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  1. Light snow just started, right on cue with radar. A couple of hours ago you could see the front coming over from the east as a line of darker cloud.
  2. Yep - heavy snow coming your way - given a covering.....again!
  3. Well done for making a snowman - if there can be a disappointment about the snow here (besides the fact the kids keep leaving melting snow around the house and that the wife has brought in the rabbits (so they don't get too cold) and are leaving their own mementos everywhere in the conservatory), then it's too powdery to construct anything!
  4. When I looked at the GEM a few nights ago it showed 50 hours of continuous snow, and I thought, no way! Well it's been continuous for most of yesterday from 7am (ish) and all of today, plus is still going! It's never been what I would call heavy, but wow, it just shows how continuous snow can build up. What will the night bring!? Radar looks interesting! Been great reading the posts on here this week!
  5. Love that snow drift that looks like a fin snaking across the path!
  6. The biggest flakes have just started to fall in the gusty wind, snowing quite heavily again!
  7. Still snowing, incredibly beautiful, want to wake them all up for that walk now! Charts showing more snow this afternoon into this evening having had a quick glance!!! Stay safe all. ps has everyone now countrywide seen snow that wanted it?!
  8. Been fine powder snow constantly - a good covering, hard to measure due to the drifting , but near 10cm? Probably same for you? Looking forward to a lovely walk in the morning with the kids!
  9. Yes remember it well (lived up the road from you in Upton St Leonards then) - the roads turned into sheet ice - incredible and the most dangerous driving conditions I've seen................ actually impossible!
  10. The GEM is a beast! (goes to show 54 hours of heavy snow for some! lol)