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  1. As part of an ongoing plan to simplify and improve the community layout, we're soon to be merging the general (seasonal) weather forum with the model forum, so all the discussions can sit together in one place. This should make it easier to find the model thread when browsing other related topics, and vice versa for those users of the model discussion. The model thread archive will continue, so you'll be able to find all the old model discussions in there. If you've not already seen it, now is maybe a good time to remind everyone that our new learning area is taking shape, with lots of great guides, weather info and links to papers and resources elsewhere on the net: https://www.netweather.tv/forum/learning/ A new q&a forum will replace the old style learning discussions soon as well.
  2. GFS 12z and related products are delayed this evening due to supercomputer issues at NCEP:
  3. By the time the ECM reaches 240 hours though, it's all change with the trough gone and HP in it's place so the 'Indian Summer' is back with a vengeance. Long way off though, so we'll see.
  4. The article you linked means some people on a boat got stuck in ice. So it rather suggests they need to brush up on their navigation skills and preparation better, rather than anything else. If you want to talk about the ice in the Arctic, you're more than welcome - but coming up with ridiculous stories like the one you've linked above and then trying to twist that to suit your agenda is never going to fly. Talking about the ice itself, the differences between this and last year all require some actual fact based evidence - eg maps, satellite images etc etc. All of which are covered in here perfectly well, so if you want to discuss, why not start there rather than with a non-story about people getting stuck in a boat. If you're not a 'denier' you hide that fact very well, as it's a common theme to see these random blogs brought up to provide the 'evidence' to support theories which the science won't. Adding catastrophic to the sentence is a neat way out though! You're not a climate change denier, but you do deny catastrophic climate change exists/is going to happen. If there is a line between the two, it seems like it's very fine and very hard to define. All of which is totally off topic in this thread of course, but if you want to talk about your theories, define the differences between catastrophic and non-catastrophic agw and provide some actual scientific evidence go with it, please do feel free to start a thread. As this one is about Arctic ice. And as for castigating people - I don't think you have been. But ultimately if you wade into a debate armed with a one paragraph article talking about 'climate change warriors' getting stuck on a boat from a random blog, and decide to use that as some form of evidence about the state of the ice in the Arctic, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect robust responses questioning both the article and your motivation for using it.
  5. But what does that have to do with this thread? They navigated wrong, for whatever reason, got into trouble, etc etc etc. That has zero to do with the state of ice in the arctic - unless, like I say, you're desperately looking to prove a theory so short of actual scientific evidence, it requires you to latch on to every tenuous piece of supposed 'evidence' you can find on random blogs, youtube etc.
  6. You want to latch on to anything which proves climate change isn't as advanced as 99.99% of climate scientists agree it is. That is your pet theory. You're not providing balance, even if it was required, you're providing meaningless fud which adds nothing to the subject. If the article is true, it says nothing about climate change, the state of the ice or anything else. It simply says that some people got stuck in ice, perhaps through lack of navigation skills, lack of knowledge of the region or lack of preparation. It's hardly an indicator of far more widespread ice than expected/forecast/mapped or anything of the kind. Unless of course you're squinting really hard and trying to find any chink to jump onto and claim as a victory to back up a 'theory' which despite your frequent protestations is based on no evidence whatsoever. So, really it's not a shock that it's not been reported, as it's a non-story of interest only to those who, like yourself, are now clutching for whatever straws they can find to suit their agenda, sadly.
  7. Indeed, if you can call it an article. Another day, another instance of someone doing their best to find 'evidence' to support their personal theories, unfortunately. And I thought you were all about the science MIA, ho hum.
  8. I think now is maybe a good time to remind people about the title and intended topic of this thread: We're straying too far from it, and too far into politics right now.
  9. We're working on other things at the moment, so don't have any new news to share. We're a small team and have to juggle priorities as needed, at this time is the fairly unexciting but important new SCA rules for payments which is taking a lot of our time up. We have lots in the pipeline for both the UKV and radar which we'll update on as soon as we have news. In terms of schedule, all things being equal, I'd expect us to be back into development on them at some point this month.
  10. As of today, we've merged the lounge, serious, sports and techie chat forum into one single area. Within here, all kinds of non-weather related chat is fine - from random banter, to quizzes, sports discussion, serious discussion and techie / gadget related topics. We've made a start on tagging all the threads, so the various topics are easily searchable (click on the tags to see a list of topics on that subject). As previously within the serious discussion, political discussion (including Brexit) is off limits. The team will consider opening threads in times of wider political interest such as general elections and the like. Please also bear in mind, that the lounge is community moderated, which means the team rely on those taking part to self-moderate their own posts to keep them within the community guidelines, and to report posts they believe to be outside of those guidelines.
  11. Research suggests that most Brits don't pack enough suntan lotion when they go abroad on holiday. Read More Here
  12. Oddly, I can't recreate it. Would recommend going back to v7 for now if it's causing an issue for you though, as there are still bugs in there. We'll be back in for another development round soon, part of which will be bug clearing etc.
  13. Strange, we've not been working on it over the last couple of weeks as we've been busy on other projects, so no changes have been made. Perhaps clear your cookies and cache, that may help. Although the future radar thing is a bug which is down to be fixed soon.
  14. Not too sure @Mapantz tbh, we've not made any recent changes. My Android pie device seems to be working as normal. Any ideas @Karl?
  15. I'd not go that far just yet The latter part of the month has a bit of promise for an upturn - we may see some high pressure ridging our way to break the unsettled spell. If the ensembles are anything to go by this morning, they appear to want to start to lift the trough as we head toward the final week of the month. It's a bit of a straw clutch for now I guess, but worth watching over the next 7 or 10 days to see if that starts to materialise at closer range. Not great: Some hope for the final week of the month? Nearer term though, not pleasant. Some chunky rainfall totals to end the week as low pressure barrells in. Thursday Friday The models are firming up on timing now, with both the UKV and Netwx models very similar in having the low over the centre/south of Ireland on Friday afternoon.
  16. It's the height of convective cloud, so is another guide in terms of convective/storm potential and how strong that convection may be.
  17. Hi @Tim, thanks for the suggestion. I'll add it to the wishlist, although our hands may be a bit tied in that it uses the native google maps functionality, and I'm not too sure how much customisation is possible on it. On a similar subject, I'd recommend moving over to our newer Netweather radar app, as any improvements are likely to go into that rather than the storm radar which is on an older codebase and less likely to get new features etc at this point. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tv.netweather.netweatherradar&hl=en_GB
  18. Pretty impressive seeing the storms/showers all spinning around the low today:
  19. We don't have it on an app yet, but you could try our local forecasts https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/uk/7-day
  20. It all depends where the rain band is. The chart SS posted has it further southwest than the BBC map, hence the lower temperatures in that area. Plus, it does have plenty of 20c's in other parts of England. This is the UKV take on it at 4pm tomorrow - different again, owing to the difficultly in placing the weather front bringing the rain.
  21. Cambridge @ 38.1c has confirmed as the top temperature yesterday (for the sake of this competition) by the Met Office extremes feed. So, that gives us a set of leaders (and very likely winners!). Assuming nothing extremely crazy happens today, we'll do a random draw and two of the people on this list will be the winners. @Onding @OddSpot @bazookabob @Rob K @Carl46Wrexham @Team Squirrel @MattStoke The draw will take place tomorrow
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