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  1. Thick fog, slow thaw. Temp 1.4c. DP -1.1c
  2. Moderate Snow here now. 4/10. Temp -1.1c. dP -4.9c
  3. The heavier echoes are moving in a NW direction making landfall now in Lydd area. Following the same track would expect areas inside Canterbury to Rochester to be sweet spot this afternoon with only moderate bursts either side ( that's for Kent ).
  4. Ashford and Canterbury should see Snow in next 15 minutes.
  5. Netweather radar showing darker echoes approaching Hythe, Folkestone, Lydd areas west to Brighton now. Should intensifiy whatever is falling. Radar shows it as Snow.
  6. Drizzle has now turned to snow grains and intensifying. Everything seems to be going white again. Temp -1.7C DP -6C
  7. Dozens of people reporting this with condensing boilers. Just locate the white pipe at the bottom of the boiler and follow it the outside, heat the pipe with warm water or hair driver and reset the boiler. Ours stopped last night. We have British Gas emergency cover but were unable to contact them !!
  8. Snowing now here. 1st shower of the evening. We going under Amber warning in 10 mins too. T -7.5c dp -9.5c
  9. snowing heavily here again now.......local roads almost impassable......valley drive, thong lane, A2. We abandoned car and walked home the last mile or so as traffic was at a standstill Approx 15cms of laying snow. Temp was 1c but now back to -1C in Snow.
  10. 4-5 inches of snow here. Massive shower whilst driving from Godstone to Gravesend. Had to abandon car at A2 East as roads blocked by stuck cars !
  11. That’s probably based on the 0z runs this morning. Watch tomorrow night
  12. Yep....just caught the Western edge of it in Gravesend too. we now have the slightest covering. Seems to swing South towards Maidstone / West Kingsdown after here.
  13. The "Fog" is a shower. Wind has got up too. 4 on SM Scale.
  14. have good view from loft ( crows nest ). Can see past Dartford Crossing into Canary Wharf and sky looks clear to the West. Looking North East towards Canvey it looks foggy so could be a sign of incoming shower. East looks cloudy but can see broken cloud towards Medway.