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  1. Must be getting fairly close to a below average month? (if anyone knows the stats so far)? Don't recall very much if any mild weather during November at all (and don't look like warming up rest of the week either)
  2. Amazingly 5-4 to Chelsea! Nope VAR disallowed it
  3. 4-4! I keeping my trap shut in future!
  4. Chelsea's good run over 4-1 down currently..................
  5. It's not warm by any stretch of the imagination but absolutely massive difference. Blue skies just about (albeit breezy) the complete difference compared to yesterday
  6. Forecast was just a tad too accurate for today...............pretty vile outside and looks like lot more heavier rain to come too
  7. Cold this week then I guess Encouraging looks like a good cold start to November at least..........................
  8. November being November here atm grey misty drizzly breezy too
  9. and Liverpool win on penalties in the end!
  10. Southampton ain't gonna win then Incredible
  11. 5 nil to leicester and it ain't even half time!
  12. Southampton having a nightmare. Reduced to 10 men and already 3 nil down
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