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  1. Absolutely teaming down and quite a bit more to come going by the radar too
  2. Heavy rain's really set in. Looks like lasting for a good couple of hours at least
  3. About as unwintery as you can get at the moment. Rain has started to lash in more and really has got very very mild (although missing the heaviest of the rain at the moment coming in bursts) more akin to a very mild summer night rather than a winter one
  4. It's Liverpool's title to blow really. 32 games unbeaten only dropped 2 points all season......................onimous (although suspect it won't be as clear cut as it seems) and just watch Leicester at it again
  5. The work he done on Sky too bit of a legend with that company. Sad day
  6. Cracking games coming up TBH nice start to 2020
  7. What a difference 24 hours makes. So much milder compared to yesterday. Hopefully this goes walkies soon
  8. My sister came to mine at about 9pm to give me something told me it was minus 6 the reading her car was giving her so still cold but this frost unfortunately lift anytime soon really
  9. VAR goal for Leicester they've won it (no idea why it went to VAR was never offside)
  10. A frozen winter wonderland minus the snow and foggy too excellent november for frosts just hope we not used our supply for winter already
  11. Back to where we we're throughout most of November. Frost last night leading to a cracker jack albeit cold day really sharp frosts next 2 nights too before another milder blip
  12. There's a strange orange round thing in the sky............anyone know what that is?
  13. Still plenty of time to go but salzburg 2 up. Liverpool not guaranteed any sort of passage
  14. That strange thing called the SUN is trying to break through shock horror
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