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  1. Sky Full

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Continuous, sometimes heavy, rain has been falling here since 12.00 noon, and even before that we had a light drizzle on and off for a couple of hours. The wind has strengthened and has been gusty most of the evening. The forecast is for this to continue through the night and maybe for tomorrow morning as well. No doubt about it, the land around here has been well and truly watered! Now would be the right time for August to bring sunshine and a little warmth back to west Wales for a week or two before the Autumn brings more unsettled weather in advance of the Winter season....
  2. Next 72 hours accumulated rainfall chart from WRF 0.05d: West is best if it's rainfall you are looking for but everyone gets wet at some time.
  3. Sky Full

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Was pretty much a perfect summers day here earlier - mainly blue skies with a few light clouds, and about 23/24C. Now the clouds have thickened and we are only going to get a few sunny periods this afternoon. Still, it's been dry enough to cut the grass and it looks lovely! A bit brown in places, but that's to be expected as the rainfall has been well below average this summer..... even here!
  4. Sky Full

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    After a lovely bright start to the day here, the clouds have quickly moved in and now we have light rain again. The radar indicates that this will move away - I hope so because I do need to cut the grass now. After several weeks of little or no growth its shooting up again like Spring! Edit: the rain is getting heavier! But showery?
  5. Sky Full

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Finally, after much drizzle and low cloud throughout the day, a bit of blue sky has emerged in the west and the sun is breaking through again. The hillsides are positively glowing green in the sun and look absolutely beautiful! Thank goodness for our lovely rain. Perhaps the weekend will be dry and warm as forecast - but hopefully not the tropical heat they have experienced in the south-east. They can keep that to themselves...... I'm very happy with our summer so far although it looks like we'll have more unsettled weather for a while here. There's some talk elsewhere of another warm period before August is finished but I dont think this is aimed at us....
  6. Sky Full

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Dull, misty and cool this morning but at least the wind had dropped..... Heatwave.... what heatwave is that then?
  7. Sky Full

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    We've had a couple of pretty Autumnal days here with mostly cloudy skies, cooler temperatures and quite a strong S/SW wind. No showers today but not much in the way of blue skies either. When the sun does make it through the cloud cover you can certainly feel it still has strength but we need the clouds to move away before temperatures are going to get much above ordinary. The forecast has us down for light rain again tomorrow and the heat of July is already beginning to fade into memory..... . Maybe things will be more settled toward the end of the week?
  8. Re Tamaras detailed and educational post above - what an incredible planet we live on, and how lucky are we to live in this part of the planet where the weather and climate is so unpredictable.... Will the models ever be good enough to take all the variables into account? I will not attempt any further analysis of the models at this time but it appears that they are at least in agreement that: a) the south and south east will see some very warm to hot temperatures this weekend, and b) temperature records are likely to be broken somewhere in Iberia in the next few days.
  9. Good Lord - I never knew there were 8000m hills in Cumbria! Must take some climbing.... We have also had three days of rain - heavy showers Saturday, heavy driving rain in strong winds yesterday (more like Autumn), clear overnight and then heavy rain again this morning without the wind. Pretty normal for here, really. It's brightened up nicely now, and I'm hoping for a few more settled and warm days up to the weekend. Everywhere is looking much greener already.
  10. Perhaps that's just one front, but segmented/fragmented....? Anyway, it's well beyond my level of understanding so I'd better go and consult the text books!
  11. The satellite image appears to show more cloud in the south east than in the west, for a change..... And that fax chart looks unusually busy with the U.K. being affected by four fronts at the same time! We have certainly seen the effects here today with bands of heavy rain moving across, although fairly briskly on gusty south westerlies. Dry at the moment but the models indicate that some rain will persist in the west until maybe Monday midday.
  12. The following charts show the four main models predictions for the 4th August (+144hrs): 500s 850s UKMO ECM GFS GEM. . All in broad agreement with a low pressure developing in the North Atlantic close to Iceland, as before, and the Azores high pushing in towards Northern Europe and the U.K. The hottest uppers remain bottled up over Iberia and at this stage only the GEM indicates that they will be drawn north in later frames. Even so, the charts above indicate a return to settled conditions for most of the U.K. for a time with plenty of warmth and sunshine. It does look to me that the blocking across Scandivia is weakening compared with earlier runs and if this verifies we could see more influence from the Atlantic by mid-August. P.S. It has to be said, in any normal UK summer we would probably be very happy to see the above conditions occur even two or three times, but this year they seem extremely ordinary!
  13. Sky Full

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Our long period without any meaningful rain is finally over.... After heavy showers yesterday, persistent driving rain has moved in overnight accompanied by strong, gusty winds from the south west. Conditions almost akin to an Autumn storm rather than normal summer rainfall. I wouldn't usually say this but 'thank goodness for the rain!' It will be good to see the grass growing again and maybe some water in the streams. I have put away the garden hose - for the time being at least....
  14. Fully overcast here with heavy driving rain since before dawn accompanied by strong gusty wind from the south west. Sorry, no air temperature available, but noticeably cooler.