  1. We didn't get thunder yesterday but seriously heavy rain up to half 1 then other than a few light showers was fine rest of the day. Today started damp but dry and cloudy now up to Wednesday it seems to be up and down but after that might be wrong but not looking too bad at all possibly for the rest of the month
  2. Possibility of a 3RD Saturday in a row of Storms I wonder. The CAPE values are not that bad looking...............
  3. Small bit of sun today but not a lot (unusual to say after recently) bit of a dead day. Tomorrow probably similair before our old friend the Atlantic pays us a visit one point Wednesday
  4. Scotland win by 6 runs. Absolutely fantastic
  5. England going to need 372 to beat Scotland
  6. Pretty big lightning and thunder ongoing at the moment
  7. Now it's pouring could be wet for quite a while but not excessively so
  8. Huge rumbles going on here now but not much rain surprisingly
  9. Closing in from every direction now. Something obviously going to happen but to what extent
  10. Seems like almost most of scotland getting drenched yet here in the central lowlands...................still fine (for now)
  11. That is absolutely unreal TBH
  12. This is going to be fun http://www.convectiveweather.co.uk/forecast.php?date=2018-06-09
  13. Started clear and sunny but the cloud has bubbled up. Maybe a small chance of a shower but nothing significant. Seems it might be a repeat of last weekend again although maybe the showers not quite as intense this time
  14. Lovely again as so many others have said Could get used to this but does look like ending soon some rain might not be the worst thing ever
  15. Feeling the coolest it has done for quite some time. Could be a lovely night to sleep in for once
  16. And we have sun breaking through it could fuel the atmosphere a bit but compared to Friday and yesterday that is not as likely today
  17. http://www.convectiveweather.co.uk/forecast.php?date=2018-06-03 Quieter unlike the last 2 days of mayhem
  18. Although we got some rain here wasn't the heaviest although still pretty bad yet the town a Mile away got some pretty nasty flash flooding shows how localised these beasts were
  19. More rain absolutely no wind to move things probably stuck underneath it for a while
  20. Scrap that it's just burst in a very big way
  21. How we've managed to stay dry got no idea if anything it's brightening up a bit again
  22. Lookie http://www.convectiveweather.co.uk/forecast.php?date=2018-06-02
  23. Had some thunder here in the central lowlands at about 3 o clock not quite the stormageddon that was predicted lol still got tomorrow to come too
  24. Wasn't quite the washout it was looking like it would be still pretty muggy but at least we've had rain