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  1. re; Volcanic eruptions, surely there have Historically been some huge eruptions producing millions of tonnes of sulphur - Co2 etc, these massive events have been recorded to drop the Earths temp on a Global scale, also have the 2 World War events been taken into account, the uptick in manufacturing on a global scale would also have effects on output levels, and then the 1000s of Nuclear tests also on a global scale ripping the atmosphere bandings to sheds and sending increased heat extremes into those areas. I believe there are many other factors yet to be considered allowing these Co2
  2. Been snowing steadily for the last 3 hrs no sign of stopping, Time for a Beer and Guitar. I love winter.?
  3. I have lurked on the sidelines for years, reading all the input from great knowledgeable posters, this truly is the best model site on the Net, Happy Christmas to all who post on here.
  4. Knocker, i really enjoy reading your posts, informative and well constructed, please dont give up this thread!
  5. Snowing Heavily for the last hour- Met just gone Amber for Monday (further Snow) this could turn out to be quite an event for parts of the southwest.
  6. Dartmoor update,(Throwleigh), been snowing since early this morning and still going, must be 20-30 cm with bigger drifts, looks like its carrying on thru Friday, hope it finishes before the wine runs out!
  7. Hi Tamara, Just want  to wish you a Merry Xmas and please keep posting your analytical views, they have opened my eyes to all types of weather related areas,

    Best Wishes


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    2. chrisbell-nottheweatherman


      I'd be most interested to hear your views once tomorrow is over, if you have the time, please.  There seem to be conflicting thoughts at present regarding mid-January; some professionals whose Tweets are posted in the relevant thread suggest a compact and powerful PV throughout the month, but there was a hint of possible blocking?

    3. chrisbell-nottheweatherman


      Agreed - there has been another argument surrounding the value of teleonnectios, with the usual suspects claiming that they're useless and providing "evidence" that amounts to a few non-experts saying that winter was over before Christmas.

    4. chrisbell-nottheweatherman


      Perhaps I ought to have said "more knowledgeable" or "more experienced"?

  8. Snowing and windy here, at last nice to see, don't know how long its going to last tho
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