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  1. Not quite brightened up as I would hope still warm though but not the ginger blue skies of yesterday
  2. Fairly cloudy at the moment but was like this yesterday then come the afternoon it was glorious. Just hold on in there as they say
  3. Jesus god what a battle that was. I'm absolutely breathless!
  4. 1-0 to Liverpool in Porto they more or less through now
  5. This could be any score at this rate! Phew!
  6. Slow start to the day but really has turned into a crackerjack of a afternoon and this is set to stay virtually all weekend too!
  7. Another sunny day but the wind did have a bit of a bite to it did make it feel chilly at times
  8. Think our luck has ran out at last. Started sunny again but the cloud has crept in. Not gonna rain obviously but the cloud will make it feel cooler
  9. After a slow start to monday (cloud didn't break to during the afternoon) been absolutely glorious. Even better today compared to yesterday with the wind dying a death. More of this during the summer please! (a frost this morning too but you'd almost have to blink and you'd miss it)
  10. 3-1 to the pool. This is 2013/14 all over again. They have a real chance for the title
  11. A nice day so far (not been the best of weeks weather wise) but some light at the end of the tunnel. Not so cold but looks as if it will get colder....................
  12. Under a heavy either a hail or snow shower hard to tell as im on a bus but looking pretty white on grass and cars It's hail and lots of it. Shower looks as if it's barely moved
  13. Cloudier and breezier today and had a odd little burst of drizzle in the wind but other than that nothing (yesterday was a crackerjack of a day) today............not so
  14. NUT

    Euro 2020

    Erm 3 nil.................(I off to hide for the rest of my life)
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