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  1. Heaviest rain in quite some time atm in form of showers
  2. Your assessment summed it up. Last winter even into April was a miracle this winter been a bit of a disaster but luck of the draw
  3. We've jumped straight to a warm spell say towards middle or end of April really is a hazy super warm afternoon not bad considering we had a frost last night
  4. NUT

    UEFA Champions League

    Where's Ed?
  5. NUT

    UEFA Champions League

    3 nil!
  6. NUT

    UEFA Champions League

    This is without Harry Kane too............................incredible
  7. 3 wickets for Jimmy so far. 10/3
  8. NUT

    Premier League Discussion

    Chelsea's biggest PL defeat............Agureo now the leading league goal scorer for city (was already the record scorer) and his 11th PL hat-trick which equals a certain Mr Shearer
  9. NUT

    Premier League Discussion

    6 nil an absolute rout
  10. NUT

    Premier League Discussion

    Make that 4
  11. NUT

    Premier League Discussion

    3 nil to City and not even 20 minutes played yet!
  12. NUT

    Premier League Discussion

    2 nil to man u their unbelievable run seems it going to go on and on
  13. NUT

    Premier League Discussion

    That didn't take long ;) Aguero (again)
  14. Was snow here briefly but has turned to rain
  15. A grand total of 14 for the windies needed