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  1. Premier League Discussion

    We've gotta win this one - there's some much tougher games coming up and we need all the points at this stage... COYS!
  2. Don't know what the verification stats are for the good old GUT model, but more often than not it tends to show us what we want to see. In the meantime the ECM is showing a cold incursion at +216 which could deliver the goods....?
  3. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    OMG! Those really are epic drifts - there's nothing like that round here.
  4. 2018 Winters Last Gasp 08.JPG

  5. 2018 Winters Last Gasp 07.JPG

  6. 2018 Winters Last Gasp 06.JPG

  7. 2018 Winters Last Gasp 04.JPG

  8. 2018 Winters Last Gasp 03.JPG

  9. 2018 Winters Last Gasp 01.JPG

  10. Net Weather Gardening Thread

    I planted a hedge of coprosma last year - attractive glossy evergreen foliage in several colours - knowing it was vulnerable in severe frost, but we are normally protected from the lowest temperatures here. However, in their first winter the poor plants have had to endure two nights of -7.0c and I think I have lost them . I tried to protect them by tying translucent plastic bags over each plant but I think it's too late. RIP coprosma. In the meantime I think we must be feeding 50-60 wild birds in the garden now - including a flock of at least 30 sparrows who fly around in a big gang and make a lot of noise! No particularly unusual birds but we did have a snipe pottering around a week ago.
  11. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    I'm nearly four miles from the nearest shop and even the 4x4 wouldn't go up the hill in deep snow. Even the gritting truck went off the road near Crymych so I think we got just about enough - about 3/4 cm altogether. Looks almost as nice as 30cm without total disruption! I would like to see the huge drifts that you got over in the east though - they must be spectacular!
  12. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Light but persistent snow falling here, for about 45 minutes now. Thought it would turn quickly to rain because air temperature is just above zero, but hopefully we are still in cold enough air to keep the snow falling for a while yet. This is the third day of falling snow here and even though we have not been exactly buried it has been a memorable event for the low temperatures alone. Would have been good to have more snow but I could do without the extremely low temperatures which I'm afraid might have killed off the new hedge I planted in the spring last year . Looks like a large area of precipitation heading for south west Wales now so you guys in Cardiff and Newport might get even more snow today. Lucky beggars!!
  13. Show us your pet

    Seems like the cats outnumber the dogs on here! I love all animals including cats, but we have always had little dogs. This is Rosie, a Podengo, and she wants me to play with the ball! Pity I can't upload the video so you could see her tail wagging! The only thing she likes chasing more than the ball is magpies!! She likes all the other birds but the magpies always get evicted.
  14. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Would love to see the scene in your spectacular location but I don't envy you having to go outside this morning..... the wind must be absolutely biting up there. We had several hours of driving wind and snow yesterday evening and last night but not really much to show for it today although the fields are white. I reckon the wind blew all our snow out your way and probably didn't stop till it reached Ireland lol..
  15. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    It's showing -3.3c on the outside and the snow is coming in horizontally. I can see the birds still eating all the seeds and mealworms we put out earlier but they don't look happy. Hope they can find some shelter later on. We keep breaking the ice on the water bowls but it must be almost impossible for small birds and animals to find food and stay alive in these conditions. Even the sheep are huddled together under a tree looking very forlorn, but at least they've got woolly coats better than my duvet! Wondering how long this snow wil carry on for, now. If it goes on all night I'll not be going anywhere tomorrow.....
  16. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Well, we had a few flakes blowing in the wind for most of the afternoon - I thought it was just Andy's leftovers TBH - but suddenly it's turned into a heavy fall of fine snow crystals which are travelling horizontally in the wind. It's blowing straight off flat surfaces like the roof, but collecting in all the recesses where you just know drifts could form if the snow was heavier, for longer. Funny thing is, this snow is not even registering on the radar yet - it must be even heavier stuff that's shown as approaching from the south over Swansea!! If the heavier stuff can reach us then I believe it will be game on for an exciting night of snow fall and - who knows what we'll find in the morning?? Looking at the radar and what's still to come, I think even the 'dry circle' might get pasted. Perhaps we can avoid a civil war with our friends in the east, after all.
  17. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Can't deny I'm disappointed that we are not going to a blizzard here on the Pembs/Carms border after all but I am excited for all you lucky people in the south east - it does look like Andy's apocalyptic warnings were justified, and it has to be said, several days ahead of the Met Office! Well done Andy! Let us know when you've dug yourself out!! It is quite amazing - and a little annoying - how the geography round here prevents snow reaching us from the east, but guarantees we get soaked with rain when the weather comes from any other direction!!! Think I might move to Cardiff.
  18. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Sadly our snow's all been snatched by Southern Ireland..... Unless the storm decides to relocate further east by tomorrow, we are going to be dry! After all the build up and anticipation that will be a great big let-down. Still good for Cardiff and Newport by the looks of it though... Good luck to everyone in the east.....
  19. Very interesting progressions and especially the chart above which clearly shows the kink above the Bristol Channel in an otherwise quite circular and unblemished system! Fascinating how the atmosphere works - will we ever be able to model all its complexity....
  20. Looking at the detailed charts for the period out to about +65h there is a distinct wedge of less cold uppers shown forming across the SW and then making an arrowhead into south and west Wales. The difference in temperature of this air is quite marked compared to the surrounding air and is modelled to considerably restrict the amount of snow falling over central Wales over the next three days. This is the WRF but all high res models show this feature: Is this the result of a geographical feature (Bristol channel, or Dartmoor perhaps?) or is it simply the dynamics of the low pressure system? It stands out on the line of upper temperatures as they move north across the British Isles and it would be interesting to find out the reason for it.
  21. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Lovely crisp winters morning here; clear blue skies tinged with a few pink contrails; no wind, hard frost. Sun has just risen. No sign of snow here but I can see the snow clouds on the far eastern horizon - send some my way for later please!! Hope everyone gets a decent covering by tomorrow night but Cardiff / Newport and the valleys looks like the sweet spot ATM.
  22. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    That is a seriously weird aberration - looks like a massive heat source is keeping Carmarthenshire warmer than everywhere else! I know I turned my heating up but it wouldn't have made THAT much difference! If that doesn't change it could turn our snow to rain far too early, or leave us dry. only made it down to -5.9C here last night - others places much colder - but tonight will be colder still. Wild birds are hit hard by this weather - if you have the means to do it don't forget to put out some food for them.
  23. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    The snow is coming to Wales folks, looks like we're all going to get some, and some on here could get buried! Before that, though, the temperatures are plummeting here - it's gone from -3.0C to -3.6C in the last half an hour so I reckon we could get down to -5.0C or lower tonight. That's bitter cold (although they've got -20.0C in St Petersburg so I'm not complaining!). If you've got any exposed pipes or tanks in the loft it's a good idea to leave the hatch open tonight so some heat from the house keeps the pipes from freezing. We should see who can record the lowest temperature over the next two days - bound to be some records broken I reckon.
  24. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Don't know about a 'beast' from the east... This looks more like a PUPPY from the east to me: Lets just hope it's bite is worse than its bark....! If it's snowing on Thursday night when I go to bed, there's gonna be a problem 'cos I might have to stay up all night to makes sure it carries on till Friday morning!! very very cold here now - had to go and wrap up the outside water tap 'cos I think everything outside is going to FREEZE SOLID tonight!
  25. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Was hammering down in Cardigan earlier but now back in Crymych it's dried up and the sun is coming out!! Only really settled on the hills today and now it's +0.8C so what we have had is going to fade away - must wait until Thursday now!!