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  1. Nice clean clear PM air usually delivers higher temps and much more sunshine here than the rubbish we have at the moment i.e. 8C and dull as ditch water all day. I honestly can't see the attraction ... 😆
  2. Lovely cross polar flow But, of course. it misses us too far east and we stay in the mild trash throughout... 😂
  3. Definite trend down across recent GEFS suites after the exceptional mild period Having said that, locally it's been rather dank and uninspiring 9-11 C.
  4. Right, that's it I'm taking up another far more exciting hobby than hunting for cold in the UK! 😩đŸ¤Ŗ
  5. March comes in like a wimp Much like the extended Autumn...
  6. Is mother nature trying to tell us NW cold lovers something? 🤡😆
  7. Virtually no runs going below -5 at all now, let alone -10 All cold stragglers wiped out....☚ī¸
  8. Exceptionally mild GEFS this morning apart from a minor dip to 'average'. February really could end up in the 'very or exceptionally mild' category - laughably ironic after all the hype we've been subjected to! Nature says - "if you thought December & January was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet guys - LOL". đŸ¤Ŗ 😩
  9. Just to rub salt into the wounds, Stav on the Beeb this evening was emphasizing the extreme cold and 'whiteout' conditions in the USA and Canada. Skiing in the streets of Seattle and up to 40cm falls in the Mid West & the East. Of course, this is hugely buckling the jet so that... you got it, we get super mild conditions here AGAIN. Only thing worse than enduring a boring mild cr*pfest all winter is hearing about others up to there necks in snow and cold that they don't want! I'll close tonight with this delectable rendition from the lovely GFSP FI G'night... 😡
  10. Hunt for cold thread? Better cut our losses đŸ¤Ŗ😁