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  1. 1 inch now in Norwich, surprisingly the road outside my house (which is a bus route) is completely covered in snow. Snowing heavily now and expect streamers all night. Not sure we are going to match the 21cm from 2018 but a long way to go yet. Temp -2.2C DP -3.0C windchill -5.1C
  2. started snowing lightly at 7:30am - prob 0.5cm settled, not much but early days and things starting to turn white... temp = -0.3C, DP = -1.2C, wind = NE gust 25mph
  3. that still amazes me - 12 inches and you couldn't have a snowball fight with it!!
  4. -18c uppers here in Jan 87 but that was an exceptionally cold couple of days - struggled to get above -5C for 72 hours....
  5. 2.7C with DP of 1.4C and falling fast. 10mph average NE wind. Not expecting much snow tomorrow possibly 5cm between 9am-9pm. Expecting more on Monday with the cold uppers and streamers forming (we got 20cm over night 28/2/2018 all from streamers, although that had lower 850s compared to this spell). I'm hoping this will be a more prolonged event where snow accumulations build over weeks, rather than banking it all on a single event - we shall see!! www.norwichweather.co.uk
  6. I'm near there (SW Norwich) and maxed out at 35.4C but it get quite windy and heat up a bit as the towering clouds came close by to the West...
  7. clouds have now cleared and temp up to 26.1C @9:30
  8. Based on 20 years of weather recording and observing in Norwich, I doubt we will break the UK record or even the July record. We need a strong-ish SW flow to be the hottest place in the UK, regardless of upper temps (generally!). Tomorrow the winds look to have too much of an easterly component to them. I wouldn't be surprised to see 35C tomorrow (which will be the 3rd highest temp ever recorded for Norwich - 1932, 2003 being the top 2) but 36+ seems a little too far. Hope I'm wrong, will certainly be watching the VP2 tomorrow!! Norwich Weather : www.norwichweather.co.uk
  9. Hi Do you have a members 'for sale' board where we can advertise second hand weather equipment? Thanks
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