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  1. Not quite in the nice weather yet. Fairly cloudy although sun coming out at times (not as good as yesterday) breeze still noticeable but should all be gone by tomorrow
  2. A cloudy and breezy start but clouds cleared and winds just about disappeared superb afternoon and we just getting started too
  3. A nice day despite the breeze that will disappear by Saturday then looks set in nice for quite a while and just about no rain on the horizon could be superb
  4. I got a garden chair coming today for my garden looks like I've got it in the right time if the weather effectively from now onwards is spot on looks superb after probably a small cool blip tomorrow and Friday
  5. There something in the pitches this summer or something? I mean look at what Scotland did (set england their highest ODI run chase which they almost got) then they play australia and set a world record
  6. How many more can they get? 500 Very possible
  7. We didn't get thunder yesterday but seriously heavy rain up to half 1 then other than a few light showers was fine rest of the day. Today started damp but dry and cloudy now up to Wednesday it seems to be up and down but after that might be wrong but not looking too bad at all possibly for the rest of the month
  8. Possibility of a 3RD Saturday in a row of Storms I wonder. The CAPE values are not that bad looking...............
  9. Small bit of sun today but not a lot (unusual to say after recently) bit of a dead day. Tomorrow probably similair before our old friend the Atlantic pays us a visit one point Wednesday
  10. Scotland win by 6 runs. Absolutely fantastic
  11. England going to need 372 to beat Scotland
  12. Pretty big lightning and thunder ongoing at the moment
  13. Now it's pouring could be wet for quite a while but not excessively so
  14. Huge rumbles going on here now but not much rain surprisingly
  15. Closing in from every direction now. Something obviously going to happen but to what extent