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  1. It's an uncertain picture - as ever - emerging from the 18z. or On the face of it not inspiring but tantalisingly interesting ! Mind you Boris sums up the general theme
  2. Caution: Some of the following scenes may contain upsetting images. There may be a NW helpline for any viewers personally affected by the issues graphcally shown above......
  3. Oops apologies Panay - need to stop that bottle of sherry for breakfast...
  4. Go compare (in my best operatic voice ) Trending colder short / medium, milder extended.
  5. Test question: Which chart is better? Which chart is a belter? Which qustion refers to an adjective and which to an abstract noun? And whilst we try to work out distracting trivia will an easterly creep up on us!
  6. There are some cold runs showing up in the 18z GEFS The T2's are pretty chilly throughout with very few breaking into double figures for the whole run
  7. A fascinating FI chart from GFS 18z if ever I saw one! Anyone worried about lack of cold in the NH in the current winter see below Just need a nice easterly flow and by jingo we're nearly there
  8. Strap on your seat belts - here we go again ECM!
  9. With a proper easterly there certainly wouldn't be a problem with the sourced uppers not being cold enough! +216hrs is a CRACKER'
  10. I'm the man without a beard but I agree - now, there's a proper 'beast' waiting in the wings @ 192hrs
  11. Continuing interesting FI with trough diving NW/SE into Europe and heights developing to the north - Greenland even... The dreaded 'potential' word