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  1. Foel Cwmcerwyn from Ty Canol.JPG

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  2. Pembrokeshire morning.JPG

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  3. Presellis from Ty Canol.JPG

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  6. Sunrise 07 Feb.JPG

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  7. Would be OK by me if Wales gets buried!! Let me know if you think this is likely Sorry - not spying or anything - just having a look around!
  8. EFL Cup And The Emirates FA Cup Discussion

    What a great score from the Swans! Only a few minutes left for another couple to go in....
  9. GFS 06Z keeps us mainly under colder uppers through to the end of the run and then tries to build a block towards Greenland, bringing even colder air back towards tthe UK..... Is this the beginning of something worth watching, as predicted by some of the really knowledgeable posters on here? I realise its way beyond the reliable timescale but there also signs in other long range models (CFS for one) that late February and early March will see Winter going out with a bang this year. It looks like a colder than average February anyway, and possibly less rainfall than usual EDIT: OOps - this seems to contradict the immediately preceding post from my much more knowledgeable mate, Stodge! If I am misunderstanding these charts I apologise for any misleading info posted.... Ignore me until I have been back and learned some more....
  10. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Still slightly snowing here - it looks like we did quite well out of this really but I won't be needing the snow shovel on this occasion Now - when's that dangler going to set up. Well, we can all do with more, can't we? i suppose it's back to the models to see if we can hope for another shot before winter gives up....
  11. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    I'm sure you'll get some too, later on. It's moving your way! At your elevation, should definitely be white!
  12. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    The heaviest stuff appears to be headed in your direction but you can't tell what it will fall as until it gets there! Almost stopped here already - was good while it lasted but no blizzard! .
  13. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Snowfall now moderate to heavy here - everything now turning white rapidly. Hope this keeps up for the rest of the morning! First proper falling / settling snow here, at this level, for at least three years. With any luck the temperatures will stay low enough for it to hang around until tomorrow at least.... Keep looking out of the window, South Wales, it's coming your way!
  14. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Very light but persistent snow falling here and settling everywhere except wettest parts of ground. Already whitening the grass and hills around. Should look very wintery in the Presellis in a couple of hours. Looks like we could get about four hours of this if we're lucky which might amount to a centimetre or two! Not artic conditions by any means but I'll take what I can get!
  15. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    That sure does look epic - let's hope they're onto something! We've had a glorious early February day hereabouts - cold and crisp but light winds meant little windchill and in the sunshine it was very pleasant indeed! Just enjoying a lovely evening sky but it looks like it will be a cold night and there is snow in the forecast over the next 24 hours, so much to hope for! The fantastic result against Scotland has made this weekend very memorable - a few more like this please!
  16. Widespread overnight frosts every night next week according to the GFS.... .......so we will have the cold 'in' so to speak. All we need now are a few other pieces to fall into place to bring some white stuff to the majority - at some point anyway. Its not likely to encourage any more daffs to show their faces, at any rate.
  17. I am quite prepared to be corrected but as I recall it, the previous two notable cold events this winter were suddenly downgraded by the models at around +96 and all the doommongers were rubbing their hands, saying: 'I told you so', or other gloating phrases. However, between +48 and +72 the cold conditions were suddenly reinstated, if not upgraded, and everyone else was happy again! Now this could happen again so be patient, and wait for the really reliable charts to come out. The models are not creating the weather, they are just trying to predict what will happen, and the general disagreement regarding the details tells me that none of them has it nailed yet. The various meteorological factors which are coming together to bring us cold conditions are rarely seen, certainly not all at the same time, and this may yet turn out to be an event we will still be talking about in years to come. Or not. And that's the fun of model watching, isn't it? So dont get too hung up on every single run.
  18. The GEFS perbs are almost universally predicting widespread overnight frost for large parts of the U.K. but especially central England, from the 5th Feb to the 11th Feb. Can't post them all but this is typical: The coldest night at present looks like it could be the 8th February: Do those CET forecasts need revising downwards? Note to self: must get around to lagging those pipes...
  19. 3.4C sounds about right. Next few days will have a significant influence on the final result of course! 87mm - a complete guess as this could go either way!
  20. We are all going to get BURIED! . . OK... Breathe... Ramp over!
  21. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Love those charts, Andy. Could even see some snow here in Pembrokeshire out of those conditions. Had several fairly vigorous hail showers here this morning - hoping for this to be repeated as snow from Monday onwards.... It looks like the cold conditions could hang around for a while so maybe several snow falls in various parts of Wales to come.
  22. Premier League Discussion

    At the start of the season there was some talk of Spurs being disadvantaged by having to play at Wembley. Looks like they have overcome any issues with the venue now, and support is obviously there to make the new 80K seater stadium look like a good investment. I can only hope that the next few results put Spurs back into second place where they should have been all along and that the promise of even better things to come (...a few significant trophies....) will keep the star players under contract for at least a couple of more seasons. COYS!
  23. Once the cold air is established, how long will it last?? The GFS from +6 to +198 shows the cold air flooding into Central Europe relentlessly.... ECM at +120 has almost all of Europe under cold air - I can't remember seeing this too often.... This could take some shifting, I suspect, and continue to affect our weather for at least the next two weeks. February CET could be a low one!!
  24. We can expect a memorable snow event affecting almost the whole country on Tuesday if these precipitation type charts are anywhere near accurate.... Although this is still five days out, the models have been solidly developing these possibilities for several days now and there is a good chance the conditions we actually get will be even more widespread than depicted. I expect we will all be watching the next couple of runs with great interest....