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  1. Looking like the lowlands getting the worst of it if you believe those charts
  2. Same. Woke me up at about same time. Didn't last long tho but as it was a cold front it's done as it says on the tin. Not a very warm day at all
  3. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    Maybe that was the best chance for both the ireland teams to join England in Russia. Hasn't gone to plan at all..................
  4. Nervous about how to say this. I know i've not been as active recently as I normally am only because i've been very busy with a house move (I'm moving into my own house at the end of the week) Been very apprehensive and scared but I've had brilliant support from a support team and my family (and I will be getting 300mb virgin media installed next saturday) very excited about my future albeit scared at the same time

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    2. Snowflake Queen

      Snowflake Queen

      Good luck in your new home :clap:

    3. chrisbell-nottheweatherman


      Congratulations!  It's only to be expected that you'll be apprehensive, but it's a great development for you I'm sure.

    4. NUT


      Thanks you lot for the nice words. Only a small 1 bedroom house but it's completely perfectly positioned for transport to the shopping centre where I am (and even if I can't be bothered can walk a short distance and got spar a chippie chisese/newsagents and the pub right next to it) ;) I've had this since september so I have known for quite a while it's the last bits of the jigsaw to put together and i'm good I think

  5. Some of the frost didn't lift from well sheltered parts on the street. Soon as the sun sets kiblamo. Going to be a cold one
  6. Another frost. This is a great wee spell this
  7. England Football Team

    4-2 believe it or not
  8. As others have said started really pretty cold and the first white stuff of the season (Frost) but has turned out to be probably one of the best days we've had in quite a while. Clear sunny skies and no wind
  9. UEFA Champions League

    I wonder if anyone put a bet on the pool scoring 7...................
  10. As others have said it's incredibly eerie so dark not sure I've seen it this dark during the day in October before
  11. Premier League Discussion

    Nope. Was a vidiprint error
  12. Premier League Discussion

    Oh dear. Defoe has scored for Bouremouth against Spurs......................... No they haven't. Vidi printer error
  13. Premier League Discussion

    What a second half at the etihad. 6-2 to City. Was 3-1 at half time..................
  14. Premier League Discussion

    and unlike the first palace goal this one not a OG
  15. Premier League Discussion

    Not been a classic by any stretch of the imagination but not as bad as anfield last season