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  1. Not sure if this belongs here, but on the way home I saw the most amazing bright light zoom across the sky from south to north at 5.35pm, quite close to the ground heading towards the Witney area from Standlake and can only put it down to a meteor the speed it was travelling, before it burnt up? Just wondering if anyone else spotted this, as it certainly made your stomach flutter as to what on earth it was! ??
  2. Anything settling from that Norfolk dangler? Come on you Yellows for later!
  3. See the snow cover over the south of England here: https://en.sat24.com/en/gb/visual
  4. I just had a thought......what if this blob stays over us for the whole of February! lol Localised effect of the SSW? ?
  5. yeah and he looks a bit older than his original profile pic! lol travelling has not done him well! ?
  6. Went out earlier - already covered footprints, it is coming down strongly and radar is not reflecting this?
  7. Morning all! Family day in the snow - school have said so! A good 5 inches and still snowing.......gusty wind drifting it about! Enjoy!
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