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  1. Come the Equinox - hello winter A bit late to the party but hinted at by METO in their text long ranger. ?
  2. Nice bit of snow for Dartmoor & Exmoor ?
  3. As for the rest of Europe, it's a pretty sorry picture, Enjoy Reykjavik whilst you can! ?
  4. Blasted Vortex goes from strength to sodin' strength! ? Problem is, simple physics says that as the season progresses towards the equinox the Northern polar region will keep the cold bottled up and the heating of the lower latitudes will simply enhance the thermal gradient. So - stronger jet and more mild unsettled crap!
  5. The most vicious and potent jet streak in the entire NH this weekend is - guess where?... Now there's a surprise. ?
  6. You must have the constitution of an Ox to keep plugging away for us Nick! All signals seem to point relentlessly to zonal dross ad nauseum.... Thanks for your efforts anyway, you're always entertaining even if the weather isn't! ?
  7. 06z showing a potential ground frost and depressed daytime temps so don't hold your breath!
  8. Mild all the way into FI after the cool and windy blip.
  9. Yes - and unfortunately the ECM30 updated today and shows mild anomalies for the next 4 weeks across most of the country. ?
  10. Looks like a nice bit of cold and snow heading towards it's natural winter home.. .GREECE ??
  11. Decent support for the northerly ? Ahh just beat me TI ! ?
  12. Yes and I'll usually raise an eyebrow when the Op & Control trend together. ?
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