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  1. Snowing again down here. Not forecasted by the MO. Nice blob of pink coasting along the south on radar this morning.
  2. Still coming down moderately just over the water MWB.. Only a few miles south west of Portsmouth. I can usually see the Spiniker tower from my loft window...
  3. Just got home. The garden looks nice today. Quick cuppa, then my 2 year old will wake up and the madness will begin. Hope you lot are enjoying this rare event..
  4. Isle of Wight council had the gritters out yesterday afternoon.. This is the main road through my village now...
  5. At least 2 inches up here on Mount Joy in Carisbrooke. Bitter in the wind. Still coming down nicely... Wish I brought gloves. Taken 5 mins to write this...
  6. Coming down steady here on the Isle of Wight. A couple of inches has layed on the road outside my house. Not sure what the main roads are like. Will find out in a minute.... I'm off for a walk up the downs..
  7. Hi. Don't post on the forum much...if ever.....but been lurking here since 2013. It's coming down slow but steady here in Carisbrooke. It's settling...just. Cooling the ground down a bit for the night time antics later on...
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