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  1. Question for maybe any of you? Is anybody on here with talk talk for their calls and internet? If so what are they like? I'm planning to switch from BT in 2 weeks time. Wondering if it's going to cause me hassle (had enough of that with BT)

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    2. karyo


      I was with talk talk for a couple of years. The Internet speed was always disappointing. They sent us a technician who didn't solve the problem.

    3. lassie23


      I dumped BT for talk talk, they try and sell you a lot of other stuff but they are cheaper and the service is the same as BT. Make sure you are not breaking any contract that you can be charged for, with BT.

    4. NUT


      I'll have to read up. Slightly worried now. The good thing to come out of this switch is that i'm going to save 30 pound a month (for the first year) then 20 compared to what i'm paying with BT (and a 50 pound voucher) I would have no need to switch IF BT weren't being difficult with me but it seems I have no real choice. I'll keep looking up and see (virgin is not a option for me here as we don't have the cable for virgin)

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