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    Crymych, Pembrokeshire. 150m asl
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    Weather (of course), climate change, architecture, agriculture, country and coastal walking, dogs, wildlife. Tottenham Hotspur FC, Welsh Rugby Union.
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Not a weather professional, no qualifications, but have had a lifelong interest in the weather and climate, and very keen to learn more. I like extreme weather events, especially heavy snow and storms, but also torrential rain, thick fog, or Saharan heat. The UK can produce all of these so we are very lucky. I love watching cloud formations of all kinds which produce some of the most beautiful sights that nature can create. Also like star gazing - the sky is always full of something interesting, beautiful or awesome.  Passionately feel that our countryside needs protection from exploitation and over population but convinced we can and should produce more of our own food for our own consumption.

"If unchecked, Mankind's obsession with the relentless enhancement of its quality of life at the expense of every other life form on the planet will result in the destruction of the environment and the irreversible disruption of the climate.  Mankind's pursuit of longevity will thus ultimately bring about their extinction"

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