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  1. Great account TM. This was one of the events of the 20th century.
  2. Blizzards/Heavy snow with severe drifting was lacking last winter in England and Wales. Highest wind speed Ive found for the wintry spell in Jan 1987 was 73mph at Warcop Range in Cumbria. Mark
  3. The cold spell of November 1993 was memorable. Only a few inches of snow fell but it didn't melt at all due the low temps. Just past driving test and recall how icy the roads were both day and night. Looking at the local stats temps fell to -10C with a daytime max at nearby Warcop range of -4C on the 23rd. Mark Teesdale,Co Durham
  4. Depths over the N York Moors probably 1/1.5m deep.60/65 days snow lying. Teesdale reached 212cm with the depth being over 1m for more than 6/7 weeks. Snow days lying just over 80 days. Mark Teesdale,Co Durham
  5. Great voice clip by the lady. The North Pennine ANOB are doing a similiar project regarding severe winters. http://www.northpennines.org.uk/index.cfm?articleid=14027 The snow depths/falls in 1947 make it stand out from other winter over large parts of the country. Even at low lying sites 50cm was recorded with 4 or more times that at higher levels. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/gesc_b/Pages/updated%20Snow%20depth%20and%20snow%20cover%20for%20website.htm Mark Teesdale,Co Durham
  6. Lowest max for July 2004 at Sennybridge was 10.7C. http://www.tutiempo.net/en/Climate/SENNYBR...-2004/35070.htm Boltshope Park, Co Durham was down to 9.2C on same day. Found a few 9's for Scottish stations aswell for different years Mark Teesdale,Co Durham
  7. I would imagine a sub 10C max is possible here. 11.4C yesterday, nearby Copley offical meto site had a low max of 10.6C in August 2004. A sub 10C must have been recorded in scotland at some point? Mark Teesdale,Co Durham
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  10. Days of snow lying from Robin Stirling 'Weather of Britain' Bramaer 96 Edinburgh 30 Eskdalemiur 62 Buxton 82 Birmingham 62 Kew 25 Buxton had more days snow lying than 1962/63 when it had 74. Mark Teesdale,Co Durham
  11. Opps I stand corrected, as you say all these figures must fallen considerably the last few years :huh: Mark Teesdale,Co Durham
  12. G Manley in Climate and British Scene has Durham days snow lying at 23 days. I pressume this for earlier in the 20th century. Figures for Durham City and Sheffield must be very close. Figures for Corbridge are falling 24.5/lying 20.1 very close to Sheffield's figures even though it 50m lower than Sheffield. Mark Teesdale,Co Durham
  13. Don't have any figures for Durham, but 1961-90 averages for Sheffield 131m are snow falling 24.4, lying 20.4. Durham site at 102m asl is obviously colder than Sheffield even though its lower. Durham precipitation is nearly 200mm lower than Sheffield, the difference is most marked in the winter months. Perhaps if Sheffield is snowier than Durham City its probably due the fact Durham City is much more sheltered from W and NW airflow due to the high ground to West being much higher and larger than near Sheffield. Often Sheffield picks up snowfall from NW flows even though it is to the East of Pen
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