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  1. Perhaps, as @bluearmy suggests, posts cherry picking single cold ensemble members would be better in the ramping (banter) thread, as that's essentially what they are, unless those charts are also accompanied by other discussion to provide some reasoning as to why they may come off, as opposed to them just looking nice from a cold perspective.
  2. Lots of snow in my backyard type posts in here this evening, I've just moved a bunch into the banter thread, but they'd be equally well suited to the regional threads. Also don't forget that there is a short-range model thread here:
  3. It seems to just be on the traditional scale, we're looking into it now but in the meantime the other scales are ok
  4. We put the app through to apple back in November, but as yet they aren't happy with it, due to it only being available to subscribers to use (essentially, they want us to sell the subscriptions through the app, which at the same time would mean giving them 30% of the revenue from all subscriptions). So, we're looking at how best to move forward on that front.
  5. Forum App

    'On the agenda' is, in my mind at least, the same as 'looking into it', and, if I remember right, at that time, invision (or a third party) were saying they'd be making one, which they subsequently pulled out of. Regardless though, it's something that's on the list, but not definitively so, and as Mapantz says, it's something which unless it's done with a really tight integration, it doesn't add a lot more than the web version would. Out of interest, what would you like to see from an app which the web version doesn't offer at the moment?
  6. Forum App

    Tbh, I don't think we've ever said we're making an app for the forums (and we don't use tapatalk, although we have investigated that). We've looked into it a few times, and there has been the odd occasion where Invision (the forum software makers) have threatened to come up with an app, but as yet that hasn't materialised. It's certainly on the list to do at some point, but it's not in the development plan at the moment, so isn't something which is likely in the near future.
  7. Site annoyances and bugs

    I've switched the forum back to it's standard fluid width setup. For those who want a fixed max width, I've made a new theme imaginatively titled: Netweather (fixed max width), which you can select from the bottom of the page. Re Extra, it's coming, no eta currently, but a new version is definitely in the pipeline.
  8. Forecasts

    We skipped the update yesterday evening, but the overnight run has completed.
  9. Site annoyances and bugs

    I'll get a copy of the skin made tomorrow which works as it did before.
  10. Site annoyances and bugs

    It's a max 1400px, which for the majority of screens is pretty optimal. The skin changer is at the bottom of the page.
  11. I've moved some posts over into the banter thread, so please look in there if you're wondering about a missing post. As ever, please use that thread for moans, ramps and emotional reactions to the models. https://www.netweather.tv/forum/topic/86721-model-moans-ramps-and-banter/
  12. That's nearly a page of off topic posts removed just then (thanks to those who reported the posts). Can we please keep this to model discussion. We have already had to start pre-moderating several members posts in this topic, and will continue to add to the list if the same people keep on posting whatever they fancy in here with no consideration for those who want to actually discuss the models in here, enough is enough.
  13. Site annoyances and bugs

    Ok thanks, I'll look into it.
  14. Site annoyances and bugs

    Hi ArHu, thanks for posting this. Regarding number 1 - can I ask which skin you are using, is it the default or netweather simple? The twitter embeds should be fixed now. The old images being are related to browser and cdn caching, I'm actually considering switching off the functionality to link to remote images due to this (and the fact that many aren't able to be loaded through https). I'd recommend that instead of linking to images, you download them to your pc and upload them into your post, then they'll always show correctly.
  15. Have increased to 300 now.