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  1. Maybe April will turn out to be the coldest & snowiest month! More like April's fool!
  2. Yes,nice blizzard conditions for the north! Great stuff
  3. When was the last time that Spring was colder than virtually anytime in the entire winter? Pick of the GEFS
  4. Don't worry, it looks like cold rain Anyway the Canucks are getting another freezing blast which is heading off Newfoundland to wind up the Atlantic again....
  5. yours are easier on the eye - mine not so good after a night out on the beer!
  6. Chalk to cheese. Consistent shift in GEFS now. 00z 06z From warm and dry to cool/cold and wet - welcome Spring!
  7. Nice clean clear PM air usually delivers higher temps and much more sunshine here than the rubbish we have at the moment i.e. 8C and dull as ditch water all day. I honestly can't see the attraction ...
  8. Lovely cross polar flow But, of course. it misses us too far east and we stay in the mild trash throughout...
  9. Definite trend down across recent GEFS suites after the exceptional mild period Having said that, locally it's been rather dank and uninspiring 9-11 C.
  10. Right, that's it I'm taking up another far more exciting hobby than hunting for cold in the UK!
  11. March comes in like a wimp Much like the extended Autumn...
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