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  1. GEFS also similar this morning Meantime though, some stormy options popping up for later next week..
  2. That's looking bloody great. I really hope I can make a trip to the mountains this season!
  3. There's a bit of uncertainty over the winds, but yep most likely (at this stage) to be a coastal gale type situation with a lower risk of more widespread strong winds in the SE.
  4. Storm Barbara has been named by the Spanish Met Office, and will be bringing rain and strong winds to southern and central England into tomorrow. Info in the latest homepage update here: Storm Barbara arriving later as Autumn proper kicks back into gear WWW.NETWEATHER.TV After a very wet 24 hours for the north and particularly northwest of the UK, along with Ireland, it's similar areas in the firing line... I'll also drop back in with some more charts etc from the UKV in a bit.
  5. Ukww has been around longer than netweather, think it started in 2001 ish.
  6. I'm not sure, but I think the time has probably come to retire those older ones - they look horrible on the dark theme!
  7. I visited Deux Alpes for the first time last Spring, on a trip which was cut short thanks to Covid restrictions. Hopefully I'll be making a return visit next Spring as the few days we got were very good. It's also looking nice for the start of the season in a couple of days.
  8. Ok, how long do you think it would take to drive to Canada?
  9. Another of my favourite places getting in on the action 🙂
  10. I've split posts from late September onwards into this thread, to make a fresh one for this year.
  11. I've split this thread out from here into a new thread for 2020 here:
  12. The precipitation type data is 1km resolution at the moment, so we'll not be upgrading that until the Met Office do (if they do). We are looking at smoothing it though.
  13. A fresh thread for Autumn and into Winter - just as the first snow has been appearing over the tops in recent days 🙂
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