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  1. For the record, March in East Anglia. Slightly warmer than average (+0.5°C) Driest month since May 2020 (79%) Near-normal sunshine (101%) 8th lowest number of March air frosts (in a series back to 1960) Chart/stats courtesy of Dan Holley, Weatherquest. Twitter: @danholley_
  2. Some snow showing up on the radar, moving into the north east of our Region. Not looking pleasant on the north Norfolk coast with the Weybourne station already recording a gust of 47mph and the current temp (at 07.00) only 2.7C. Radar showing a rain/sleet mix. 07.00:
  3. A lovely couple of hours spent in the garden this afternoon. In the warm sunshine and out of the breeze it felt much warmer than the 14C thermometer max. And not a bad sunset this evening with the low sun on the incoming band of cloud, with the camera capturing the currently rare sight of a plane heading off towards the North Sea. Satellite 18.15: Setting sun:
  4. A reminder to keep posts friendly and respectful please. Below, a couple of a relevant rules if you wish to post in this forum: Be Nice! Everyone is welcome to express an opinion, ask a question or share a view so please respect that and treat everyone in the way you'd like to be treated. Weather Guilt-Tripping - Please don't suggest people are selfish for enjoying or even looking forward to a certain weather type. Everyone has different weather preferences, but since none of us can control the weather, no-one should be made to feel guilty or foolish for liking it. You can read
  5. Disappointing amount of cloud streaming up from the SW so far today and the satellite suggests more to come. Some bright periods and the odd sunny spell, but not wall-to-wall sunshine like yesterday. However, the thin cloud cover doesn't seem to be denting the temperature. Yesterday's max here was 20C and outside it's currently 19C (at 13.00). Cloud cover 13.00:
  6. An interesting chart showing the date of the first 20C (or higher) temperature recorded at any East Anglian station over the period 1981 to 2021. Whilst there are some notable differences between years (1983 date was late May), the average date over the period in this region is 13th April. But the key message from the chart is how this is trending earlier, by ~5 days per decade. Chart/stats courtesy of Dan Holley, WeatherQuest. Twitter @danholley_
  7. Oh dear. What a very sad day for you and your family Tom. Thoughts and prayers are with you and Collette. Sincerely, Malcolm.
  8. A really nice day, especially bearing in mind it's still March! Cloud burnt off around mid-morning here and then it was clear blue skies. The negative was the gusty wind, with a max gust of 35mph this morning, but that dropped away to a gentle breeze as the afternoon progressed. Max temp of 19C at 17.00. Tomorrow looking even nicer. 🙂
  9. Well that was a more interesting day of weather. And to end, a wonderful sunset as the cloud cleared east and the setting sun lit up the underside of the departing cloud. 👍
  10. Interesting. I can well imagine larger stones damaging machinery such as combines. Most churches around here are built with 'flint rubble' as a major component and I wonder how many stones were recovered from local fields (walk around Suffolk footpaths and they're everywhere).
  11. A little bit of interest for later today as a cold front quickly moves through, bring the usually short, sharp burst of heavy rain and squally winds along the convergence line. ICON 14.00 Precip Wind Gusts But my real interest is Monday and Tuesday as I'm planning to take advantage of the lifting of lockdown to have my neighbours join me and Mrs Blessed on Monday afternoon for some drinks and nibbles in my revamped back garden. Then Tuesday a few mates around for some tinnies. I'm so looking forward to the social interaction as I find zoom calls, whilst better than nothing, so frus
  12. Hi Frozen Hazzy. Yes, that was the problem, so my apologies for not remembering that restriction. Anyway, I'm happy to say you've now been approved and you're good to go with uploading an avatar pic and will also be able to post without them needing approval. 👍
  13. Sorry about this. I suspect it's a restriction placed on new members until they've made a certain number of posts. I'll check with others in the Forum Team and get back to you.
  14. Hopefully you've reached the page I'm showing below? So then click on the little black and white bit on the bottom left of the profile pic box that I've highlighted in red. That should then allow you to upload a pic.
  15. Hi Frozen Harry. A warm welcome to the forum. Are you clicking on your profile pic (or the little down arrow next to your name) at the top of the screen? That should take you to 'Edit Profile' and on that page you should be able to click on the profile pic box to upload a photo. Hope that works - come back if it doesn't. 👍
  16. Happy Spring Equinox! Whoopee, more daylight than darkness from here on. And a week Sunday (the 28th) we spring forward so sunset not until around 19.30. 😃 Not too bad a start to the day here, fairly bright through thin cloud and barely a breathe of wind. Hopefully a few breaks during the day; good to hear Blazerblue already enjoying a sunny spell. 👍
  17. The forecasts of clear skies today are looking on the money, with the east of the Region off to a lovely start. The cloud is ever so slowly edging further west, so hopefully more of the Region in the clear later. Looking forward to getting out into the sunshine later. A new rockery area in the garden to finish off. 07.05: Source: https://en.sat24.com/en/gb/visual
  18. Anyone else now tracking what the weather will be like on 'six-in-the-garden' day, Mon 29th March? I've given my patio area an early Spring clean, ready to have a few friends around for a tinny or three to celebrate. Just need the weather to play ball now, so will it be 😎 or 🌧️? NOAA 8-14 day 500 heights prognosis suggests we're looking at high pressure to the east and low pressure to the west of the UK. So a flow from a southerly point (likely SW'ly) which is better for temps, but will there be rain around? The last few days GFS 0z output follows the suggested pattern, althoug
  19. What a dreary spell of weather for most of us. That darn High off Ireland just feeding a northerly with day after day of cold, cloudy weather with some rain thrown in for good measure. Later this week the High shifts position allowing a cold NE'ly to develop. Although if Arpege is to be believed, at least the cloud breaks and we see some welcome sunshine. You'll just need to find a sheltered spot out of the chilly breeze to sit and enjoy it. It's currently looking like early next week before we finally lose the flow off the North Sea and winds switch to more westerly. High in the wro
  20. An interesting satellite image this morning, clearly showing the various low pressure systems and in particular picking up the showers streaming down the Atlantic. Although not an exact match in time and orientation, a comparison with the fax chart helps identify the various synoptics in the image. The cold front (shown over the Low Countries on the fax chart) was responsible for the heavier, blustery rain that came through the Region overnight.
  21. Anyone else get woken up in the night by rain hammering against the window? The overnight radar shows some really heavy stuff went through in the wee small hours. 01.35: Me and my dog are getting fed up being buffeted by strong wind now. Bring on a nice sunny anticyclone please. Next week shows potential, but for those of us who are now looking for warmth and sunshine rather than cold and snow, we could do with the high shifting a bit further east to avoid chilly winds and cloud off the North Sea. 🤞 GFS 0z for Wed 17th:
  22. Strongest gusts up to 09.00 in the East: 61mph Bedford + Wittering 60mph Marham + Weybourne 59mph Tibenham 58mph Andrewsfield + Southend-on-Sea 55mph Luton, Mildenhall, Norwich Airport + Wattisham 54mph Shoeburyness 53mph Lakenheath + Monks Wood 48mph Stansted Figures from Dan Holley, Weatherquest. Twitter @danholley_
  23. Yesterday's rainfall totals show a north/south split for the Region, with locations on the South Coast barely registering any rain. So far this morning plenty of 50+ mph wind gusts across the Region, with Rochester in Kent currently recording the strongest gust at 58mph. Charts: Netweather Extra HiRes Radar
  24. Today looking very pleasant for most in the Region under a nice wedge of clear skies. 07.30 Tues: For me, a busy day in the garden planting out a new rockery I've built before the wind and rain arrives Weds morning. It'll start getting breezy from this evening, but the worst period for widespread gales will be overnight Weds into Thurs morning when most of us will be 'enjoying' sustained wind speeds of around 45mph and frequent gusts of 55mph. At least it won't be dull, grey nothingness. 07.00 Thurs:
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