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  1. Another band of rain crossing over now (and looks like more for tomorrow too)
  2. Looks like Guildford has been hammered
  3. We had a bit of a clear slot last night (first in a while) at 10pm noticed at how dark it was outside and was completely dark about 12 I think. Definety no more lingering twilight this year
  4. NUT

    Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    Time for Nick to hide.........................
  5. Was fairly drizzly and cloudy to start with but has improved. It's actually blissful. Sun is out and we have no real warmth. Probably absolutely perfect
  6. and there goes Shami. Bringing Stokes back in a masterpiece!
  7. Kolhi's out. That could be massive
  8. 22-2 Broadie again. Surely england can't do the impossible and win....................can they?!
  9. NUT

    Europa League

    Rangers through to the next round (happy with that)
  10. More rain. Not been the greatest of weeks but we've needed it
  11. Next dollop of rain isn't far away hopefully a drier weekend on the cards
  12. I was in Edinburgh most of the day (see I do travel) lol for the most part stayed dry to about 4ish then the rain clouds gathered and was pretty wet for a while actually but when I got back into Glasgow everything had just about cleared
  13. Rain and wind's really unleashed here again. Think it's safe to say the heatwave is over
  14. Sun's out for first time today after bursts of rain overnight and this morning feels so much cooler and fresher at long long last might not be like this forever but I plan to enjoy it