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  1. I don't do christmas now or new year's the death of my mum last new years eve changed everything sure do christmas in some sort of way but it will never be the same again
  2. What a vile vile evening it is. Very squally/heavy showers still had a nice few baths today because of the rain
  3. NUT

    Premier League Discussion

    lol turn away for about 2 minutes then it's 2-2 at old trafford
  4. NUT

    Premier League Discussion

    And now 3-2 to Arsenal. Incredible game!
  5. Yesterday we had the very wet (and windy afternoon and first part of the night) this morning we having the very wet morning minus the wind
  6. NUT

    Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    A villa player scores 4 in 1 game.........................yet this happens https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46284930
  7. ODI seriees win, T20 win and a 3-0 test series win whitewash............this england getting rather good at cricket at the moment
  8. NUT

    Transferring from Samsung s5 to s8

    Some files (I can answer) I tried to transfer some stuff from my S5 to my new S9 plus most of it worked except a few things from my memory card but tbh think my memory card was a bit funny. The smart app does work
  9. You know how fast your getting? I got near enough 400MB at mine. It's good!
  10. Pouring here but wind's nothing seems to have died a death since this rain attacked
  11. Mist is starting to descend be surprised if we don't get any fog tonight
  12. NUT

    Premier League Discussion

    A truly shocking day for football. Gary lineker on MOTD understandably very downbeat
  13. Was in edinburgh today for a event. While it started clear and beautiful as soon as it was finished saw some very dark clouds at haymarket thought we gonna get clobbered but no only a light burst of rain in the end. Was not half cold though
  14. Finally decent sun for the first time this week but has turned a lot colder (should be a sparkling weekend actually just not very warm)
  15. Absolutely beautiful afternoon I was in Guildford now in Gatwick waiting to go back to Glasgow but what a beautiful day its been