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  1. Block holding right the way through this run from UKMO P Vortex shifted nicely to the Siberian side as well All good building blocks.
  2. Well now is Santa preparing a nice surprise for us all? Loaded with potential is that chart...
  3. Mild sector alert! Good trends this morning though and still pretty much on a knifes edge.
  4. LOL - do you accept died-in-the-wool, incorrigible coldies into this rarefied and exclusive club perchance? PS: I'm not quite knocking on 70 but not far off!
  5. METO are still very much hedging their bets, so despite the encouraging signs, we have been here before a year or two ago when a potential SSW was being flagged. It came to nothing, so whereas I & most of us would dearly love it to come off, there's a lot of water (literally!) to flow under the bridge yet!
  6. ECM is finely balanced at 240hrs At this range, just small differences in orientation and position can make all the difference to the weather on the ground. It's 'high risk' high reward potential for some but fascinating to pour over. The upper air temps are not that cold so it's unlikelyto be a nationwide snowfest IMHO. Altitude, as ever, will help,
  7. There is a shift towards the cold clustering with the 06z - compare 00z 06z