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  1. This is not the BBC forecast thread, please stop replying to the (already deleted) post about it! Thank you
  2. New Radar apps RAIN SNOW

    Hi, the iOS app isn't out yet, but the online one is here https://www.netweather.tv/radar
  3. People are commenting on the run, not sure I see the issue with that - it's not like anyone is jumping overboard in their reactions to it..
  4. GFS up to 132 hours here https://www.netweather.tv/charts-and-data/gfs The beast is coming..
  5. Sorry all, we may never get to the bottom of where the previous thread went unfortunately, but here's a fresh thread to get going with..
  6. We're looking into this now, it seems to have vanished without trace which is obviously quite weird. Will get another one restarted shortly.
  7. Ok, Ok, I think we get it, the models have been very volatile, this is just one of many, many different solutions etc etc! It would probably have sufficed to just post: more runs needed!
  8. There are still far too many off topic posts being made in here, and some people who are continually doing this are now cm's away from losing their right to post in here. It's a pretty clearcut rule really - if it's not specifically about the models, then it shouldn't be posted in here. There is the banter thread for more generally chat/ramps and moans - it's busy already over there, so no reason for those just wanting to react to the model output to not post in there: https://www.netweather.tv/forum/topic/86721-model-moans-ramps-and-banter/ Plus there is the thread setup just to chat about this cold spell, from forecasts to expectations etc etc. https://www.netweather.tv/forum/topic/89358-ssw-related-cold-spell-will-it-wont-it/ The time is now for some of you, no further warnings - either keep it on topic, or we will be adding to the list of restricted accounts this winter...
  9. Yes, that's it https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/research/weather/ensemble-forecasting/mogreps
  10. We have a thread open for the potential cold spell thread now, for those wanting to chat more generally about it without just talking about the forecasting model output.
  11. With a potential cold end to winter and start to spring on the horizon, here's a thread to discuss the ins and outs of that, how the latest forecasts are looking and so on. There's obviously a lot of chat in the model thread about this currently, and you can also find info about the SSW over in the strat thread. Nick has also blogged about the SSW here: Sudden Stratospheric Warming This Weekend, But What Is It & How Will It Affect Our Weather? And about the model mayhem currently being caused by it here: Sudden Stratospheric Warming Brings Weather Model Mayhem It's fair to say that confidence in the exact weather we're going to see from mid-next week onward is currently very low, but the Met Office are confident enough in the likelihood of cold weather that they've recently put out a press release: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/news/releases/2018/a-sudden-stratospheric-warming-and-potential-impacts-on-uk Winter could be set to go out with a bang it seems, but it's not nailed on, yet.....
  12. I know we do this dance pretty much daily, but please, please (x10) can we keep the meto stuff in the meto thread, this thread is for discussing the models. Also, the banter thread is open and busy for those who just want to chat loosely about the models, perhaps react emotionally (eg moan or ramp up 'feelings' about what the models may or may not do) etc. Those sort of posts are fine, just not in here, as this thread should be for discussing the actual output. https://www.netweather.tv/forum/topic/86721-model-moans-ramps-and-banter/
  13. They wouldn't have put it out if the data issues were still present, it was simply a delay.That said, I'd not put trust in any model beyond 72 hours right now.
  14. Hot off the press.... Nick's latest blog, on the model mayhem happening at the moment.. SSW Brings Weather Model Mayhem
  15. So, before I sign off for the evening, a few stats. Today, there have been over 50 posts reported, all in the model thread, which the team have checked and in most cases acted upon. We've hidden or moved around 100 posts from the model thread in total today as well. That's a lot..... The reason I'm sharing this is a. For those people who seem to think that it's only their posts which have been moderated. And b. To show the workload involved in deal with those who just don't want to moderate themselves in here. The odd off topic post is something which happens - we don't catch them all, and in some cases it's just a small topic drift and ok. Unfortunately in others, 1 off topic post can lead to 20 in the blink of an eye, hence the reason we try to act speedily. So, please - can we all work together to keep this thread about the models (which is what virtually everyone wants). We don't want to remove posts, and the ultimate power is with everyone who makes a post, as if they're on topic/within the guidelines then we don't have to. Obviously, this is an off topic post, please don't follow it up with any more - if you want to discuss the above, you're welcome to pm me or any other member of the team. Paul