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  1. Here we go then! The Scottish community on Netweather is now officially a guinea pig, testing our new community groups feature. The Scottish discussion thread can now be found here - I've copied over the posts from today already: Anyone can join the group and post (just click the join group button). There's a gallery and member map in there, and an explanation about the plan here: https://www.netweather.tv/forum/topic/96245-welcome-to-the-new-scottish-group/?do=getNewComment I'm going to pin this thread in the regional forum, so hopefully everyone can find the new area. For those outside of Scotland, please feel free to come along and take a look, even get involved and give your feedback, as if all goes to plan, we'll be moving the other local discussions over to the new system soon. Paul
  2. Hello! Thank you for being our guinea pigs and welcome to what we hope will become a permanent new home for the Scottish weather community on Netweather. The idea of moving this, and eventually, if all goes well, the other regional forums into these groups, is to give them more space to spread out and grow. So, for instance, there is now a Scottish weather gallery that you can upload your best/favourite photos to, and also a member map which you're welcome to add your location to. There is also a full forum available, so there's the option for multiple threads to be setup to perhaps discuss historic Scottish weather events, upcoming severe weather or whatever else. Please shout if you have suggestions about what threads may be useful, what features you think would be nice, or if you just have some feedback on the new setup, how easy it is to find and use etc. It is a test period at the moment, so your views will be really important in shaping the direction of travel and ultimately the decision whether to stick with this plan or move back to the simpler forum version as previously.
  3. Paul


  4. The change is that the default option is now a gridded more graphical view, which can be changed by clicking those boxes in the screenshot (you can change back, so no need to worry about breaking it for yourself).
  5. Hi Ian, there's a new version on the way soon
  6. Yep, they'll be permanent features, so there'll always be the option to change the view you use.
  7. Good idea, this was the forum back in 2003
  8. You may have spotted that the community homepage has changed to a gridded more graphical view. We're just testing this currently, so please let me know how you find it. It is optional, so if you want to change to the old version, just click the small icon near the top of the page as shown below.
  9. We're a small team, so certain things have to be prioritised. The radar has seen regular updates this year, as have the forecasts and various other parts of the site, the ukv and charts less so up to now but even so, there's already a large set of ukv charts available. We've also recently been working on adding a bunch of new models which will be available this autumn, and we decided to bundle those in with new maps/chart colours etc, which is why we haven't made changes to the existing models yet, and why we backed out of putting changes live earlier in the year. Admittedly, we should have communicated that better though, so apologies.
  10. We're frequently adding updates to the radar @Mark Clifford, is there something in particular you're waiting on or hoping to see?
  11. That's by design to be honest (on the Invision side), to stop those who may try to game the system just for the sake of ranks. The idea is just to give a fun way to encourage engagement and positive contributions to the community. Obviously this sort of thing isn't necessarily for everyone, so if it's not your bag, feel free to ignore it entirely!
  12. The rebuild has finished now, hopefully that'll be the last one.
  13. A good day today, confirmed our move back to Aviemore this Autumn. Just in time for a nice snowy winter, hopefully!
  14. The ranks are updating at the moment, so will be jumping around a bit
  15. It's an official forum function, to make sure your email address is up to date. One reason for it is that we'll be making a change to the login system soon and should you get locked out you'll need access to the email address associated with your account to get back in.
  16. That's a forecast from Meteogroup I think, quite different to a warning from the Met Office.
  17. @Summer Sun - Are you still having this problem?
  18. It also appears than since this morning's software update, the ranks continue to show during the rebuild so they're all still visible but will change frequently over the next 48 hours as the system counts everything up.
  19. We'll be rebuilding again today and it will make a difference to some people's ranks once they're recalculated, so please don't be concerned if yours changes.
  20. Can't say I've seen that, is it happening in a particular thread?
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