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  1. Tiny tiny flakes lightly fluttering on a brisk wind have just begun here in the Chilterns Temperature 0.8°C Humidity 81% Dewpoint -2.1°C
  2. Over in Cheese'n'Ham here so sounds as if what we had did move West to fall over you 🙂 Fingers and toes crossed for overnight to deliver
  3. Snow has stpped falling here in the East Chilterns, was great seeing it fall and settle for 30mins though, ready for the next lot now 🤭
  4. Temperature 2.0°C Humidity 93% Dewpoint 1.0°C Wind Chill 0.8°C Wind NE Big fat flakes began falling here approx 15 mins ago 🌨️❄️🌨️ Settling on tarmac and grass although not falling heavy... Yet 😄
  5. Great big goosefeather flakes dumping down a few inches in just over an hour 😍 Began snowing at 9:30am and is still coming down now albeit it 'normal flakes' now 😄 taking us to approx 3 inches so far...
  6. Here in the Chilterns we have so far escaped anything but a normal wet day really. Temp at the moment is 10.2c, there are no sparks or thunder to be heard but it is a bit breezy along with the drizzle and light to moderate rainfalls. Will be interesting to see amounts later on, not just here but around the region. Take care those of you being struck by deluge!
  7. Snow ? Began as rain about 20 minutes ago, 10 mins later it is snow with flakes now getting bigger about size of 20p ?
  8. Really wasn't expecting to see anything but a vague smattering so was chuffed at 10pm when flakes began and settled straight away ? Took a few snapshots after midnight then a few more a short while ago as it has been snowing since it started and still is, for now.
  9. Cold air is certainly around us, current temp is -7.7°C with DP -8.3°C That is now the coldest temp recorded here for 2019, will be interesting to see just how low it reaches as it is still dropping. The predicted fog for here tonight has yet to appear although hope it stays away as the dark clear skies are pretty ? I don't expect to see much if any snow tomorrow though, we had just a dusting from last nights passing front and the NW > SE movement is certainly more favourable for here. Will be glued to the radar and crossing all fingers and toes for all you guys and gals in th
  10. Been snowing here for a few hours but has only just begun to settle on paths ?
  11. Current temp is now the correct side of -5c for us to be cooling down the ground ready for the NW > SE push ? so all fingers and toes crossed for some flakes during he coming days!
  12. It was great and every part of it was reminiscent of the 80's. Night time with some crashy booms and forks amongst the strobing which lasted a few hours. pure joy! Let's have some more please all summer please lol
  13. To be fair it wasn't that noisy just a lot of constant rumbles. Not one shotgun thunder heard here just down the road but some fantastic IC forks seen, which was great
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