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  1. That's very different to minimal prospects tbh, and honestly even so, that's too much faith to be putting into a seasonal model at upto 5 months lead time, and reading a bit too deeply into an anomaly map.
  2. It's kind of at that point you lose me. There's no way you or anyone else can glean from the seasonal model output, or in fact anything else at this stage that short-lived northerly toppler type spells aren't likely during dec/jan and feb. Let alone any other weather type.
  3. Okie dokie. Again you're spinning things which clearly aren't factual. Someone posts about 400 temperature records across the northern hemisphere being broken this summer. Your response, with the insinuation that it's evidence of the opposite is an article that Alberta was very cold for a time last winter. At the same time, you suggest it's a 'win, win' for those pushing the climate narrative because that too was blamed (in the article) on climate change. See the disparity? It's not about your narrative not fitting, it's about the fact that as someone who clearly doesn't buy into the overwhelming evidence provided by science right now, for whatever reason, then you have to at least back your opinion up with some reasonable, science based evidence. That doesn't mean a random article about a cold spell, that means actual scientific evidence. Anyway, if you have any interest in the theories around the jet stream, polar vortex etc as the Arctic warms, then have a read of this: Q&A: How is Arctic warming linked to the ‘polar vortex’ and other extreme weather? WWW.CARBONBRIEF.ORG The past week has seen some brutal weather hitting the US and Canada. With cold Arctic air plunging south down to the...
  4. If that's the way you want to read it, then it's up to you. The fact is, you're not posting opinions - you're just trying to spin against someone elses opinions and/or the evidence they're posting up. So, if you want to post an opinion do it. Since this is a thread about the IPCC report, please feel free to share your views of what you've read in it? Plus the fact is that I'm asking a reasonable question - are you interested in the climate science and the information it can provide you, or not?
  5. But there's some pretty sound scientific thinking around that reasoning, are you actually interested in that, or are you looking simply to win some sort of flame war?
  6. Not long unless you're completely covered in Arctic style gear! Any uncovered skin can start to get frostbitten with minutes.
  7. Awesome, they're brilliant places to visit. Dunno if you've been before, but it can be bloody cold in January - we had a -40c or so windchill in the evening there once, and it the temperature was still -25c the next morning up at Sunshine. So would definitely recommend packing face masks and plenty of layers etc!
  8. I genuinely think that some people really need to learn the lesson and if you have nothing positive or reasonable to say, then say nothing at all. I mean this is a thread about making positive changes to your life. If you don't want to do that, then I guess it's up to you, but why do you feel it's alright to come into the thread and ruin it for those who may want to discuss the actual subject?
  9. You've answered your own question there - it's uncertain at the moment.
  10. Max, we'll be sure to let you and everyone else know as soon as we have either eta's or new charts etc launched
  11. Paul

    Mountain biking above Aviemore

    Mountain biking above Aviemore - great run down from here, but seriously hard work on the way up - especially on a downhill mountain bike!
  12. Paul

    Pershore wetland

    Pershore wetland earlier in October
  13. Yep, one of my favourite spots too, albeit to snowboard rather than ski
  14. Stuff has to change occasionally, tis a fact of life (and websites!). And to be fair, the layout previously was inconsistent in terms of the archiving of threads - we had a main archive, but also separate archive threads for the model discussion and weather reports in other places, and now all the archives are together - including the weather report archives way back to 2003 all in one place.
  15. Well, now you know at least. All you had to do was ask
  16. There's a thread open every day in the main weather discussion forum, such as this one for today: Then every day, the reports for the previous day is moved into the archive https://www.netweather.tv/forum/forum/180-daily-weather-report-archive/
  17. Thanks for these @BurntFishTrousers, please keep posting them as long as you want. You could maybe make a gallery album of your best ones - could be a decent collection over time. They are a lot of fun to receive, there's something quite cool about watching them come in real time, and even though each pass is receivable by whoever wants it, the shots you grab are still unique. For me, there's a personal memory to them as well - my dad was quite into his radio stuff, and was going to set the satellite receiving up for himself before he died. Unfortunately, he didn't get the chance but I went through the magazines etc he had on the subject and got the kit to do it myself. It was not only a lot of fun, and useful too for netweather, it was obviously an emotional thing to be able to do. My receiver did unfortunately fry itself several years later though, but this seeing the images again has re-ignited the bug, so maybe I'll look to set it up again later this year when I have a bit of time
  18. There's a bug within the sticky note system currently, which has meant that replies to notes have not been sending properly. So, if you were expecting a reply to one recently, this is the likely cause of you not receiving it. I've switched off the stickies for now to avoid confusion.
  19. 24 hour radar totals to 0900 show the higher end of those numbers with 70+ in places. Obviously that's missing a bit though, since the rain started before 9am yesterday. The map for yesterday, suggests 80+
  20. And just for fun, to get the ball rolling, white Christmas and New Year anyone?!
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