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  1. ANOTHER dry day not sunny all the time some cloud at times but nice enough. Finally does seem at long last might get more rain thursday hopefully a bit more this time than last week but charts keep hinting after next weekend out way could turn toasty again...........
  2. Had a wee bit of patchy rain last night but nothing major. Considering what we could have had this week all a bit of a let down but the heatwave well and truly disappeared
  3. A mixture of sun, cloud and a bit of a breeze. All standard really. Suppose don't feel too bad when the sun's out
  4. Long long long last finally we have rain (non convective or thundery) just feels so nice to hear and see it again
  5. Thunder yes Rain......zilch how unlucky can we be here
  6. Still hanging on to the nice weather defo not as sunny as it has been but still not bad
  7. Eerirly calm at the moment sun's gone (unsurprisingly) wait now for the fun and games to begin
  8. Was looking on ukweatherworld (the forecast from them for tomorrow has been posted in the convective thread and it's a corker!
  9. Been sunny this morning but breezy. Might actually just manage 1 more fine day out of this spell
  10. If the storms are anything like some have had down south today..............could be some serious humdingers around next couple of days............yet again here ANOTHER clear hot and sunny day (no low cloud this morning either) last really nice day though for a while................
  11. Only difference with today's weather is the low cloud cleared quicker but pretty much as you we're just not as warm as it has been. One more nice day tomorrow before next week...............
  12. and like the last 2 days cloud to start the day but should brighten up this probably be the last very hot day should still be warm tomorrow probably not as hot as it has been (thankfully) don't look like a too bad weekend at all very likely will turn next week
  13. Absolutely nothing on radar so strongly doubt it was thunder
  14. There was a few storms far SW Scotland but they have quickly faded (still there but much lighter now)
  15. Actually taking a bit longer to brighten up than I thought. Still warm though
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