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  1. First foggy start of the season here, still to clear, in fact still to show any signs of clearing. Not exactly warm either @4c
  2. Welcome to the community @Keith Greenish, I've just moved this over to our weather stations forum where I'm sure you'll get an answer to your question
  3. Looks like invision may have removed the option as it stood on a recent update. I'll look into it.
  4. GFS snow predictions are way too broad brush to pay much, if any attention to. On the higher res modelling, it looks like the lowlands of Scotland and the north Pennines could be the sweet spot at the moment.
  5. It should still be there - under options on your posts
  6. Friday's still looking very wet on the 15z UKV. Really sharp temperature gradient too, and a proper convergence line along the front - could make for an intense squall line on it. Mild vs cold air: Winds converging along the front - heavy rain and a likely squall line. Then later a really clean tail end with clearer skies behind. Rain totals looking sizeable through Friday and into Saturday before it clears.
  7. It uses the GFS data as a base, but has its own physics for rainfall etc.
  8. The sticky note system is back up and running again now.
  9. The temperature map says a lot this morning - clear skies and a crisp Autumn start for Scotland and most of Ireland. Further south, more cloud, some drizzle here and there, along with some heavier rain in the SE. Here in the midlands, it's been drizzling pretty much non-stop since yesterday evening.
  10. No, I wouldn't expect it'll be that long at all.
  11. Much the same as last week Max, we'll definitely be telling everyone when the next version is available
  12. Nice! Canada is the place to be for winter right now
  13. To be fair, some parts of both London and Surrey have seen 20mm plus of rain since this morning. These are the 12 hour rain totals:
  14. Morning @BurntFishTrousers I assume you're using WXtoImg there, as the images look the same as when I used it. Do you know where it can be downloaded from these days, as their website has gone? Or, alternatively - do you know of another similar program?
  15. Yawn, title topic is "Positive changes: What kind of lifestyle changes are or might you be making going forward to help the planet?" - so maybe we can chat about something loosely related to that, rather than an interview on breakfast tv three days ago!
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