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  1. Been a cloudy day but not cold hopefully one of our few blips this week
  2. Still fairly bright but has clouded in and breeze been fairly strong for most of the day should herald a slight change for tomorrow but seems it won't last
  3. Clearing skies again (looks a belter for tomorrow) felt pretty humid today though I thought
  4. Still sun out here but a lot more milky/hazy today still warm though
  5. Started sunny but some cloud has built up. Pretty much as expected really
  6. Back to as you we're. Lovely again
  7. aah Rain shock horror! (Might be the first and last for the rest of the week) back to status quo from tomorrow
  8. What a glorious afternoon it's turned out to be after a wet start, Could easily get used to this
  9. What a belter of a afternoon it is. Makes a change after the last few days of drab. Perfect
  10. Any italian webcams? See all the action over there italy's almost disappeared with the amount of lightning
  11. Still lovely here bit less wind than yesterday too
  12. Moved back to my own house today after my holiday and my mum's death feels strange to be home again but what a lovely afternoon nice wee sneaky beer back door open perfect
  13. The mayhem might be over now here in Pagham but lordy what a incredible 5 hours that was
  14. Not letting up here in Pagham this is just insane although now it feeling a lot cooler I guessing these storms doing as they say on the tin and clearing the air in a big way
  15. Reporting in from South Coast of England Pagham bognor and got one hell of a beauty of a storm ongoing