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  1. I'm in bognor/Pagham at the moment we've had seriously torrential rain here for the last half an hour it's April for me here all over again
  2. Phew we've went straight back to high summer today it's warm very warm indeed
  3. Had the rain now comes the brief burst of summer (not that i'll see much of it as i'll be stuck in Glasgow airport most of tomorrow)
  4. Been a very wet day so far (and might not calm down a bit to at least wednesday then a potental bad one for friday)? (Not that i'll know about it as i'll be down south by wednesday)
  5. Another chilly/frosty night last night. Quite a few we've had recently
  6. NUT

    Golf Chat

    Didn't realise that David Livingstone retired from doing sky golf today
  7. NUT

    Golf Chat

    While we are on the subject of BBC I have to share this old funny from Peter Aliss (just wait for it)
  8. Dreich at the moment. Windy, drizzly but not really that cold I suppose so that some sort of blessing
  9. Couple of showers yesterday but really useable weekend although really pretty cold nights (tonight be cold too)
  10. Was almost blown off my feet within 2 minutes of getting into Glasgow today but survived the worst of the conditions (no damage to my house thankfully) the journey back to Cumbernauld wasn't pleasant though (on a stagecoach) Wind so strong on the motorway you could feel the bus shaking EEK
  11. Wet here at the moment looks as if it gonna brighten up fairly soon though...............that's when the wind kicks in
  12. NUT

    What ever happened to ?

    Whose this nUT character........................:P
  13. NUT

    What ever happened to ?

    Whatever happened to NUT..........................;)
  14. And guess whose supposed to be travelling into Glasgow tomorrow (can't be avoided either)
  15. NUT

    Premier League Discussion

    Dread to think how spurs will do in the CL. You have the group of hell coming up