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  1. First foggy start of the season here, still to clear, in fact still to show any signs of clearing. Not exactly warm either @4c
  2. Welcome to the community @Keith Greenish, I've just moved this over to our weather stations forum where I'm sure you'll get an answer to your question
  3. Looks like invision may have removed the option as it stood on a recent update. I'll look into it.
  4. GFS snow predictions are way too broad brush to pay much, if any attention to. On the higher res modelling, it looks like the lowlands of Scotland and the north Pennines could be the sweet spot at the moment.
  5. It should still be there - under options on your posts
  6. Friday's still looking very wet on the 15z UKV. Really sharp temperature gradient too, and a proper convergence line along the front - could make for an intense squall line on it. Mild vs cold air: Winds converging along the front - heavy rain and a likely squall line. Then later a really clean tail end with clearer skies behind. Rain totals looking sizeable through Friday and into Saturday before it clears.
  7. It uses the GFS data as a base, but has its own physics for rainfall etc.
  8. The sticky note system is back up and running again now.
  9. The temperature map says a lot this morning - clear skies and a crisp Autumn start for Scotland and most of Ireland. Further south, more cloud, some drizzle here and there, along with some heavier rain in the SE. Here in the midlands, it's been drizzling pretty much non-stop since yesterday evening.
  10. No, I wouldn't expect it'll be that long at all.
  11. Much the same as last week Max, we'll definitely be telling everyone when the next version is available
  12. Nice! Canada is the place to be for winter right now
  13. To be fair, some parts of both London and Surrey have seen 20mm plus of rain since this morning. These are the 12 hour rain totals:
  14. Morning @BurntFishTrousers I assume you're using WXtoImg there, as the images look the same as when I used it. Do you know where it can be downloaded from these days, as their website has gone? Or, alternatively - do you know of another similar program?
  15. Yawn, title topic is "Positive changes: What kind of lifestyle changes are or might you be making going forward to help the planet?" - so maybe we can chat about something loosely related to that, rather than an interview on breakfast tv three days ago!
  16. The Santa shaker will be back at the beginning of November Christmas Weather Forecast - White Xmas 2018 WWW.NETWEATHER.TV
  17. To be fair Pete, whilst there's a lot of greed in that sort of world, I'm quite sure it contributes far more in tax than the banks took when getting bailed out.
  18. I think the issue with these protests, and what will not get people to support it, is that they're stopping people getting to work, going about their daily lives etc. And this isn't just people who are rich, on massive salaries etc, it's a wide range of people - including those on very low wages, who maybe don't get paid if they don't get into work. Or people on tight schedules for things like childcare etc etc etc. The point of a protest is surely to draw attention to the subject being protested about and draw people into the cause, but with this, is that the case? I'm not so sure, most people are just talking about the protest itself, the issues caused by it, and so on. XR have every right to protest and it's a cause worth protesting about but, for me, they have the balance wrong, and are making it too much about them, too much about what they're doing and not enough about the point of it all.
  19. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I'll get it sorted on Monday morning, just as soon as I've got the P45 filled in for the person responsible, which unfortunately is me.
  20. Glad to hear you like the change @bazookabob. It is a deliberate change to be honest, albeit one we're testing to see how people use it. From what we can see, most people who regularly use the forums may use a link from the homepage initially, either into a thread or onto the forum index, but then tend to go to other threads from the forum index page. From there, clicking the thread names will take you to the last unread post in that thread: If you go into individual forums, clicking the icon to the left of the forum title will do the same thing - bold icons have content you've not read yet. You can also check all the unread content on the forum from here and can also filter that to only display threads you follow etc: https://www.netweather.tv/forum/discover/unread/ Another option, which I often use is to switch the forum to the fluid view setting. That shows threads from across the forum in update order, so you can go into the active threads quickly. Like the forum view, clicking the small icon to the left of the thread title will take you to the first unread post in there. Just click the icon marked on here, at the top of the forum to activate this view. You can switch back to the traditional view by clicking the icon to the left of it. Hopefully that helps a tad, but thanks for your feedback. As I say we are testing, so will take feedback on board alongside usage statistics comparing the new display to the old style.
  21. Certainly looks a magical place to go - @Jo Farrow went in 2018 - a proper winter wonderland. A Trip to Lapland; Snow, Ice and -28C - Blog by Jo Farrow WWW.NETWEATHER.TV A one day whirlwind visit to Santa in Lapland. Winter is serious here and the Arctic cold is brutal, hoorah for hot berry juice.
  22. Fingers crossed, and you're definitely in with a very good shout, but it's not an absolute given - this was last year into the start of December! No snow in Lapland, what will Santa do and those people visiting next week? - Blog by Jo Farrow WWW.NETWEATHER.TV There isn't any snow in Lapland and there should be, by now. A few trips from the...
  23. Personally, I think it's too early to look too seriously at a forecast for Dec, Jan and Feb. There's too much water to go under the bridge to go that far ahead with any reasonable confidence as far as I'm concerned. Also, what does a warmer than average winter mean to people? Look at last winter - Dec and Jan were milder than average for most of the country, then Feb saw a cold spell which tipped the scales and we ended up with it being a colder than average season. Yet I think most would look back and remember it as a mild winter overall. I think we need to get closer to look at the details of a seasonal forecast and closer still to really get to the gist of what's likely to happen as an average temperature over a month or a season rarely tells the entire story. All that said though, it's fair to say it's tougher than ever to see colder than average months these days, so lots of stars do tend to need to align for that to happen. So the obvious form horse to back is always likely to be at the milder end of the scale.
  24. Knock yourself out if that's what you want to do. But I'm perfectly entitled to disagree with you doing so - that's kind of how this whole discussion thing works..
  25. You won't find a forecast on the site for winter at the start of October. And you also won't find a long range forecast talking with any confidence about a short-term weather event having 'minimal prospects' across an entire season. Confidence in an outcome across a season isn't the question here - it's the suggestion that during that season you can confidently all but rule out a particular short-term setup.
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