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  1. Not warm but not cold no rain only fleeting glimpses of the sun a wee bit of a breeze all a bit meh
  2. I do have a name on youtube but Supacell (honestly had no idea it was you to I saw the vid you posted on here the other day) I have watched your storm chasing videos for quite a while! Gotta admit you do them good
  3. Looks like a meaty bunch of showers slowly going north in Scotland.................
  4. Here come the showers. Took a while to start brewing after the wet night/morning
  5. Seems to be a trend of just about Dry days............but wet nights that balance might be about to change today 😉 (and does look all a bit meh with very heavy showers most days) Usually we get decent Mays...........not this year 😉
  6. Had 1 or 2 showers nothing too major though.........YET!
  7. Think maybe frosty what made it better lack of wind and sun has oomph to it now still quite warm now infact first time in absolute yoinks not gonna have the heating on tonight. Tomorrow looks a different prospect!
  8. Any showers (did look like might get clobbered at about 12) but anything has cleared east quite a warm afternoon actually
  9. Ummmmmmmmmm WET! (And cold)! More akin to a cold wet October day never mind May. Things can only get better...............(surely)
  10. How did the fans manage to get into old trafford and on the pitch for a start
  11. Cloud has bubbled up but least we've seen sun (unlike the last 2 days) quite a contrast compared to last week
  12. Pouring with rain (been a long time since I said that)!
  13. Slower start today more cloud (guess the easterly kicking in) but that's cleared and no high cloud like yesterday just a bit more breeze but yet another crackerjack of a afternoon in store
  14. Is that the trial for the new attempted forum or software? sounds like something's in the pipeline for here
  15. Another warm day but defo more high cloud around today that sun tho defo has oomph to it felt warm waiting for the taxi from my local tesco
  16. The only difference between yesterday and today was more high cloud (and might be the same tomorrow) but as you we're regarding the sun and dry weather 😉
  17. Completely clear and blue. Blissful afternoon. Very slight breeze making it just about perfect (and yes there's more of this to come) 😉
  18. RIP ESL 2021 - 2021 😉 It was never gonna happen they we're looking for a Reaction...........they got it
  19. Chelski have eventually seen the light would expect the rest to follow quickly
  20. Any "Rain" has disintergrated think most of it didn't even touch the ground to be honest sun's back out
  21. More sun but also more cloud (must be because the weather front is nearby) pretty warm though and after a cooler blip tomorrow does look like warming up again some of this week does look like we get absolute crackerjacks of days
  22. I genuinely hope to god that they all possibly get thrown out of their own domestic leagues/cups whatever can be done to the lot of them if this goes ahead. It's caused a absolute massive uproar already
  23. Cloud fest today. Had some rain (not very much) not sure if it gonna brighten up or not probably had the heaviest rain we gonna get all week
  24. Cracking day. Did cloud in a little bit but loving this weather. I reckon was a tad inaccurate but the temperature in my sister's car was reading 20 degrees earlier at 1 point. Suspect it wasn't as warm as that but another cracking day neither the less
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