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  1. For those booked on tours 3-5 in 2019, United are offering direct returns from Heathrow to Denver from £360 (approx) at the moment. Bargain! https://www.united.com/ual/en/gb/ For those thinking of booking for next year, we're all but sold out - just spaces on tour 3 left... https://www.weatherholidays.com/stormchase-usa/book.html
  2. Paul

    New Radar apps RAIN SNOW

    There's an update available now in the play store
  3. Paul

    New Radar apps RAIN SNOW

    Ok thanks. There's a bug affecting Oreo at the moment as it has a new way of handling notifications, Karl's working on a new version at the moment which'll fix it.
  4. Paul

    New Radar apps RAIN SNOW

    Are you using either Android Oreo or a huwaeii handset there at all @Mapantz?
  5. Paul

    Breaking news

    No political chat please.
  6. I'm really not missing the point, only people who aren't logged to Extra see the message, as those who are logged in don't have any ads on the site in any case. We collect the stats of how people interact with the site, if people were simply leaving after seeing the message, then the stats would show it and we'd act on it. But at this poiint in time, that isn't happening - in fact a high percentage of people are choosing to whitelist the site. (And just for the sake of clarity, they're anonymized, grouped statistics rather than individual user info). As for staying logged in etc, if you're on a shared computer then obviously logging out/removing cookies etc makes sense, but if not, staying logged in and leaving site cookies such as this poses no security risk.
  7. Oh and for what it's worth, this will be added to the guidelines shortly..
  8. A bunch of sniping posts have been removed, as have comments about people not being entitled to have an opinion about the weather at the moment. Some folks need to grow up a tad and accept that sometimes other people are different and enjoy different weather types rather than getting up in arms about it.
  9. Can we keep it to the models in here please, there are lots of other places to discuss the weather more generally (regional threads, convective thread for the storms today, and the summer chat thread being three examples).
  10. That's an article about sites which are blocking people using ad blockers, we're not doing that, we're displaying a dissmissable message Unfortunately, as you delete all cookies, you're not being kept logged in, and you're losing the frequency cap on the message which would otherwise mean you only see it once a month.
  11. Yes it was https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/uk/7-day/24348~Rotherham
  12. Enough is enough. If you like the heat, great. If you don't like it, that's great too. It's not a competition. This consistent butting of heads trying somehow to prove one point of view is right or wrong is getting tiring and all a bit pathetic really. As mentioned above, it's subjective, there are no rights and wrongs here. Someone who does or doesn't like a weather type doesn't need to be guilt tripped and called selfish with stories of how certain weather conditions create problems, since frankly no-one can control what the weather is going to do. And whether it be hot, cold, wet, or dry, the weather can and does create issues for people, nature, business etc. So, any more of this stuff, please report it. And those consistently harping on and on about it, please stop now before we end up having to stop you taking part in these discussions. (PS - the raft of posts on this subject from this afternoon have been deleted)
  13. Lots of things are potential security holes tp. That's the nature of the net, all everyone can do is minimise the small risk of problems by taking adequate steps. Whether that be users keeping PC's upto date, using security software, sites keeping software and servers updated, working with reputable ad providers etc etc. But yes, extra subs remove all ads from the site when logged in. We've even removed the ads on the forum entirely until we get it setup to do the same.
  14. There's malicious and malicious though TP, the ad I assume you're talking about was on mobile and wanted people to download a paid for app to 'clean' their phones. So although annoying, viewing the ad wasn't actually harmful. And that's one ad, shown to a tiny percentage of people and from what I can recall, the only instance of a problem in the last 12 months. So, some perspective needed perhaps. The ad providers we work with are all mainstream, trusted ones who have multiple layers of ad-security built in to stop any problem ads getting through. (We actually dropped the provider who showed that spammy ad because we didn't feel we could trust them beyond it). We and the ad co's we work with take it the ad-quality very seriously, and the fact that there are so few bad ads that every come through is maybe testament to that. Can we absolutely guarantee you'll never see a duff/spammy ad? No, but there's also no guarantee that your router firmware or pc software won't have a security hole and expose you to malicious bots/ads etc either, or a site that you use with or without ads won't have some sort of security issue and expose you that way. Nothing much in life is guaranteed, and in reality if you want an absolute 100% guarantee of no security risk on your computer, probably the only way is to unplug it from the internet entirely! We'll ask once a month at max about whitelisting the site using this new system (if you don't delete the cookies), and are essentially trialling its use to see how it goes - so far the number of people whitelisting has been very encouraging. The message is polite, hideable and infrequent, so I'm not sure there's any cause to complain about it. Some/many sites out there block people who use adblockers entirely or have more in your face/frequent requests. The simple fact is that ad-revenue pays for the free parts of websites, if everyone blocked ads then the free internet would cease to exist - servers, bandwidth, development time, article writing etc don't come freely or indeed particularly cheaply if you want quality and security. It's something I think those who block ads sometimes forget, as the internet is quite faceless. Plus, it's understandably quite easy to grab a blocker to maybe block ads on a website with loads of annoying ads / popups etc and then to just leave it there blocking every ad everywhere, even on those sites like Netweather who have a max of 3 ads on a page, take great care in terms of ad placement and quality and don't perhaps deserve to be tarred with the same brush as that original spammy site which the blocker was downloaded for. So offering a gentle nudge about it is all we're doing. Plus of course, we do have Extra subscriptions which remove all ads on the site also, so that's another option beyond a blocker if you don't want to view ads on Netweather.
  15. If you still use ghostery, then that blocks cookies etc, you need to use the controls in that to decide what you want it to block or not.