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  1. The mayhem might be over now here in Pagham but lordy what a incredible 5 hours that was
  2. Not letting up here in Pagham this is just insane although now it feeling a lot cooler I guessing these storms doing as they say on the tin and clearing the air in a big way
  3. Reporting in from South Coast of England Pagham bognor and got one hell of a beauty of a storm ongoing
  4. I'm now in the middle of a storm here in bognor Pagham area after a spell of pretty heavy rain think it safe to say the hot spell is on it's way out in a noisy way
  5. I'm in Guildford at the moment we had a sunny start but the cloud filled in actually did get quite threatning looking for a while but that's cleared its so warm and humid still too
  6. Started sunny (for once) but cloud's pushed in again
  7. Sun came out here................for about 2 minutes but been another struggle to clear the cloud although feels warmer now we lost that nagging breeze
  8. Very wet start to the morning but the rain has eased back to grey/misty (just about the story of the week) one saving grace though the wind's finally eased
  9. Started sunny and still is fairly bright albeit breezy but cloud's increasing again. Change in the wind can't come quick enough
  10. Looks like going mental in Germany at the moment
  11. Didn't think i'd be happy to say i'll be down south (for my holiday next week) and looks like it's going to turn..............for the better. Looks a bit of a belter (to start with at least) Up here today back to normal cold, windy although rain isn't that far away again
  12. Not normally a warm weather fan but see some of the charts hinting at something. Would LOVE for it to come off for once (start of my holiday not this saturday coming one after that)
  13. Feeling a little bit muggy out there today. First we've had of them in ages
  14. Premier League Discussion

    That was quick!
  15. Premier League Discussion

    The champions have almost completed their coronation to the crown