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  1. It's a bit of a fudge. It's not been the hottest easter ever, but was the hottest easter sunday (in places) and easter monday ever (just about everywhere).
  2. That's the world we live in though, there are some people who think that way. We do stop people posting on here when they just make 'anti-science' statements over and over again and won't engage. As we do with people who resort to insults and the like. We also have fairly strict rules in terms of acceptable, science based evidence etc. So please report posts which you think are going beyond reasonable. Ultimately there will always be people who disbelieve the science, for whatever reason, but all we can all do is keep going with the evidence and science based debate, in the hope that at least some of those wake up and smell the coffee. I agree, It shouldn't really be necessary at this point, but it is what it is.
  3. There is a balance to be had though. Even if some of those posting the contrarian stuff won't change their views, the evidence and info posted to challenge them will be read by many others, some of whom may be sitting on the fence or even in the denial camp, and that info may help to sway them. I'm not saying we should allow the 'hardcore deniers' a platform to present pseudo-science etc, but closing down debate entirely isn't necessarily the way forward. If there are people out there who still don't believe the science, despite all of the evidence, then those views need countering using factual, scientific evidence as clearly and as regularly as possible imo. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-48018034/climate-change-activist-greta-thunberg-listen-to-climate-scientists
  4. Some cracking easter weekend pics in here, please feel free to post them into our Easter gallery, so we can preserve a record of what's been an amazing long weekend. https://www.netweather.tv/forum/gallery/category/80-easter-weekend-2019/
  5. Noticed some really nice photos of the Easter weekend posted in here over the last few days - we have a gallery setup to keep a record of it all, so if anyone wants to post their shots in there, that'd be great. https://www.netweather.tv/forum/gallery/category/80-easter-weekend-2019/
  6. The high yesterday was 25c at Northolt, so an amazing weekend for late April really, and plenty of Easter records biting the dust. @38.5*C is the competition winner, with a guess just .1c away from the highest temperature across the weekend, congratulations! (I'll be in touch via pm a bit later so we can arrange your prize). Thanks to everyone who took part, we should do this sort of thing more often
  7. The 25.3 wasn't official I don't think, perhaps failed qc for some reason, as the Met Office aren't showing it on their extremes feed.
  8. 24.6c was the high yesterday (london Heathrow), so we're still in the same position in the competition with @38.5*C leading the way. Doesn't look especially likely we'll be bettering 25.5c today, but you never know!
  9. Gosport Fleetlands won the day again yesterday, with a max of 25.5c. That means @Kirkcaldy Weather is off the top spot and eliminated. The current leader is @38.5*C with a guess of 25.6c. Today is going to be close, can we squeeze a bit warmer, or will Saturday be the peak? https://www.netweather.tv/live-weather/daily-top-20/maxt
  10. There'll likely be a different high temp by the morning, no all stations report in realtime.
  11. Thanks. Whatever happens (and the new design will change ahead of making any final decisions on it), the current forum index screen will still available.
  12. It's just the limit of the radar coverage
  13. The max size of the ad at the top on mobile is 320x100 pixels but more often than not it's 320x50 pixels, so is actually quite small. On desktop it's 728x90 pixels, again not that big in page real estate terms. Most advertising needs to be above the fold on web pages, particularly if you only have 1 ad a page. I don't have a 4k monitor to test on, so if you could screen shot that, it would be really helpful, thanks.
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