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  1. Sky Full

    Premier League Discussion

    Spurs v Leicester: 0 - 1 1 - 1 1 - 2 1 - 3 2 - 3 3 - 3 4 - 3 5 - 4 What a game! Could still go either way. This is what Premiership football should be like all the time.... Anyone attending this game is getting proper value for money. But then, it IS Spurs playing so nothing new there...
  2. Sky Full

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Sunday and today have been the best two days of the year to date. 23.6c yesterday and 24.0c today and not a cloud in sight. Been outside all day both days. When the weather is like this I don't want to be anywhere else in the world - it is simply the best place. Must have been busy at the beaches but we decided to stay at home and enjoy the peace and quiet. Forecast for tomorrow is quite a bit colder and cloudier but still not much rain in the forecast so I'm happy with that. It is a pity that the atmospheric patterns which are needed to bring these weather conditions to Wales don't happen very often. I think we'll be lucky if we can repeat this more than three or four times this summer.
  3. The best day of the year to date is coming to an end - what a pity. We managed to reach 24.0c today - a little higher than yesterday but not as hot as those only fifty or so miles east and beyond. 19:05 hrs - temperature now 20.1c Clear skies. Light air / calm.
  4. 08:50 hrs. Temperature now 19.2c. - that's +9c in 2 hours. Looking good for a perfect morning.
  5. Beautiful cloudless sunrise. Clear, calm air. No mist in the valley this morning. Temp: 10.4c (06:40hrs) Pressure: 1019 mb
  6. It remained cloudless all day, contrary to the forecast for this area, with a light cooling breeze which was welcome in the warm sunshine. Maximum temperature reached: 23.6c at 13:30 hrs. 19:00 hrs: Current conditions:. Clear skies, light air, 18.9c (!)
  7. We don't get a lot of clam round here () but at 7.31 we also have a mild start and totally clear skies so far. No breeze. Early morning mist has cleared from the valley. Temperature 12.8c and rising....
  8. Sky Full

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Well, despite my pessimism the day turned out much better than expected. Sun broke through around 11:30am and the sky continued to clear and we ended up with wall to wall sunshine all afternoon! Temperatures responded accordingly and tomorrow I expect we should reach at least 20C. So, pretty good after all and prospects of another two similar days to come. I'll not complain again (this week, anyway.....).
  9. Sky Full

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    I don't like to be the one to moan a lot, but over here in west Wales we seem to be doomed to miss the sun-fest. Current conditions are overcast / low cloud with light air to dead calm so the cloud cover is not being shifted. It doesn't look as though the sun will make an appearance until much later on today, if at all. . Tomorrow and Monday might be better - we will have to see - but if the low cloud and fog in the Irish Sea continues to track inland, chances are we'll have more overcast conditions to enjoy. Maximum temperature in this area is unlikely to reach 20C at this rate. On the plus side, none of this spells rain so I'm going to get the barbecue out whatever else happens. To everyone else in Wales - enjoy the sun and Summer-like temperatures while they last!
  10. 1) Hottest April day for 70 years 2) Hottest London marathon on record 3) Models showing possibility of hottest ever May Day bank holiday..... ECM for 07/05/2018 UKMO for 07/05/2018 Am I sensing a trend here, or is it wishful thinking? Could even more temperature records be broken this summer? Maybe we could even coin a name for this phenomenon - something like 'world heating' perhaps. Or is there already a name for it?
  11. Sky Full

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Welcome to the madhouse, Nick. There's not much action in here at this time year - it takes freezing cold and snow to wake up the main crowd in any numbers, but there's always someone about in the Model Output thread. If things go as indicated we might be in for a few days of sun and light winds over the bank holiday weekend which will be extremely welcome in these parts, I can tell you!
  12. Hmmm... That's all a bit worrying. Makes you wonder how there were any years left for a good summer to occur? Perhaps truly memorable summers have always been rare. But then, one mans 'good summer' is another mans 'unbearable heat fest' so perhaps there could never be consensus on this definition.
  13. The GFS 0Z shows a very fragmented and disorganised Jetstream over the North Atlantic for the middle of May: Would I be right in thinking that this would leave the UK in a changeable pattern but with no extremes either way? No more storms, heavy rain or sudden severe frosts would be a good thing in my view. Let's get on with the summer!
  14. Can't have the poor old ICON left out of this discussion.... Here is the rain event for the south east as seen by ICON but this is spread over two runs - the current run has the rain getting a little further west....but no snow.
  15. Yes - looks like parts of East Anglia will get a double whammy of high rainfall totals and high wind gusts during Monday and Tuesday - possibly Cromer to get the brunt of it.... P Did someone mention Spring?