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  1. Maybe but the ensembles show a definite cool down
  2. That would cool SS down a bit... Touch of frost for the new month?
  3. Tided for you ! I lived through it to - never had a winter better since!
  4. Yep - ECM still flying the coldie's flag this morning with snow acumulating in the north and the welsh uplands / peak district. Pretty chilly for the rest and maybe a few snow showers coming into the East Coast? Pity it's not winter anymore!
  5. 1962 was a wet cool summer - just sayin'
  6. There's only so much enthusiasm (very limited!) that one can muster for rain & drizzle after a couple of tasty Beasts - LOL
  7. Brilliant - Canada has such an awesome climate!
  8. In the more reliable timeframe a chance of more snow for the north, Wales & W country moors as early as Thursday!
  9. Nope - ECM showing max about 58F (14.4C) at 1pm Sat next week. https://weather.us/model-charts/euro/england/temperature-f/20180407-1800z.html Probably due to extensive cloud cover https://weather.us/model-charts/euro/england/total-cloud-coverage/20180407-1800z.html
  10. Mmm... looks like peaking at about 14C at best with a lot of rain about acc. to the precip spikes. Personally I'd prefer the cold / cooler weather with some decent sunshine and chilly nights with nice low dewpoint air over us.
  11. Yep - should get a decent frost out of that with these uppers in place
  12. I suggest you go to Siberia for some real warmth for the next 3 months ! Looks average to cool at best in the UK
  13. Maybe a nice surprise easterly from ECM? Specially for the traitorous Frosty!