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  1. Don't think anyone gonna forget the 11th and 12th of August in a hurry Huh? What a unbelievable epic night some have had even here had our share too truly incredible
  2. There's plenty of dark cloud around but any showers seemingly weakkening as they try to cross over us..............for the moment
  3. Much better day than I was expecting (cloud did clear for a bit but just came back) but for a while there had decent sun. Now the waiting game to see if there's round 2 (with the bangs this time hopefully)!
  4. Not had the thunder overnight but had quite a bit of rain. The day is young though...............
  5. I assuming this weather tonight (if it arrives) could be brewing in the midlands that looks like some corker of a shower there
  6. Here comes the first band of rain. Looks quite weak on radar though the 2nd band looks punchier then got that lot over Liverpool I think. Gonna be a long few days of radar and sky watching me thinks
  7. Looks like a wee thin line of showers heading up from the south. Wonder if they get electrified.............
  8. More thin high cloud around today and the breeze has got up but it's lovely. Breeze making the weather bearable. All in all a superb weekend. Next week well we will see
  9. Clear and Sunny..Looks like a very useable day coming up (hopefully give the garden time to dry out) completely drenched after the rain recently
  10. That band over Ireland looking very punchy (albeit very short lived)
  11. Guess who thought it'd be a smart idea to wear shorts and t-shirt as it was fine when I left the house and guess who regretting that now as the rains started DO'H
  12. Wonder how many pages this thread could be at by say this time next week (at the moment it's 134) in all seriousness could be a very long few days for some from Sunday onwards. Summer might not have given much in the way of goods but looks increasingly likely that about to change in a very big way.....................
  13. Didn't quite get a sunny day (after a ncie start too) cloud filled in but didn't rain thankfully. Tomorrow rain should hold off to at least later in the day then looks like a fine weekend coming up before next week (possible heat and some pyrotecnics)? Who knows. Could well be a very interesting time weatherwise coming up
  14. After the dross of the last 2 days it's a absolute miracle we having a nice start to the day. After perhaps a small blip later tomorrow looks a reasonable weekend too and none too hot.............YET!
  15. Looks like we're in the 50/75mm zone..........I believe it too. Only just finally starting to ease off a bit now
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