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  1. Earthquake swarm on La Palma indicate that an eruption of the volcano could occur soon. Earthquakes Today: latest quakes near La Palma volcano during the past 14 days - list, stats and interactive map / VolcanoDiscovery WWW.VOLCANODISCOVERY.COM Background info, news, activity updates, interactive map about La Palma volcano Last major eruption was 50 years ago.
  2. We’ve enjoyed a couple of nice calm, mainly sunny days here and today looks to be the same. Good weather for working outside but when the sun comes out it warms up pretty quickly. Autumn so far has been reasonably benign and I won’t mind if we keep this up till mid-October!
  3. Another all-time monthly temperature falls - this time it’s in Norway… https://www.weatherandradar.co.uk/ticker/ba3f458f-dadb-44b9-8c84-4e58b145b91d
  4. Lovely skies this morning. Storms possibly later? Took these around 6:30am….. Shepherds have been duly warned…..
  5. What temperature’s your thermostat set for, Mushy? It’s been far too mild here for any heating since probably June here but we are also very lucky to have a solar water heating panel in the roof so we hardly use any fuel for hot water as long as there’s a reasonable amount of sunlight. Downside is that the b#@#! panel always leaks in heavy rain and strong winds we get …erm…a lot of that weather here!
  6. A lovely couple of days for us after a cool and cloudy week. Got a 26C on the car temp gauge today and although I know this is not an accurate figure it’s the highest I’ve seen it since since July….. Two or possibly three more days of sunny settled conditions before we can expect some (probably much needed) rain. Trying not to look any further ahead in case I see Atlantic storms returning!
  7. Never seen it in my lifetime - seen the reverse though, unfortunately! Will frame this table and hang it on the wall for the rest of the season!
  8. Cool and still cloudy, but dry today so far. The wind seems to be easing at last but this has been a windy month and I hope this doesn’t continue into September.
  9. Cool, wet and still windy here in Pembrokeshire after a week of the same. Hopefully we’ll get another bite of summer weather before Autumn gets properly under way but I’ve noticed some trees already changing colour.
  10. More meteorological evidence that the atmosphere is warming…. Sicily hits 48.8°C, the highest temperature ever recorded in Europe | New Scientist WWW.NEWSCIENTIST.COM The highest temperature ever recorded in Europe was reported on 11 August. The town of Syracuse on the Italian island of Sicily reached 48.8°C, 0.8°C higher than... Italy and Spain are next: brutal heatwave with near +46 °C will be baking southern Europe as a massive heat dome parks over the Mediterranean as we head into mid-August WWW.SEVERE-WEATHER.EU A massive heat dome is expected to lock in the weather pattern across southern Europe, leading to an extreme heatwave for Italy and Spain this week. More maximum temperature records are likely to fall this year.
  11. The people affected by these fires must be despairing to see their homes and villages destroyed. No amount of insurance is going to repair the damage done to communities, farmland, forests and wildlife. This report makes it as clear as anything that the damage is increasing as the years go by and those politicians who may have been willing to sit on their hands before today surely have to take action soon. It’s easy not to be concerned by a prediction of global temperatures rising by as ‘little’ as 1.5C but we haven’t even got there yet and we’re already seeing devastating fires, floods, storms and droughts well beyond anything normal. Forget sea level rises in the long term - much of the world could soon become far less habitable if the average summer in continental areas brings annual temperatures of 40C+ combined with drought on a regular basis.
  12. You are right there. Many farmers around here have given up traditional dairy farming as there is no way to make it pay given the price the supermarkets offer. Mostly you will now only see sheep in the fields here, but the price paid by supermarkets at the farm gate for lamb is also very low although the retail price of Welsh lamb in the supermarkets is higher than New Zealand imported lamb - so more fuel is burned to transport them. The bottom line is that in the long term meat consumption cannot continue to rise around the world whilst still leaving enough land to cultivate food for human consumption.
  13. The UK cattle industry won’t be the worst offender. The Greenpeace article below is old and probably out of date but it mentions the industrial farming methods practised in the USA where beef production requires millions of acres of land to be devoted to growing feed. They’re not alone though, and other countries have similar methods including Argentina and Brazil. The big problem is that the worlds population is growing steadily more affluent and when people can afford it they want to eat meat instead of a mainly plant based diet. And it’s not just the ‘emissions’ from cattle which is a problem - it’s the millions of acres of forests and trees which have disappeared to provide land for feeding the cattle. And this in turn requires irrigation often in areas which are short of water. The worldwide meat industry is a considerable contributor to climate change but this is basically a result of extreme population growth and growing affluence. It would be an easy fix if everyone agreed to eat meat only once a week - or became vegetarian! Not going to happen, though, until it’s far too late. Cows, conspiracies, and Greenpeace - Greenpeace International WWW.GREENPEACE.ORG You're probably reading this blog because you have some questions raised by the film Cowspiracy. I'd like to address these directly – and tell you a little about our work on...
  14. I’ve always been useless at speling…..
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