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  1. NUT

    World Cup 2018

    And as the presentation starts the rain unleashes itself
  2. NUT

    World Cup 2018

  3. NUT

    World Cup 2018

    4-1. This could be a bit of a rout
  4. NUT

    World Cup 2018

    Thunderstorm overhead now too
  5. That is 1 thing I will say. Despite the rain (it's not pouring) it is incredibly muggy. Be much better when this front clears through
  6. It's raining here I repeat it's actually raining here it glorious to see after so long!
  7. A balmy, Breezy afternoon. Best day of the week sun wise that's for sure. Scott125 no rain around Glasgow from what I seen. Was further east (Just missed the rain here in Cumbernauld by a hair's breath) you could see the dark clouds to the east and the breeze really got up at one point
  8. I see showers on the radar here in Scotland could the miracle happen and we actually get rain for once?
  9. Scotland looks like it's joining in on the fun we might actually get rain that's almost a miracle with way last 3 weeks have been
  10. It probably was the fact that we had cloudy skies all day here yesterday but last night was the first night in.............a long long time that it actually seemed to get dark. None of this lingering twilight that we had for seemingly ages
  11. Wales looking rather wet (if no sferics though)
  12. NUT

    World Cup 2018

    Here we go again. England NEVER make it easy do they
  13. NUT

    World Cup 2018

    Oh no
  14. NUT

    World Cup 2018

    What a crackerjack of a freekick that was!
  15. NUT

    World Cup 2018

    I am actually pretty nervous myself. Huge opportunity