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  1. As you we're only difference with last 24 hours was a tad more drizzle last night but still cloudy/mild although like every day this week it did try to brighten up but never succeeded. At least next week looking more interesting
  2. Liverpool might be a no go zone come April/May can you imagine the celebrations? They absolutely deserve this title (OK not definite yet) but if they blow this.................................
  3. Sun's out shocker but it did this roughly about same time yesterday it didn't last long
  4. It's deja-vu really. Cloudy a little breezy pretty mild so...............meh
  5. the weekend wasn't too bad at all and has been mentioned the sunsets we're pretty amazing last night but a new day new week and the cloud has crept in and that's the week basically tad breezy too
  6. Salah game over thank you very much. 1 step closer
  7. Van Dijk. The champions elect lead
  8. After that 1 flash and bang the showers kept going throughout the night (quite a few with hail) needless to say sleep was disrupted
  9. Ooh first flash and rumble of the year here too
  10. Windy yes but maybe not as bad as you'd expect? The rain thankfully nowhere near as bad as friday/saturday's but still wet
  11. Looks like we into the relative calm now before more trouble soon. Rain probably won't last as long this time but not what's needed after the lashing recently
  12. ANOTHER hat-trick for aguero. Went past Henry today and level with Frank Lampard
  13. A intense burst went through here about 10 minutes ago
  14. Ridiculously mild wet and windy (again I may add) story of the winter really
  15. Clouds increased rain not that far away could be a real soaker tonight and tomorrow
  16. No snow here in the end but when the rain cleared a cracker jack albeit cold day was snowing in east kilbride tho apparently
  17. I noticed that quite literaly as soon as it stopped raining went eerirly calm
  18. I think the cold front just went through here That was WILD for about 20 minutes (I had to go get some milk too) that was fun!
  19. Getting a bit breezier but nothing compared to what was forecast
  20. Has been wet but surprisingly the wind has not yet (unless that still to come) almost calm out there at the moment
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