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  1. Nothing but seasonal average temperatures and rain on both the Netweather seven and fourteen day forecasts?
  2. Some unfortunate people get SAD disorder from lack of sunlight. I have a disorder that makes me low and depressed from lack of snow in February...the last true winter month. The last chance . I ought to emigrate to Canada! Foolishly, every November I log into the Netweather model thread, looking for good, snowy news. Every recent year is a roller coaster of raised then cruelly dashed expectations. In the past, I have remembered snowy Februaries and short lived but spectacular snow in March and April but the sun is too strong, the ground too warm for it to last by then.. This years expect
  3. Am I the only one to find the Netweather Seven Day forecasts a tad frustrating! For example, our area was given 60 percent chance of snow overnight and into the morning and 90 percent between 9 am and 12pm but not even a flake! The predicted temperatures tonight are scary cold... -8 and as we are in a micro climate frost pocket here, that could well be much colder. Chesham was in the news twice over the years as being the coldest place in the UK at -21. Odd for a little market town nestling in the Chilterns! My husband said that the BBC weather is predicting a rapid thaw. W
  4. Puny light snow on top of rain up here in the Chilterns, cannot believe it will be there by morning. So disappointing
  5. Latest BBC weather forecast seems at variance with the Netweather forecast and the model forum satelite projections...the BBC is not showing the same cold forecasts....confusing!
  6. The Beast From the East? More likely the Wuss From the Russ...! Just winter , as most of us on here know. overhyped by the media. The Daily Excess of course bleated about A Killer Snow Storm to hit the whole of the UK....yawn.....
  7. There was forecasts for snow in the Chilterns on the Netweather Seven Day Forecast all week....all gone now ,..as usual :-(
  8. Usual Chilterns no show snow...I see it on the radar all the time, precipitation heading towards us only to split above and below to avoid us altogether, Must be something in the topology of the land. Fed up of getting 90/95 percent chance of snow on the Netweather seven day forecasts which ends up as zero
  9. Missing out again in the Chilterns....up to an hour ago, the forecast was 90 percent for heavy snow tonight...now only 50 percent for a light dusting. Looking on the radar, its gone past us to the south . Showers on the radar seem to always split above and below us on radar runs..
  10. I am one of those snow lovers who swears never to follow the model discussions or look at the Netweather forecasts. It is always downgrades and disappointment. This morning the forecast was a high chance for heavy snow on Thursday night...already downgraded to heavy rain. I do need to know though. I have to make plans for my three mares, two from Iberia about how to care for them in extreme weather. So the annual rollercoaster of model watch and forecast checking continues. Oh, and I am in the Chilterns...no longer a guarantee of snow here anymore
  11. I am no expert but the pattern for this winter so far has been identical to the past few dreary wet and mild winters. Early cold followed by mild all the way to Spring. The curse of the Daily Excess? Definitely all over and even earlier than last year....I have found daisies growing in the field! Once they are there, it's game over. Time to emigrate to Canada !
  12. I am no expert but the pattern for this winter so far has been identical to the past few dreary wet and mild winters with America hogging all the cold. Early cold followed by mild all the way to Spring. The curse of the Daily Excess?
  13. Chilterns missing out again by the look of it, usual disappointing downgrade on the Netweather seven day forecast...this morning there was plenty to look forward to, now....
  14. Happy for the East Anglian folk...I didn't think any snow would reach you from yesterday's forecasts..... up in the Chilterns, we did have snow forecast but just had drizzle...Mother Nature at her most fickle again, bless her!
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