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  1. Thats a difficult question each season has its on little thing that makes it special . But that said winter would have to pip it . The snow to me transfers me back to being a child again
  2. So do I its fascinating stuff loll night all hope your days better tomorrow moki x
  3. Have I missed something ? What's with the bazookas and baps ????
  4. Rubber tree plant See what I did then ehhh plant (large machinery)
  5. Hey if I could don a hardhat and help out I so would moki ... Thats a lot of dosh
  6. What is it with the veg sayings lassie Sorry to hear your days not been good moki
  7. Got to be a fair whack that doesn't sound good Hi lassie
  8. Oh dear moki that doesn't sound good
  9. I read somewhere that the house spider is very poisonous its just that its fangs aren't big enough to pierce the skin !!!! Ewwwwwww
  10. Yes and puts alternative things in your shopping when they haven't what you want !!!
  11. Oh my goodness me I've just realised what I said ...
  12. Indoor holes (lassie) xxx I know Dancer with wings lol
  13. Oh god thats horrendous !! I couldn't imagine anything worse ! I'm an up on the table sort of girl I'm afraid x
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